I Don’t Know What Happened In Botham Jean’s Apartment, But Amber Guyger’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

I can’t come up with one valid excuse for killing a man in his own home, but Amber Guyger is sure trying.

By now, everyone has heard the story of Amber Guyger killing Botham Jean in his own home – a story Guyger keeps changing.

What’s more confusing is Guyger’s ever-evolving story. She went from claiming she “struggled with the lock” to the state of Texas affidavit claiming the door was ajar. She told Texas Rangers on the search warrant affidavit filed on Saturday that she was “attempting to enter the apartment with a set of keys” when Jean “confronted the officer at the door.” Which statement is true? Why do the events of that day keep changing?

Okay, her first story is that the door was shut and locked. Her second story was that the door was unlocked; her third was that the door was ajar. (There’s video from residents of the building showing that the doors cannot be ajar, that they close automatically.)

According to the police affidavit, Guyger claims that she accidentally parked on the fourth floor of her building after working a 15-hour shift and walked to what she thought was her apartment to find the door ajar. She claimed in the affidavit that the lights inside the apartment were off and that she gave verbal commands before firing her service weapon, killing Jean.

The door matters. If it was locked (1st story) and her key didn’t work, then her first thought would be to blame the key/lock and think she’d have to call someone in maintenance to let her in. Anyone who’s been in this situation (most likely in hotels) knows that they check all sorts of things if their key doesn’t work – the room number, the paintings on the wall, decorative plants, anything to confirm they are at the correct door. Guyger only needed to look down at the bright red doormat to know she was at the wrong door.

There’s also her statement that Jean confronted her at the door – but that, of course has changed. She ends up (finally) with the door being ajar, because if it was ajar then her first thought is danger.

As a cop’s kid, I know procedure – and procedure has her calling this in before entering the apartment. But Amber didn’t call the “ajar” door in.

There are also witness:

Merritt also noted that the two witnesses who claimed to have heard knocks on Botham’s door and a female voice shouting, “Open up. Let me in,” before shots were fired are female roommates and neighbors of Botham.

Both roommates were home at the time, but one roommate was closer to the incident and told Merritt “the voice didn’t sound like an officer command; it sounded like someone who wanted to be let into the apartment,” the attorney said.

The woman also told Merritt that after the gunshots she heard a man’s voice say, “Oh my god. Why did you do that?”

And… there were noise complaints.

“The only connection we have been able to make is that she was his immediate downstairs neighbor,” family attorney S. Lee Merritt told CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday.

“And there were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been Botham. In fact, there were noise complaints that very day about upstairs activity in Botham’s apartment. Botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor.”

Like I said, I don’t know what happened. What I do know is that I don’t believe Amber Guyger’s ever-changing story.


6 comments on “I Don’t Know What Happened In Botham Jean’s Apartment, But Amber Guyger’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

  1. Here’s what I know.

    The texas cops are shielding a member of their gang from the repercussions for illegally entering a person’s home, then murdering them for not “obeying commands”

    I also know this……The very people who say they’ll shoot first and ask questions later if they see a home invader, and the people who are saying this man should have “obeyed commands” (from an off duty cop with no warrant…. who was in such a compromised mental state they couldn’t recognize their own home) are the same fucking people.
    Screw this pig. Toss them in a cage for the rest of their life and start to clean house their department. They are clearly issuing guns to people who lack the mental stability to be an officer.
    Almost weekly i see a story that makes me resent the police. This one has turned it into hate. They are doing all they can to protect this killer.

    • With the witnesses account, I’m gonna say her first story (“struggled with the lock”/ “attempting to enter the apartment with a set of keys” when Jean “confronted the officer at the door.” is the closest to the truth.

      BTW, he didn’t really confront an officer. She wasn’t there in official capacity.

  2. As noted the incident was not in the line of duty, yet it is being treated as such. America doesn’t prosecute white collar crime, neither does it prosecute obvious murder and man slaughter by the police. Have not check but dare say we’re on the way to the police killing over 1,000 Americans again. Other countries don’t tolerate this game, then again neither do they flood the country with endless guns.

  3. And now they’re talking about marijuana being in his apartment. WTF does that have to do with anything?

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