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Cowards in the House Democratic Caucus Strike Again

Pete Schwartzkopf is a coward.   No Democrat should vote for his reelection this fall.   He should ousted as Speaker immediately.

Stephanie Bolden is a coward.  She should be defeated this fall.

William Carson is a coward.  Time for his retirement, voluntary or not.

Earl Jaques is a coward.  He should be defeated this fall.

Melanie George Smith is a coward.  Luckily for all of Delaware, she is retiring and we won’t have to deal with her betrayal anymore, but that makes her cowardice all the worse.  Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya on the way out, Melanie.

Why are all these cowards cowards, you ask?  Because on HB110, they did not vote.  I prefer a no vote to a not vote.  A not vote is the ultimate cynical disdain of the voter.   You are saying you want a bill either to pass or defeated, but you are too scared to be held responsible for your vote either way.  You are afraid to take a stand.  You are afraid to piss off one constituent or another.

These legislators are elected to make these choices for us.   Their first job as a legislator is to take a stand on a bill and vote it up or down.  If they cannot do their first job, then they must be fired.  Full stop.  Schwartzkopf, Bolden, Carson, and Jaques should all be gone from the General Assembly.  Pete Schwartzkopf will do this entire state a favor by never driving north on Route 1 again from Rehoboth.  We’d all be better off.

So the reason for this screed is the House’s defeat of HB110 last night.  HB110 would have legalized the recreational use of Marijuana.  The vote tally was 21-15-5.  Only one Republican voted yes, and I thank and congratulate Jeff Spiegelman for that.   No Democrat voted no, but that hardly matters when 5 Democrats were cowards and sank the bill.   If they had all voted yes, the bill would have passed with a 3/5ths majority.  The bill needed 25 votes to pass because it imposes new taxes and fees on marijuana.   It would have had 26 if those 5 Democrats had any principles or courage.   I condemn them all.  It matters not whatever else they have done in their careers.   They are cowards and they should be gone.

YESB.Short, Baumbach, Bennett, Bentz, Brady, Heffernan, J.Johnson, K.Williams, Keeley, Kowalko, Longhurst, Lynn, Matthews, Mitchell, Mulrooney, Osienski, Paradee, Potter, Q.Johnson, Spiegelman, Viola 

NOBriggs King, Collins, D.Short, Dukes, Gray, Hensley, Hudson, Kenton, Miro, Outten, Postles, Ramone, Smyk, Wilson, Yearick

COWARDSCarson, Jaques, Schwartkopf, M.Smith, Bolden




35 comments on “Cowards in the House Democratic Caucus Strike Again

  1. Jack Polidori

    As a recovering Catholic, I must admit surprise in finding the Holy Spirit purportedly present in a Blue Delaware column. How else would the power to condemn and judge others so pervasively be present in a blog article? I will pray for the souls of the condemned, many of whom I continue to know as fine human beings and committed public servants.
    Meanwhile, as I proceed on my pedestrian path in life, I feel deeply disappointed to see a major revenue source rejected … a revenue source that even a guy like Ken Simpler might support … taking the high road here. 🙂

    • “I will pray for the souls of the condemned, many of whom I continue to know as fine human beings and committed public servants.”

      Gotta keep those apples polished, right, Jack?

    • You use the word pedestrian. Do you mean to say mediocre?

  2. Jeff Spiegleman actually voted for this bill, perhaps my phone call paid off. Just kidding. As for the “Dems” that couldn’t be bothered to vote, well……. Sorry, I have no nice words for them nor understanding for what their game is.

  3. MikeM2784

    The other path forward is to continue to work to flip more of the R seats so even if we have some defector (or defective) Democrats, we have enough votes to carry the measure. Instead of focusing on infighting, perhaps we should look at those seats that are flippable this year and try to move them, while still keeping the heat on those who aren’t doing their jobs with a D by their names.

    • It is probably too late this cycle to primary Bolden and Jaques. That will have to wait until 2020. As for Schwartzkopf and Carson, I’d rather have real Republicans in those seats than DINOs. Luckily, we will be replacing Melanie Smith this year.

  4. Mitch Crane

    I agree with MikeM2784. I believe the following Republican House seats are flippable IF there is a higher Democratic turnout than in normal off-year elections: House 9 (incumbent R is Hensley) House 12- (incumbent R is Hudson); House 22 (retiring R incumbent is Mirro);

    Less likely but statistically possible are H 20 (incumbent R Smyk) and H 36 (incumbent R Kenton retiring).

    I believe the turnout increase in NCC will also deliver Senate 4 (R incumbent Lavelle) to Laura Sturgeon.

    I do not see any seats in either chamber that are currently held by Democrats as being in jeopardy this year.

    • Hudson isn’t beatable. All those “Democrats” out there switched for primary-voting reasons. They mostly still vote for Republicans.

      • Mitch Crane

        Alby, let’s look at the numbers. Hudson was unopposed in 2016, but every Democrat on the ballot in the 12th RD won:

        Hillary won 7651-5987
        Rochester won 7170-6569
        Carney won 8023-6014
        Hall-Long won 7609-6380
        Navarro won 7713-6303

        • On the other hand, since Democrats are just as eager to give rich Greenville residents low tax rates, maybe they don’t need Republicans anymore. Just like we don’t need your type of Democrat — the ex-Republican kind.

          • Mitch Crane

            I gave you statistics and you launch a personal attack. This isn’t DL.
            and I have never been a Republican.

            • I also gave you the problem with those statistics, and pointed out that your choice of those statistics indicates the problems you have as a Delaware political commentator.

              I do apologize about the Republican bit. I remembered the smear, but not that it was simply a campaign tactic on your part to threaten to run as a Republican back in Pa.

              I’m sincere about your lack of knowledge of the state beyond your stomping grounds. You need to get further afield, because you have a very skewed view of the rest of this state. To wit: If she lived up here, Karen McGuiness would be Republican, probably one who would have switched registration to D to vote for Markell. That’s who she is, and I can say so because her type is a dime a dozen down here.

              In Pennsylvania she’d be a Main Liner, though with some differences, because we’re a much more parochial backwater than the Main Line is.

      • Smarter Than Alby

        This comment didn’t age well. Maybe you aren’t that smart after all?

        • Maybe. I didn’t anticipate a complete lack of effort on Hudson’s part.

  5. A coward and a bully, classic combo.

  6. @Mitch: They won against downstate loonball types. Every single election you listed was statewide.

    Your belief in your analytical abilities serves you poorly. This is why you got your ass kicked in a winnable race — you don’t know dick about Delaware outside Rehoboth, which isn’t like anyplace else in the state.

    • Al, no respect for anyone! It’s a shame your just a bitter, angry man. Who only knows how to attack people. I feel sorry for you!

      • I have lots of respect for people who earn it.

        I’m sorry, what did you say you did for a living again?

    • Joe Connor

      To paraphrase Bill Maher “Whining little Mitch”

      • Mitch Crane

        I wonder if Joe Connor knows some idiot is posting under his name.

        • I wonder, Mitch, if you know where as many bodies are buried as Joe does. Again, you have no background here, and it shows.

          • Mitch Crane

            He should know. He helped bury them. Keep the attacks coming, Alby.

            • I don’t understand why you see them as attacks. What I’m pointing out to you — your lack of background on Delaware and your unwillingness to acknowledge that instead of passing yourself off as knowledgeable — is obvious to anyone who has lived here longer than you.

              • @Mitch: I supported your run for IC, you’ll recall. I was dumbfounded by how poorly a political veteran ran what should have been a winning campaign. Then you turned around and clasped Pete Schwartzkopf, an avatar of establishment Democratic governance and leader of the out-of-all-proportion caucus of ex-cops in the General Assembly.

                I realize you don’t get this, but you can feed the Washington Blade all the glowing stories about you that you want and it’s all for naught — siding with the cop caucus shows you are not a liberal or progressive in Delaware, no matter what you think you are.

                And I will continue the attacks as long as you align yourself with malign forces.

                • “And I will continue the attacks” You should see therapist, ALBY! Or go to a gym and get your anger out. It’s vacation time, you got your passport………Have a great day!

                  • See a therapist for what? Calling out ignorance and assholery on a blog?

                    I like my anger. Just like you like your ignorance.

        • Joe Connor

          Right here sport. You have a long and checkered political History and your Pennsylvania days were really interesting and Alby’s take on your DE skills are on point. You found a guy to support for an office you could not win who actually had a winning track record. I am not sure he won because of you or despite you either way you couldn’t win straight up. As far as where bodies are buried I will admit to a bit of institutional knowledge gained over the past 50 years. However I am mainly surprised that mine is still looking down at the grass. Happy Fourth:)

  7. elizabeth allen

    Add Ruth Bribed King to the list. The manufactured land barrons own her. She votes against her constituents all the time. Yes, we still got huge problems with these land barrons, they still rob us on a daily basis, but who the hell cares, if elderly women cant afford the ever growing lot rents. Most of us are paying $700 or more a month for postage stamp piece of property. They are raising rents far beyond the 2% the legislature voted on…I curse them daily.

    • AG candidate Chris Johnson stands with DMHOA, he came to the last meeting

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