Delaware Primary Day Ground Reports

So what are you all seeing and hearing when you go out to your polling places, or if you are volunteering for a candidate or an organization in GOTV operations?   How is turnout?  Any shenanigans?  Any candidate interactions?

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10 comments on “Delaware Primary Day Ground Reports

  1. A lot lighter than I’ve experienced at my poll in Trolley Sq. This is the first time I ever voted there without seeing greeters.

    • I would take that as a decent sign, really. It *should* mean that campaigns are working at turning out their ID’ed voters.

  2. They were doing a count on the machines when I entered my polling place at Aldersgate, and I heard that on one machine, there 18 votes. At 8:30. There were four machines there, so if each machine had 18 votes, that would be 72 votes in one and half hour. I have no idea if that is good or bad. My feeling is that is low for a presidential year but it may be high for a midterm year.

    But I voted for Kerri Evelyn Harris, Chris Johnson, and Kathleen Davies. You should too.

  3. I’m gonna need y’all to really keep me updated today. I’m still in Florida! I leave today, but don’t gt home till after the polls close. So weird to be away from home on Election Day.

  4. DCDelaware

    I’ll vote later, but hopefully team McGuiness is nervous, as I had my Davies sign stolen from my yard. One street over is a KM supporter, known for such shenanigans.

  5. Just voted at Parkview. If Potter is paying his greeters he needs to get his money back. The energy is with the Nnamdi greeters!

  6. Joe Connor

    Cartier blatantly violating the 50 foot rule at Maple Lane. He is such an idiot. The guy he was supporting is a nice enough guy. Cartier needs to find a new line of work:)

  7. Been out all day knocking on doors for Chris Johnson. Getting positive responses. Feeling cautiously optimistic. Now at Pulaski School greeting, because I need a rest, and there’s a steady stream of voters coming out.

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