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Carper Dominates in Fundraising due to Corporate and PAC donations.

Progressive challenger Kerri Evelyn Harris has raised a total of $52,306 this year, and $29,512 this past quarter.  She has raised all but $519 from grassroots individual donations.  She has $15,458 cash on hand as of June 30.

Three term Senator Tom Carper has raised $780,687 in individual donations since January, but has received $1,354,580 from corporations and PACs.   Seriously, there are 35 pages of 20 PACs and corporations in Carper’s latest filing.   I will have a follow up post listing all the corporate interest and PACs that have donated to him.  I have noticed that health insurance companies seem interested: Aflac PAC, Aetna, AES Corp., and TransAmerica.  I wonder if these health insurance companies expect Tom Carper to the the Joe Lieberman of 2021.  A moderate Senator in his final term that kills Medicare for All.

Carper has $1,294,388 in cash on hand.

Harris’ fundraising is obviously dwarfed in comparison to Tom Carper’s, and really, no one should have expected that she would ever even get close to out-raising him.  She is on par with the Republicans in this race, Rob Arlett and Gene Truono.  Arlett has raised $37,953 since his campaign began.   He has $26,719 in cash on hand.   Truono has raised $54,583 in individual contributions since his campaign began.  He also loaned himself $105,000, and contributed an additional $25,025 to his campaign.  BUT, he only has $9,693 in cash on hand.  He pays his campaign staff well, relatively speaking, from the look of his expense lists.

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester has raised $243,326 in individual contributions, plus $633,075 from other political committees and PACS, and has $374,756 in cash on hand as of June 30.  Her Republican opponents, Scott Walker with the homemade signs and Lee Murhpy, have no filed their fundraising reports yet, likely because they both just filed their campaigns after the June 30 reporting period deadline.  We will have to wait until their pre-primary reports to find out if they raise anything.

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