Dem Candidate Ralph Taylor (RD 31) is Funded by Republicans

Ralph Taylor is running as a Democrat in a primary against Sean Lynn. Not sure that Taylor is a Democrat, though, because almost half of his campaign donations are from the GOP. Not the least of which is the Delaware Foundation for Legislative Action (Delaware Sportsmen)and John Sigler. Other names are GOP on this list as well, and you can verify via Voter Records.  EDIT: This is a little fuzzy, but you can see from the highlights the GOP contributions to his campaign.  And when the Chair of the local GOPs contributes you a Democratic primary campaign, you know they are just trying to undermine Lynn here.

Why are the GOP funding his campaign? Taylor’s website is minimal — no positions, no resume, just a link to donate. There’s more information on Taylor’s Facebook page, but you still can’t tell what he is running on.

We know Sean Lynn is a genuine Democratic champion, working every day to try to help the lives of real working people in his District. Delaware’s GOP has a difficult enough time getting people to vote for them and now they need to dress someone up as a Democrat to see if anyone will vote for them.

We are not fooled. Sean Lynn is among the best the State has. Help him get re-elected

ps. Campaign Finance reports are in! As soon as me and Cassandra and others are back from our travels, we’ll start sorting through those for you.

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7 comments on “Dem Candidate Ralph Taylor (RD 31) is Funded by Republicans

  1. How much is Sean Lynn paying you? LOL. People from Dover know Ralph. He’s a retired Dover police officer who now runs a nice small business (everyone has seen the Bug Guy doing his rounds), and is also an elected school board member. He’s been a Democrat longer than Sean and will do better for the party. Clearly you’re not from here, as you don’t know Ralph, and you don’t even know that most people from Dover have come to despise Lynn: he’s an ass and a professional politician/lawyer who puts his personal political ambitions ahead of the district. Go ahead, let him tell you about how he’ll be Governor one day! Yuck!!!

  2. It’s not just who’s supporting him, it’s what he’s saying.

    Please listen to Mr. Taylor’s positions on the Second Amendmentand the Death Penalty:

  3. It matters not, No Retired Police, not now ,not ever. They are all authoritarians and all much more like the Republicans than they care to admit. Young “Benjamin” is obviously in thrall to the Taylor campaign.

  4. cassandram

    So if you read this, it looks as though the GOP know that their own candidates can’t get it done, so they are co-opting Taylor. No wonder he hasn’t put anything up on his web page, but I don’t think many Dems will be fooled by this:

  5. cassandram

    And direct evidence of the GOP monkey-wrenching (from Jonathan Contant AND from Dam Chick writing on David Anderson’s page –he is running in the GOP primary for this seat)this election:

    One would expect that Anderson would be working at nailing down his own primary before endorsing in the Democratic one. Still. One wonders if Mr. Taylor thinks these GOP endorsements coming from a GOP primary candidate’s page are appropriate.

  6. cassandram

    And then we have this — apparently the beef against Sean Lynn is that he does not privilege white people enough:

    or maybe that Sean is not tough enough on his minority constituents:

    Maybe this poster thinks that Mr. Taylor will be more compliant with the call for white privilege rather than justice for all here.

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