Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement

Elections matter.


9 comments on “Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement

  1. cassandram

    You may be mistaken here — I was told there was no difference between HRC and the GRIFTUS.

  2. cassandram

    But then we can likely count on the McConnell rule that judges shouldn’t be confirmed in an election year.

  3. Prop Joe

    Sportsbooks in Vegas opened the lines at 6-1 for Justice Alex Jones, 8-1 for Justice Jeanine Pirro, and 10-1 for Justice Ted Cruz

  4. Can this week get any better? It’s only Wednesday…

  5. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, fascists gotta be assholes.

    • Yahooooo!

      • elizabeth allen

        Bernie on with Chris Hayes right now. Sanders says, “what alexandria is about is what the political revolution is about…she ran on progressive agenda, Ben Jealous did the same and won. When you have candidates fighting for a progressive agenda, knocking on doors, you can win against the establishment, not every time, but some. Bernie said, “We want to WIN, not yelling at someone in a restaurant..but getting involved in grassroots politcs, mobilizing people, lots of volunteers. If you need to do something, defeat one party rules, win the house and senate and win in 2020. She had hundreds of volunteers, wanna vent your anger, turn you anger into a positive by ralling the american people around Roe vs Wade. She ran on medicare for all, free college tuition etc.

        I got a letter today from AARP, informing me, “medicare and medicaid” are in trouble. We will be paying much more if we dont start calling our legislators and demand they stop threatening us.Since they passed that horrific tax cut bill, it put medicare, medicaid and other social programs in danger…”we can’t afford these programs, the mantra of the Cult.

        • And Obama had nothing to do, with the escalating costs for healthcare? Haaa Haaa!!! My costs for healthcare went thru the roof, because of Obama!

          You want to do something, demand for TERM LIMITS and get these idiots out! Time to vote Libertarian! Get these “I want more tax money Dems” and the Republicans out. AND WE DON’T need the SOCIALISTS EITHER!!!

        • Agree completely. I urge all Dems running in 2018 and beyond to adopt Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s platform of abolishing ICE, a federal jobs guarantee, single payer healthcare, cancelling all student loan debt, free college tuition for everyone, and a carbon free 100% renewable energy economy!

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