Late Night Video — Nancy Pelosi Brings It

Leader Pelosi held a press conference this AM that worked at a couple of themes, not the least of which was the GRIFTUS’ subservience to Putin. Noring his weakness, noting his fear of Putin, repeating the blackmail. If only she was a Trump voter, then the media would cover it. This is about 6 minutes.

6 comments on “Late Night Video — Nancy Pelosi Brings It

  1. Yeah, she really brought it. Not sure what she was bringing, maybe narcolepsy. Guy in the front was only awake because he was texting the whole time.

    • Ah, there we go. Back to your wheelhouse, tired invective.

  2. delacrat

    Regarding Trumps summit with Putin, the House Minority Leader demands from the President….

    Hoooold on to your hats now !!!!

    An APOLOGY !!!!

    That’s bringin’ it !

    • It’s performances like this that validate your call for new leadership. I agree with the call, but not with the alternatives who have put themselves forward (Tim Ryan et al).

      • cassandram

        Yeah, yeah and if “insert male name here” had appeared to make this statement you would have seen it for what it is — a solid messaging blueprint for responding to Russian business. And since it looks like there will be more Russian business it could have a serious life.

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