Do you feel played, General Assembly?

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino has been sold to a Rhode Island-based company called Twin River Worldwide Holdings Inc.   This sale comes less than a month after the casinos in the state got their beloved tax break, thus making the Dover Downs company more attractive for a sale, and allowing the owners to increase their profit from a sale.  Indeed, Dover Downs stock rose about 50 percent, from around $2 to $3, Monday.

Now we will have to wait for the other shoe to drop: jobs.   Will jobs be cut?   Remember, that was the supposed reason for the tax break, to save casino jobs.   If a single job is cut, those who voted for the tax break will be rightfully lambasted.   Rep. Dave Bentz, someone who voted against the casino tax break, tweeted: “I don’t know if the outcome would’ve been different (I still would’ve voted no), but this is the sort of thing a business should give legislators a heads up about when asking for a massive tax relief bill.”

Indeed.  I have an idea: no tax breaks for corporations or businesses.  No loopholes.  This way, legislators will not be made to look like the fools they are, time and again.


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3 comments on “Do you feel played, General Assembly?

  1. Expect the new owners to give it a month at which time the ” lost jobs” game will be played yet again, followed by the tax cut and revenue game. Only the name will change as the game remains the same, coupled to the native cowardice of Delaware politicians it means we’ll all get another dose of Racket Deja Vu.

    • I disagree. Give it two months and the new owners will find “fat” where Denis McGlynn couldn’t find any. Indeed, I’d say the fat and Denis McGlynn are one and the same. Expect them to buy him out as an executive in favor of employing him as a lobbyist.

  2. delacrat

    That photo speaks volumes about why the casinos need taxpayer bailouts.

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