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Wilmington Democratic Debates: State Auditor

This State Auditor debate is the last of the Wilmington City Committee’s debate series for the 2018 primaries. (Link is to the FB Invite page.) All of the Auditor candidates are committed to attend and this debate is being moderated by Matthew Albright, the Engagement Editor from the NJ.

When: TOMORROW 16 August 2018
Where: The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew
719 N Shipley St, Wilmington, Delaware 19801

This is planned as a fairly traditional debate format, with the opportunity to ask questions at the venue (submit question in writing). There’s a good deal swirling around this race right now and in a way it is a good thing that people get to reckon with what the Auditor does and why this job is important. Many people have many questions and I encourage you to join us and ask yours tomorrow night!

We’ll also try to livestream the debate on Facebook at the Wilmington Democrats page.

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5 comments on “Wilmington Democratic Debates: State Auditor

  1. Don’t really trust that someone from the News Journal is moderating when they have put out scathing articles against Davies that are unfounded and based on leaks from the Auditor’s office and a taxpayer paid “report” about her that we paid $120,000 for and will never be seen by the public. But the News Journal manages to “obtain” a copy. Meanwhile, they pump up McGuiness every chance they get. Don’t trust them at all.

    • cassandram

      What questions would you specifically ask. Kevin? Because we are taking questions from the floor. You’ll just have to write them down.

      • I would ask basic questions like “When you go to sign off on an audit report, how would you know what to look for to make sure it is a quality report?”

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