Polling Report for September 6, 2018

So the polling is becoming more and more frequent (as well it should be), so we are going to be featuring the latest polling numbers in a separate daily post.  So here is the latest:


INDIANANBC News/Marist pollSen. Joe Donnelly 49%, Mike Braun 43%.
FLORIDAGravis MarketingSen. Bill Nelson 47%, Rick Scott 47%
FLORIDAQuinnipiacSen. Bill Nelson 49%, Rick Scott 49%.

Said pollster Peter Brown: “The campaign is a prototype of our nation’s political environment: Nelson carries women and black voters, while Scott wins among men and white voters. The key in close elections like this one often lies with independent voters. So far, Sen. Nelson has the edge with this swing group. The candidate who holds those voters in November is likely to win.”


ARIZONAPPP PollsDoug Ducey 44%, David Garcia 43%


Grinnell College— Approve 39%, Disapprove 50%


Suffolk/USA TodayDemocrats 50%, Republicans 39% (+11 for the Dems)

Harry Enten: “A new ABC News/Washington Post poll puts President Donald Trump’s approval rating at just 36%. An IBD/TIPP poll also puts the President’s approval rating at 36%. Finally, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll gives Trump an approval rating of 37%. All three are declines from the last poll by each pollster, which had Trump’s approval rating in the low 40s.”

“We don’t know if this is the beginning of a trend or not. Three polls are just three polls, though Trump’s approval rating has declined to its lowest level since April, according to the FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics trackers. Still, the President’s approval rating did not shift in Gallup’s weekly tracker.”

“But if there is a trend emerging of Trump’s approval rating dropping into the 30s, it’s very bad news for House Republicans heading into the midterm elections.”

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