Republican Cowards

I am tired of Republican cowards. Congress is full of them. And so too apparently is the Administration. It is beginning to look like that if you are a Republican, you also must be a coward.  This anonymous op-ed writer and all of his supposedly courageous allies in the Trump Administration need to grow up, and grow a spine.

Reveal yourselves.   Tell the American people everything you know about how medically and psychology incompetent the President is and how unfit he is.  Tell us under your own names that he needs to be removed from office.   Invoke the 25th.   Get the Cabinet together.  Sign the letter.  Get him out.

That Op-Ed was nothing more than step one in the next Republican Amnesia Project.  Remember how George W. Bush was no longer a conservative after he failed and crashed the economy?  Republicans are hoping the same thing happens to Trump, that the Republican Party will escape him with no taint and no consequence and be elected again and again in 2022 and 2024.

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6 comments on “Republican Cowards

  1. I kind of thought it was laying the groundwork for a future “I AM THE SHINING STAR WHO KEPT THE ADMINISTRATION FROM BEING WORSE THAN IT ACTUALLY IS” political campaign, given that the anonymous source seems to genuinely think they succeeded in passing tax “reform”.

  2. I think the Republicans want to have their cake and eat too. They want to corral Trump to keep him from excessive damage and still get their policies through the system. The problem is, the whole thing is likely to implode. I fail to see the purpose of that Op Ed, unless it is to facilitate such an implosion. It certainly wasn’t to give the nation a warm and fuzzy.

    Here’s a guess for you. It was Pence, who is fed up and wants to cause a palace coup (aka 25th A) and then he’ll be in charge. That way they can have their policies without all the drama. If he gets outed it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and if it’s not, the worse that can happen is that he is marginalized during his term, which he already is anyway. This way he can set himself up for 2020 and play the patriot who tried to save the nation. Anyone else who might want to write such an op ed could just resign, write a book, and become rich. So my guess is Pence.

    • Laurence O’Donnell thinks it was Dan Coats. But it isn’t much #Resistance if you are enabling the dysfunction because you are getting tax cuts and getting the chance to hurt black and brown people.

      • Of course coming from the racially motivated! Admit it Cassy, your a racist against white people!

  3. Charlie Pierce is having None of it:

    Enough of this stuff. Stand up in the light of day and tell your stories. All of them, right from the beginning. Admit that what you’re confronting now is the end result of 40 years of conservative politics and all the government-is-the-problem malfeasance you’ve been imbibing since you were wingnuts in swaddling. The fire’s licking at your ankles at last. Come out of the cupboards, you boys and girls. None of you are heroes.

  4. This also let’s trmp claim immunity from all his failings “I WOULD have done all those things i said if it hadn’t been for those dastardly steady-staters. toss em all in a cage.

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