“Reasonable” Truono Turns to Extremism

So this seems to be quite the mess. Gene Truono is a local GOP candidate for US Senate who is having a “2A” rally in August featuring:

Dick Heller -DC v Heller fame. Heller is famous for establishing legal groundwork for everyone to own a gun, not just the “well-regulated militia” part of the 2A. He is more famous for continuing to work to make it impossible for the state to regulate anything about gun ownership or usage. A specific gun extremist viewpoint, certainly undermining any claim these folks want to make about safety or responsibility.

Maj Toure — he is the founder of Black Guns Matter. Started in Philly, this is meant to work with black people to educate them on their gun rights. All I see is that he is paraded in front of alot of white NRA events to claim that they aren’t *that* white.

Mark Robinson — he’s a known conspiracy theorist — he still has birther and anti-gay claims up on his FB page — which I guess the NRA is OK with since he is a black face advocating for gun rights.

The NRA trying to add some black faces to their lineup isn’t too surprising, even though the NRA does not stand up for black people using their guns or Stand Your Ground rights lawfully. Philando Castile, Siwatu-Salama Ra, Marissa Alexander, Chris Mason (who had the cops called on him when legally trying to buy a firearm) just to start. The reason, of course, is that part of the NRA fear-mongering is specifically targeted to the racial fears of its members who buy these guns just so that they *can* shoot at the black and brown hordes. So it seems plenty odd to parade these extremists and apologists in front of below the canal audiences.

But really I just want to know how desperate Mr. Truono is that he needs to use a known anti-gay conspiracy theorist to advance his candidacy. Mr. Truono is an out gay man who must know that Mr. Robinson doesn’t respect any gay man’s humanity — but Mr. Robinson does respect the money he gets being carted around the country with his hateful message. More importantly, Delaware isn’t exactly a massive hotbed of anti-gay craziness. Why would you import that to campaign for you?

Mr. Truono is trying to position himself as a “reasonable” GOP candidate, rather than the usual ignorant and aggrieved types running now. And here he is, taking up a particularly toxic bit of the GRIFTUS’ campaign playbook.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

10 comments on ““Reasonable” Truono Turns to Extremism

  1. Maj Toure

    You say a lot of stuff. A lot of it’s factually inaccurate. You should come out to the rally and ask me about being “paraded around” in person.

    • cassandram

      You’re actually right here. You could just correct the record.

  2. Jason330

    I’d show up and ask, but a quick question. Will you be packing heat?

  3. Slanted Blog by a Noted Delaware Anti-Gun/Anti-Freedom Socialist. Mike Matthews worships at the Altar of Government Control. This is nothing but Mikey running interference for antiquated, Wealth scrounging, wife beating Tom Carper who does everything the DNC Instructs him to do. Another (FILL IN THE BLANK) Republican Candidate attack piece that we must suffer for the remaining 4 months. I don’t so much because his wittle self has blocked me on Face Book. LOL!

  4. Joe Connor

    Hey Chris I see that you are still in search of a few more fries for your Happy Meal:)

  5. Joe Connor

    Hey Chris, I see your search for a few more fries for your Happy Meal continues:)

  6. Mike Matthews

    I didn’t write this blog, Chris Rowe. You’re still blocked on my Facebook page so I do hope you have a good day.

    • cassandram

      That was weird, Mike. Why does this guy think we are the same person?

      • Mike Matthews

        Here’s what seems to have happened: I shared this link on my personal page. Some right-wing ideologues on the Delaware Politics Facebook page who are constantly trolling my page to see what I post took screenshots of this and several other things I’ve posted in the last few days. They posted the screen shots on the Delaware Politics group and then Chris Rowe got in this mix. I blocked Chris months ago because of his incessant trolling and general churlish behavior. So I guess he found his way over here in some way. The general way he overreacts, I figure he just didn’t pay attention to see it was you who wrote the blog and it was I who just shared it.

        • cassandram

          LOL, I was mostly kidding with this question until I thought about it and got a little salty that people thought you had gotten the upgrade to Black Woman.

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