Winters Drops Out

Not two weeks since announcing that she was running for State Auditor as a Republican in the race to succeed fellow Republican Tom Wagner, Certified Public Accountant Joan Winters has withdrawn.   She cited family reasons as her reason, and the “unanticipated rigors” of the campaign.

I don’t begrudge anyone who either runs or then quits as a candidate, since I am not one to run myself.  But I’d imagine just having your name on the ballot as Republican, without campaigning, at least in this race, is enough to win, if the Democratic nominee is Kathy McGuiness.  Perhaps Winters figures Kathleen Davies is going to win the Dem nomination and thus the GOP nomination is thus not worth having.





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7 comments on “Winters Drops Out

  1. O.K.

  2. In a Democratic wave year, a down down ballot row office is likely to produce a dem winner.

  3. elizabeth allen

    Kathleen Davis? How many of you know about her authoritarian ideals. There are people in prison right now not for what crime they committed, but because SHE wanted them in prison (revenge) and made sure they stay there. Wonder why the prisons are filled….Davis.

    • Elizabeth, what are you talking about? Prison? Are you thinking of someone else? If you are talking about Kathleen Davies, she does not have the power to put people in prison. That would be the Attorney General’s office or the federal equivalent. Her work did lead to two charter school leaders facing prison time because they stole money from kids. Are you thinking of the Delaware Attorney General race?

    • Elizabeth, what are you talking about? Are you confusing candidates? Because Kathleen Davies is running for State Auditor, not Attorney General. She did do work in the Auditor’s office that eventually led to imprisonment for two former charter school leaders who stole money from schools (and thus, kids). But she has no authority for sentencing or anything like that. Are you confusing her with someone else running in a different race?

      • Sorry for the double reply, I couldn’t see it at first!

      • I think she means Kathy Jennings the AG candidate. Liz is well connected to the rumor mill, but the rumor mill is right only about half the time.

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