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Last Night’s Votes and Today’s Agenda

In addition to House Bill 110, the House was supposed to vote on HB458 (which would remove patient privacy protections that exist in the Prescription Monitoring Program) yesterday.  It didn’t.  I hear the bill was pulled.  Who knows if it will go back onto the Agenda.  It is not on today’s House Agenda.  So, some good news.

SB151, which would require health insurance plans in Delaware to cover birth control, is on today’s agenda again after having been on yesterday’s agenda.  It got bumped after the lengthy debate on 110.   It has already passed the Senate 17-4.

The House passed SB 227, which would requiring a higher insurance reimbursement to primary care providers for regular visits, 41-0.   But it was amended.  So it must go back to the Senate and be passed again.  It already passed the Senate 20-0 and is listed on the Consent agenda in the Senate for today, which means it will be passed unanimously today.  Congrats and thanks to Bryan Townsend.

SB170, the bill to raise the minimum wage, was bumped from the Senate agenda yesterday and is on today’s agenda.  An nearly identical bill was defeated earlier this year by a vote of 10-9-1-1.   Gary Simpson (R) was absent, and the retiring Brian Bushweller did not vote, apparently in a move to indicate his displeasure with the fact that his Casino Tax Cut bill was not advancing to his liking.   Who knows if Mr. Bushweller has changed his mind?

David Bentz’s HB346(S) passed the Senate yesterday 20-0-1.  Brian Pettyjohn was absent.  is on the Senate agenda.  This bill would establish a Higher Needs Loan Repayment program for teachers who work in higher needs schools.   It already passed the House 38-0-1-2 and now goes to the Governor.

Also on the House agenda today are the following:

  • SB113–McDowell–Establishing a Clean Energy Financing Program–Passed Senate 15-6.
  • SB172–Sokola–Education Funding Transparency–Passed Senate 21-0.

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