Atkins for Prison 2018.

John Atkins, a Republican who, in 2008, Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf recruited into the Democratic Party AFTER Atkins ran into legal problems with drunk driving and domestic abuse, has allegedly beat a woman again.   He has been arrested and accused of assaulting and strangling his current girlfriend after Atkins got jealous that an ex-boyfriend texted her.

He is currently free to menace the community on a $7,000 unsecured bond. A preliminary hearing has yet to be scheduled.  According to a police affidavit, after Atkins got violently jealous and abusive, he put his hands on her neck and squeezed until she couldn’t breathe.  He also punched her in the face below her eye as she tried to get away.  Then, he raced home to meet his girlfriend at home, where they argued again, and he once again hit her.

Atkins has a long history of run-ins with the law.

  • 2016 — This incident reads like one of those white trash scenes you saw on C.O.P.S.  Atkins was charged with offensive touching and criminal mischief after a domestic dispute. Those charges were eventually dropped for insufficient evidence, but the girlfriend at the time gave Atkins permission to remove certain items of property from her home.  But then she discovered that Atkins allegedly stole other items that he was not granted permission to take, so she jumped into Atkin’s truck and began damaging the property in it.  OOOOOhhhhhkay.   Makes sense.  In response, Atkins allegedly pushed the woman and kicked her car before leaving.
  • 2014 — Atkins finally loses re-election.  Thank God.
  • 2014 — Atkins was ordered to stay away from his estranged wife and their children after she complained of erratic and abusive behavior.
  • 2012 — Another Atkins scandal hits, as he was pulled over by the state police for speeding, and you don’t do that to a violent narcissistic sociopath.  Atkins sent an angry email to the state police in which he described the officer in derogatory terms and implied that he would use his position as a lawmaker to harbor a grudge.   He resigned from the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee in the House, but remained in office.
  • 2008 — Pete Schwartzkopf recruits Atkins to run again for his 41st RD seat as a Democrat.  Pete Schwartzkopf is either an idiot or an enabler.
  • 2007 — Resigned from the House after he was censured by the House for using his legislative position to avoid a drunken driving arrest in October 2016.
  • November 2006 — Somehow he was reelected, as a Republican.
  • October 2006 — Pulled over by the Ocean City Police Department on the suspicion of drunk driving.  He blew a breathalyzer test, revealing a blood alcohol content of 0.14, which was significantly over the legal limit of 0.08.    After getting out of being arrested due to his status as a legislator, he went home and allegedly got into a fight with his wife.  His wife called 911 during the argument but hung up the phone.  So the Millsboro PD responded anyway and Atkins was charged with Offensive Touching for grabbing his wife’s arm.  Atkins plead guilty and received probation.

John Atkins should be the first test case of the new Beau Biden Gun Violence Prevention Act.  Atkins obviously has mental issues that lead him to violence and abusive behavior time and again.  He must be relieved of his possession of any firearms at once.   It is undeniable that John Atkins is a dangerous criminal.

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5 comments on “Atkins for Prison 2018.

  1. Spot on.

  2. Ask Mitch about why his buddy Pete did the right thing by recruiting this sleaze for the Democrats. Consider John Atkins when you consider the people Pete Schwartzkopf recruits into the party. Hint: They’re not Democrats, and neither is Pete, except in name.

    There’s a name for what Mitch is, too, but he gets so bitchy when we use it.

  3. Thurmond Adams also had something to do with flipping Adkins.

    John Adkins, a.k.a “The Millsboro Strangler” is a scumbag who belongs behind bars, however, the DOC can’t guarantee his safety

    Given Delaware’s judicial corruption and double standards, he’ll probably get off with a slap on the wrist.

    The Good ‘Ol Boys is Sussex cover each others asses. Vance Phillips got away with worse and they’ll continue business as usual until an asteroid arrives or the sea level rises sufficiently.

  4. Michael Lord

    Atleast leave your name if you’re going to write a article like this. Thurman (not Thurmond) Adams was one of the most amazing men that I have ever met in my life.

    • If Thurman Adams was one of the most amazing men you’ve ever met you must lead a miserable life. More evidence: You found this a mere two and a half years after it was published.

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