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The Open Thread for June 25, 2018

A source close to GOP leadership emails Jonathan Swan: “Only thing that matters now is a) how bad they get crushed on ACA premium increases; b) the final Mueller verdict; and c) how crazy Trump gets with the CR.”

“Republicans are worried about the potential for health insurance premiums to skyrocket in September, shortly before the midterms. Democrats are seizing on health care as their number one issue. Senior Democratic sources say their polling shows voters are now blaming their dissatisfaction with health care on the party that controls the House, Senate and White House rather than the party that implemented the Affordable Care Act.”

“The final Mueller verdict speaks for itself: it would take a new revelation of the most explosive kind to persuade any Republican senators to vote to impeach Trump.”

“And the CR — or continuing resolution — refers to the government spending bill that’s due to expire at the end of September. The unanswerable question is whether Trump decides to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn’t give him enough money to build his wall (spoiler: it won’t).”

President Trump “explicitly advocated depriving undocumented immigrants of their due-process rights, arguing that people who cross the border into the United States illegally must immediately be deported without trial — and sowing more confusion among Republicans ahead of a planned immigration vote this week,” the Washington Post reports.

“In a pair of tweets sent during his drive to his Virginia golf course, Trump described immigrants as invaders and wrote that U.S. immigration laws are ‘a mockery’ and must be changed to take away trial rights from undocumented migrants.”

Washington Post: “Clearly comfortable making himself the centerpiece of the GOP’s midterm strategy, Trump has begun increasing his campaign activity this month, doling out endorsements and staging rallies and other events. The president is trying to use his star power to galvanize his base voters and stave off what history predicts should be losses for the president’s party in off-year congressional elections.”

New York Times: “Back in the capital, some government officials are reeling over directives to enforce — and, as of Wednesday, reverse — Trump administration policies that resulted in the separation of some 2,300 children from their parents at the border. Congressional Republicans, stalled by dysfunction and flummoxed by the president’s back-and-forth orders, are unsure how to proceed with a legislative fix before November.”

“Mr. Trump, seemingly unconcerned by the clashes, has instead focused on deploying an old campaign tactic: inundating the public with conflicting messages, then hitting the trail to speak to supporters who are more focused on winning the state and sharing his grievances about the Democrats.”

“You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.” — Former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie to Democratic strategist Joel Payne, who is black, on Fox News.

Business Insider: “Op-eds in The Houston Chronicle and the Canadian news magazine Maclean’s suggested the only way to quell the rising trade tensions is to strike at Trump’s businesses. While some countries, such as China, have appeared to try and sway the president through treating his family’s businesses more favorably, countries have not made moves to curtail the businesses’ activity within their borders.”

“Obamacare premiums are once again poised to spike by double digits in 2019, causing heartburn for politicians as voters will head to the polls within days of learning about the looming hit to their pocketbooks,” Politico reports.

“But unlike recent campaign cycles, when Republicans capitalized on Obamacare sticker shock to help propel them to complete control of Congress and the White House, they’re now likely to be the ones feeling the wrath of voters.”

President Trump took campaign manager Corey Lewandowski along with him for a trip to Nevada this weekend, despite a growing backlash over the latter mocking reports of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome being separated from her family at the U.S. border, the Daily Beast reports.

Jared Kushner said in an interview published Sunday that the Trump administration will soon present its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, with or without input from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the APreports

“In an interview published in the Arabic language Al-Quds newspaper, Kushner appealed directly to Palestinians and criticized Abbas, who has shunned the Trump team over its alleged pro-Israel bias, particularly on the fate of contested Jerusalem.”

Rick Wilson: “Donald Trump can’t define or pronounce the word Manichaean, but he knows it when he sees it. For Trump, there are two types of people; Donald Trump, and losers, and the one thing Donald Trump can’t abide is a loser. Donald Trump lost this week on immigration, and across the board. He lost, doubled down, lost again, hocked his cufflinks, lost, tried to flip the table and was finally escorted out of the casino and had his knees broken in the parking lot when he couldn’t pay his marker.”

“Donald Trump was defeated this week by the two things he hates most: immigrants, and the media.”

Washington Post: “With no talks underway between the two sides, prospects for an early deal that averts imposition of the import levies appear dim.”

“Once the U.S. tariffs on the first $34 billion in Chinese goods take effect on July 6 — and trigger Chinese retaliation against American farmers and exporters — the political pain will mount for the president, according to several former U.S. negotiators and trade analysts.”

”Complaints from affected voters could push Trump to settle for a limited deal involving higher Chinese purchases of American products and promises of future market openings and leave the president vulnerable to charges of having blinked in his confrontation with China, the former officials said.”

New York Times: “In interviews across the country over the last few days, dozens of Trump voters, as well as pollsters and strategists, described something like a bonding experience with the president that happens each time Republicans have to answer a now-familiar question: ‘How can you possibly still support this man?’ Their resilience suggests a level of unity among Republicans that could help mitigate Mr. Trump’s low overall approval ratings and aid his party’s chances of keeping control of the House of Representatives in November.”

“Republican voters repeatedly described an instinctive, protective response to the president, and their support has grown in recent months: Mr. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is now about 90 percent. And while polling has yet to capture the effect of the last week’s immigration controversy, the only modern Republican president more popular with his party than Mr. Trump at this point in his first term, according to Gallup, was George W. Bush after the country united in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.”

“If you get me one more glass of wine, I’ll tell you stuff only Bob Mueller and I know. If you think you’ve seen wild stuff so far, buckle up. It’s going to be a wild couple of months.” — Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), quoted by Politico, a dinner Friday night for more than 100 guests at his house on Martha’s Vineyard.

A new CBS News poll in Arizona finds Kyrsten Sinema (D) leading all three of her possible Republican rivals in a U.S. Senate match up.  Sinema tops Kelli Ward (R) 46% to 38%, beats Martha McSally 45% to 37%, and crushes Joe Arpaio (R) 49% to 29%.

A new CBS News poll in Florida shows Gov. Rick Scott (R) leading Sen. Bill Nelson (D) in the U.S. Senate race, 46% to 41%.

A new CBS News poll in Texas finds Sen. Ted Cruz (R) leading challenger Beto O’Rourke (D) by ten points in the U.S. Senate race, 50% to 40%.

A new Remington Research poll in  New York’s 11th congressional district shows Rep. Dan Donovan (R) leading former Rep. Michael Grimm (R) in their primary match up, 47% to 40%.

Dana Milbank on a coat, cruelty, and Donald Trump.  “The administration’s cruelty is particularly prominent lately, because of photos of the anguish of the migrant children — and President Trump’s accompanying allegation of “phony stories of sadness” and his warning that immigrants, like insects, would “infest” the country. But the current episode, though highly visible, is hardly one of a kind. By now, the administration has amassed an extensive catalogue of cruelty.”  […]


“Trump previously reduced the number of refugees from 110,000 to 45,000 per year — the lowest in almost 40 years; and even fewer are actually being admitted, forcing tens of thousands to remain in refugee camps and return to face persecution or violence in the countries they fled. This is after Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries, which resulted in families separated and students and doctors denied entry.”

Strong words from top GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, as reported by Dan Balz in his article, “A GOP strategist abandons his party and calls for the election of Democrats” at The Washington Post: “Trump’s election did not spell doom for the Republican Party,” Schmidt said by telephone Wednesday while traveling. “There’s a crisis of cowardice in the Republican Party that is profoundly un-American and, in my reading, unprecedented,” he said… “No one is prepared to lay down their political career to do what’s right to oppose the corruption, the assault on institutions, the nonstop lying, the assault on objective truth.”The reality is that our Founders always predicted that one day there would be a president like Trump, and that’s why they designed the system of government the way they designed it. What they never imagined is the utter abdication of a co-equal branch of government, which we’re seeing now.”

Balz writes further that Schmidt “cited Trump’s praise for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the horrific images of immigrant children separated from their parents on the U.S.-Mexico border,” which “finally tipped him over the edge.” Schmidt continues, “The definition of conservatism now is the requirement of complete and utter obedience to the leader.” Balz adds, “He said he came to see the Republican Party as living in fear of the president and, as such, “a threat to the American republic and to liberal democracy.” The party, he said, “is irredeemable…He called the party “utterly corrupted,” a force for “incendiary politics and crackpottery and a real threat to small ‘L’ liberalism in the U.S.-led liberal global order…The Democratic Party is called to be the sentinel of American democracy and liberty…It is beyond bone-chilling to consider what happens if that party fails in that task, in that duty.” Schmidt’s statement should prove useful to Democrats in their midterm campaigns.

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106 comments on “The Open Thread for June 25, 2018

  1. Maxine Waters calling for violence against those those she politically disagrees with…

    I think this might make a few commercials this fall…

    Face of your party, folks. It’s come to this. An elected official calling for mob rule. And silence from the Democratic leadership. Truly remarkable.

    • LOL! You obviously didn’t listen to the video. “Push back” is not a call for violence. Seriously, think about that for two seconds. “No peace. No sleep” isn’t a call for violence. Making people uncomfortable by calling them out (you know, pushing back) isn’t a call for violence.

      You need to step up your trolling – ’cause I plan to push back on your nonsense.

      • “They’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store,” Waters said. “The people are going to turn on them, they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them.”

        This is acceptable to you?

        • yes. It is 100% acceptable to me.
          You people are fucking disgusting.
          Outright fascists are now in control of the government and the first attempt will be to make them feel uncomfortable.
          This is a party (yours, alphabet, bro) who ginned up their spittle-flecked base by ranting about Second Amendment Solutions and fantasizing about war on the government, so shut the fuck up with your pearl-clutching over being made to feel unwanted. You should be thanking whatever fake sky-dad you believe in that “the left” is measured enough to not run out and buy ar-15s while they rant about “if not the ballot box, than the bullet box”. Like i said, try harder.

        • cassandram

          It’s completely out of the teahadi playbook. Why be concerned about it now?

      • “Let’s stay the course, let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up,” she said at a speech, the video of which was posted Sunday on social media. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

        So what exactly does “push back on them” mean? Sure sounds like a threat of implicit violence to me.

        This will not end well for the left. The desperation is palpable.

        • Sad.

          • So you are OK with what Representative Waters suggests? Simple yes/no will suffice.

            • Yes. I am fine with the 1st amendment.

              • So you are OK with mob rule. Trying to change an elected representative’s mind on a political issue by harassing them in their private life.

                Wow, just plain wow.

                I guess when you can no longer win elections this is where you go.

                • “So what exactly does “push back on them” mean? Sure sounds like a threat of implicit violence to me.”

                  Pushing sounds like violence? Maybe it’s because you’re violently inclined. Or perhaps it’s just another thing you’re scared of.

                • “So you are OK with mob rule.”

                  Those are your words.

                  Kinda interesting that you’re upset over calling people out, but didn’t have the same outrage over the tiki torch brigade in Charlottesville.

            • Should we now have a battle of angry House members? Because Louis Gohmert is just the most entertaining of the many GOP House types who engage in such rhetoric every day.

              As for the desperation being palpable, it has long been noted that you show up here when, yep, the conservative cause is looking especially desperate.

              If you weren’t scared, you wouldn’t be here for your ego boost.

              • Please provide evidence that Louie Gohmert ever suggested harassing elected officials in their private lives. I’ll wait.

                You are also defending what Waters advocates?

                I thought all the recent articles and stories about an unbridgeable divide were clickbait and hyperbole.

                Now I wonder. I cannot imagine ever advocating that citizens go to the private homes of elected officials and try to intimidate them into changing their mind on a political issue.

                I consider you and Pandy two of the more enlightened lefties. And yet you both are apparently quite comfortable with mob rule. Actually a bit depressing in a way.

                • remember that time Teahadi Queen, Sarah Palin literally put crosshairs on Dem elected officials?
                  XYZ, you are such a fragile fucking loser. Waters is suggesting the People take their country back…. by denying business to abhorrent ass holes and by publicly calling them out. You know that and your dumb little GOP talking points are clearly not well honed. TBH, I MYSELF, am ok with throwing torren tomatoes at them in public. No punching, unless they have White Nationalist imagery on them…
                  But calling out Krjenstyn (or whatever fucked up Nordic/ Game of Thrones spelling she uses) Neiljesn over being a monster…. tossing Huckelberry Sandbags our of a rib joint… It’s all 100% what they deserve.
                  Your REAL problem is that you know if people knew your true feelings, the ones you post here, you’d be in the same boat with them and it terrifies you down to your small little man-core. Be afraid, teabag. Public ridicule and moderate inconvenience are coming for you…
                  oh yeah, and white erasure 🙂 🙂 🙂

                  Kill whitey 🙂 (through interracial marriages and generations of shunning white supremacists into extinction)

                  RSE, this all goes for you too, fella.

                  • Bring it, sport.

                    • “Bring it, sport.”

                      Did you just threaten violence? I mean, if we’re going by your standards…

                • And a MAGAT whining about rule of law is hilarious… you do know your cult leader is now openly calling for extrajudicial deportations, right? You have no position to argue from. No moral center to stand in. Reject trmp and MAYBE you’ll have some credibility, but this is just a sad display of impotence on your part…. try. harder.

                • I wasn’t saying he said the exact same thing. Most of your cohort have said far worse, because “harassing” people isn’t the crime you imagine it to be. “Push back” is not a call for violence, as a truly logical person — as opposed to one who pretends to be — would know.

                  Why do you feel the need to come here and argue? Do you think you “win” these arguments and that it therefore makes your opinions the “right” ones?

                  • Usually I come hear for the yuks, to be honest.

                    Ben is particularly entertaining.

                    But in this case I wondered how this small subsample of the left would react to an elected official openly advocating mob rule.

                    Now I have the rather depressing answer to that question.

                    • But in this case I wondered how this small subsample of the left would react to an elected official openly advocating mob rule.

                      You really need to stop making stuff up – altho, I’d guess this is what FOX is saying.

                      She didn’t call for mob rule. What I do know is why you guys have latched onto the word ‘mob’ – which you’ll soon morph into ‘thug’

                    • cassandram

                      The GRIFTUS advocates mob rule and worse at his “rallies” and you condemn not one bit of it. So spare us your “judgement” until you are as critical of your own people. Who don’t have much problem with people wearing sheets and swastikas are in the streets specifically threatening people.


                    • You’re going to have to explain to me how “pushing back” equates with “mob rule.” Here on Earth, they aren’t the same thing.

                    • “Usually I come hear for the yuks, to be honest.”

                      If you think that’s honest, then you’re lying to yourself. You come for the ego boost, because you think anyone who disagrees with you is falling short of some standard of excellence that apparently has you at the top.

                    • “But in this case I wondered how this small subsample of the left would react to an elected official openly advocating mob rule”

                      Well, sport, you’re seeing it in how those who lick boots for Dear leader are being treated. Your daddy offered to pay the legal fees of his followers who carried out acts of violence against his opposition…. doesn’t get much more blatant than that.

                      And I dont know what “bring it” means. Do you think i want physical interaction with you? Sorry to disappoint, but your boom stickwont be pointed at me, sporto… i know how you people “fight”… No, it will be MUCH MUCH more entertaining than your cave-man chest pounding. It says a lot of about your hyperactive Y-chromes that you think everything revolves around violence.
                      What else ya got, “sport?” (so precious.)

    • Try harder.

  2. This weekend the Delaware State Police got a call about a theft near Milton, so they go to investigate it and the cops see some guy riding a bicycle who apparently fits the description of the suspect (innocent before proven guilty right?). Well, this guy on the bicycle apparently wouldn’t stop, so the Delaware State Police ended up being “involved in a collision” with the wayward bike and now some poor white privileged asshole is dead…..Nothing to see here, move along.

    • what, exactly, are you trying to say? that the police were somehow wrong?
      I mean.. if the guy didnt want to be dead, he should have complied, or not looked like a suspect. Isnt that that conservative mantra?

      • He’s saying that he’s upset when it happens to a white guy.

        • Pandora FTW

        • Unlike the media and people like pandora, I actually get upset when it happens to anybody because I know from personal experience how fucked up the police can be….Move along now, nothing to see here.

    • This was not a widely disseminated story. What you’re supposed to do when introducing such a topic is to post the link, along with your thoughts on it, rather than presuming that because DD missed or ignored the story it means he’s anti-white.

      I think most people here would agree with you that this sounds like another sketchy incident of police over-reaction. I would hope you might understand that this happens a lot more to blacks than whites, which is why black people get upset about being pulled over for Driving While Black, along with the infinite variety of things that can get you hassled or killed by the cops for Existing While Black.

  3. delacrat

    ” Abbas, who has shunned the Trump team over its alleged pro-Israel bias,” – Ilan Ben Zion, Associated Press

    That’s like saying Trump’s bias against refugee kids is “alleged”.

    • Nobody in the media is ever punished for anti-Palestinian bias, while the editors will get a lot of pushback from Zionists for anti-Israel bias. The math on that is pretty easy to do.

  4. Basically Rep. Waters is saying we can’t win at the ballot box. Instead we will try change public policy by intimidating elected officials by harassing them in their private lives in an attempt to change public policy. Not by convincing them (or those that voted for them) that their arguments are wrong.

    “We have protesters taking up at their house who are saying, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep”

    “Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!”

    Those are her words exactly. If that isn’t mob rule than what is?

    This is an elected official, folks! Not some lunatic KosKid on the internet (Hi Ben!)

    How would you characterize what she is advocating?

    • Harassment, by legal definition:

      It’s not that they can’t win at the ballot box, it’s that they can’t wait that long.

      What is mob rule? It’s when people incite violence. I’m surprised you don’t know the difference.

      • mob ruleˌ mäb ˈro͞ol/
        control of a political situation by those outside the conventional or lawful realm, typically involving violence and intimidation.

        Intimidation. As suggested by Rep. Waters.

        • And compared to your Dear Leader’s rallies? nothing about that? no? coward.

        • But not violence. It says intimidation AND violence, not “or.” As if a dictionary definition is some sort of court anyway.

          Look, you want to play these games, my only rational response is that you should find something more productive to do. Even if you are only here to rile people up and laugh at the response, think about what that says about you as a person. Who would want to emulate that?

    • Just as an aside, it has not gone unnoticed on the left that the standards of civility in discourse supposedly desired by the right are violated nearly every day by the president, without complaint by those on his side. So, by the evidence, hypocrisy is in no short supply on your side of the aisle.

    • meatball

      lol, by your definition any contact with a legislator is mob rule, dopey.

      • “if you see anyone protesting, knowck the crap out of em” “we used to have a way of dealing with people”

        You got nothin, ass hole. Just your fox-issued talking points you think your cleverly disguised as your own work.
        You’re upset that people are going to treat you and your the way you deserve, and it is hilarious. I think you also realize that white people make shitty food and if all the people your party has been shitting on for the last decade decides not to feed you, you’ll have to subsists off of Denny’s and rice cakes.

      • No. Writing a letter is fine. A phone call or an email. No issue with that. Protesting in the public arena, wearing a stupid pink hat with ears on it, that’s fine.

        But going to their home and declaring that they will get no sleep, that they are not welcome anywhere, at anytime, that crosses a line.

        You can’t see that? Honestly?

        • Child abuse crosses a line, xyz. People are protesting on Krystjyenn Neiljsens public street. Of she doesn’t like it she can bootstrap herself to a new house .

        • cassandram

          Plenty of folks on your side that pretty much don’t have to live by these new found civility rules:

          • XYZ, you would have been a Tori. “I know some people dont like these taxes, but throwing away tea is MONSTROUS” *faints on fainting couch.
            grow up, wuss.

        • No. It’s like those lines on the field in televised football games. They’re not really there.

          If you really are against this, I’ve yet to see you speak out about these efforts when made by the other side. Like it or not, this is part of the political battlefield now.

          • Go ahead, provide some statements from Republican politicians about going to the homes of legislators or executive branch members and harassing them in their personal lives an attempt to change policy. I’ll wait.

            I think most protesters on both sides are idiots with nothing better to do. There are far better ways to effect changes in public policy.

            And harassing people as they try to go about their daily lives is vile, including women going to Planned Parenthood clinics.

            • Look up the president’s tweet about Maxine Waters. First he said she called for violence, which she did not, then said she should be careful what she wishes for, meaning violence. That’s a threat of violence. Stop pretending that Waters’ specific language is a new level of incivility, and get over your belief that I’ll hop to proving things to your satisfaction. Internet randos don’t get that courtesy.

              I happen to agree with you about harassing people, which is obviously a grade-A golden rule violation as nobody would want it done to them. But I’m not going to pass judgment on those who use harassment as a weapon because I think they’re acting out of a lack of imagination and a surplus of frustration. If they were truly dangerous and threatened violence — as have those who have threatened the Red Hen with arson — then it rises to a legal level of harassment.

              Given the civility with which the incident at the restaurant was conducted, I would say anyone who responds with threats on either side missed the point of the original exchange entirely.

    • delacrat

      “We have protesters taking up at their house who are saying, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep”
      ….harassing them in their private lives in an attempt to change public policy
      – Rep. Maxine Waters per XYZ

      Well, the “elected folk” harass citizens with their anti-worker, anti-citizen, anti-women public policies like the Taft-Hartley Act, warrant-less wire-taps, for-profit healthy premium insurance, defunding women’s health organizations and on… and on….so let’s not boo hoo when they get the “push back” they’ve brought upon themselves.

      • @delacrat: Pelosi is showing the strain. The threat to replace her comes from the right, so she scolded Waters for her lack of “civility”:

        That should please you if all you want is Pelosi out. She’s clearly worried.

        • That’s because Pelosi has at least a low level of intelligence, marginally superior to Waters who is at rock/potato level.

      • Delacrat:
        Taft-Hartely Act???

        “Truman had expressed no opinion on the bill prior to his veto message. The committees considering the bill had requested suggestions from the Truman administration, but did not receive any.”

        “A clear majority of House Democrats voted for the bill, while Democrats in the Senate split evenly, 21–21.[20]”

        “Despite Truman’s all-out effort to stop the veto override, Congress overrode his veto with considerable Democratic support, including 106 out of 177 Democrats in the House, and 20 out of 42 Democrats in the Senate.[21][15]” Wikipedia

        So, the Democrats had their hand in this as well!

        • What’s the purpose of keeping a running tab of what party’s politicians did whatever, back to the Stone Age? Do you think anyone but you cares? What do you think you’re proving here?

          • Good Morning, Alby. Must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed or didn’t have your 2nd cup, yet?
            Delacrat, brought it up, not me. Just setting the record straight.

  5. Im noticing how anxious the MAGATs are getting. MY rate of being blocked on FB by people who simply refuse to stop advocating child abuse has skyrocketed. I’m not being any more of a dick than usual, they are just SUPER PASSIONATE bout defining PaPa D and also about hurting brown kids.
    Also, see XYZ, people outright trying to fight. 5 people posted their address in the last 2 weeks with variations on “you better come strapped” and a bunch of other shit. One was dumb enough to have a public profile with his work listed and posted from work…. He actually answered when I called and hung up on me when I told him who I was…. No, I didnt email his boss the screen shots I took of him using all sorts of sexist and racist language… im not a monster, but I bet it shook him good.
    But see, XYZ…. we dont need to shoot or hit you dummies to wreck you. We can use the free market, we can use your own hyper-testosterone screeds against you… you called me a “child”… we,, bud.. maybe I am younger than you… it probably means i’ll outlive you so I just have to wait. We’re ripping down your traitor statues, we’re ripping down your institutions. You’ll be erased and replaced with something better. HAPPY MONDAY!

  6. Mitch Crane

    Mob Rule is breaking down their doors and dragging them out. Protests and picketing are constitutionally-protected rights under the 1st Amendment right to Free Speech and the assumed rights of assembly and association. What Congresswoman Waters has done (successfully it appears) is rile people up and garner attention to her cause. Good for her.

    Oh, XYZ, “Horse=Dead”

    • Oh, she’s gathered some attention all right. I am sure that the ad writers and campaign chairmen for Republicans running this fall have noticed.

      • Yep, they can put them next to the Willy Horton, Hillary Behind bars and the “target” ads from Palin. Just when have Republican ad writers ever let the facts of the real world get in their way? Maxine Waters? She’s in no danger and just gave a stirring wake up call that the Dems needed to hear. Now I’ve got to run as it’s nearing dinner time at The Red Hen.

      • Yes, acting wounded when a black person criticizes you has been good for your voter turnout. Bad for your public image, though. You might well live to see the day when you are shunned by decent society for what you have done.

  7. nathan arizona

    It’s very satisfying to see Huckleberry kicked out of a restaurant. Personally I would have booed and hissed her on the way out. She and the others deserve it. But it does help Trump, and I worry this will hurt us at election time with that percentage of independents and moderates I think we’ll need.

    . . . . Oh, to hell with it. I’m so happy to see Sanders harassed that I think I’ll worry about the possible repercussions some other time.

    • Nathan, nathan, Nathan…. You’re sounding like an “extreme leftist” welcome, brother 🙂

  8. nathan arizona

    Ben: I’ve always hated Trump and what he stands for. I thought I had made that clear. That doesn’t make me a leftist radical. I’ve never voted for a Republican (except maybe Mike Castle a long time ago). I did not vote for Ralph Nader or Jill Stein, either.

    • I know i know. Im just giving you shit.
      You have criticised some harsh language or tactics in the past, which is fair. Under normal circumstances, normal resistance is fine. You’re also probably way more measured then dickheads like me..
      . but if YOU’RE endorsing tossing out Huckleberry Sandbags and the like, then I think it is a very good sign that the tide is turning against GOP/XYZ/RSE and the rest of em.

  9. This says it all about the civility of Trumpkins:

    “It was off the chart,” restaurant manager Elizabeth Pope told “Then the hostess comes to me and says, ‘people are calling and yelling and swearing.’”

    What’s even more disturbing, said Pope, is that Trump-backing internet trolls have crushed her restaurant’s ratings since the start of the weekend — and have dropped it by a full star on Yelp.

    Not only are they uncivil, they’re too dumb to distinguish New Jersey from Virginia.

    Also, the guilty Red Hen is getting arson threats. But Maxine Waters said “Push back,” so you feel threatened. You’re not a snowflake. You’re as cold as dry ice and you melt the same way — just disappear as vapor.

  10. nathan arizona

    Ben: I know you were. All is cool.

  11. “This helps Trump”? Nope, this is a symptom of a people that have had enough lies, enough of the daily BS and enough of the Republicans in general, this is the beginnings of the Dems fighting back and meaning it. History shows that when you act like the Republicans have since even before Obama at some point the other side fights back and means it. Notice it was the other patrons that booed and hissed Sanders out of the room, the management merely moved to contain an ugly situation.

  12. First of all, it’s a disgrace and appalling that people are acting this way!

    But, in reference to the people calling the restaurant or sending emails and getting on Yelp. How do they know it is all Trump supporters?? There is no way of knowing. I’m sure there are Democrats, who are doing this just as well, to stir the pot just a little bit.

    So, are they 100% sure, who is calling??

    • Oh, fuck off. You don’t know anything but it never stops you from yap, yap, yapping.

      • Deep breaths, deep breaths.

        • OK, then: Why are you so skeptical of anything the other team does, but utterly credulous of everything your team does? Are you blind to your own enormous bias?

          • Pot:Kettle

            • I see you’re back to insults instead of answering the questions I posed. Typical of conservative trolls.

              Get back to me when you’re interesting in talking instead of jerking yourself off.

          • anono has a point. we dont know for sure. Just like we cant know for sure than Anono isnt molesting hamsters while he types out his stupid comments. we just have no way of knowing.

          • Alby, go back and read what I said. I called the people out, WHO ever is doing this to the restaurant. Others might be stirring the pot.

            You need to take a chill pill!
            You seem to have a fixation on JO?
            Kinda funny, Alby!

  13. nathan arizona

    Wikwox: It appears that it is helping Trump if the reactions I’m seeing are any indication. Most important, it’s helping Trump with people who are not Trump supporters. I wish that were not so, but I’m afraid it is.

    • cassandram

      Anecdotal bullshit. Just one more effort to justify asking people to submit to their oppression.

      • for real, man. We all have to be ready to defend ourselves. Not submit to what the bastards want us to be.

  14. nathan arizona

    Cassandra: Of course it’s anecdotal. It just happened. You’d rather not be concerned about these things until it’s too late? Like how some people didn’t worry about or refused to see Hillary’s weaknesses until she lost and gave us Trump? That, of course, is where a lot of this oppression comes from.

    • cassandram

      The oppression does not come from HRC. She is not in office. I am not going to re-litigate the racist surge of white folks who brought us this GRIFTUS. Buyt will note that you are almost two years into denial that it is white folks who brought us this mess. If you are talking about HRC now, you aren’t even on the field much less in the game. So go back to where this bullshit counts as an argument. Putting your finger in the wind to see what other people say is not how a moral core works. Come back when you get that.

      • White folks? Seems black turnout dropped for the first time in 20 years in 2016? 59.6 % vs 66.7%?

        Fake news from Cassandra of all people?

        • cassandram

          Not fake news. This is the chart you are looking for, fool.

          And because it is xyz, we have to state the obvious. Black turnout was down certainly. And those who did voted for HRC, black women overwhelmingly. None of these voted for their racial resentments, however.

          • Genuinely don’t understand your point? Blacks voted at a lower rate and a lower percentage of them voted Democrat. And this is somehow the fault of white people?

            These racist, sexist blacks just didn’t cast enough votes for a white woman is how I see it.

            Just as well for them, black unemployment now at historic lows.

            • cassandram

              Oops. Forgot. Electoral math not in your skill set.

              • Ran the numbers. If Obama’s performance among blacks was repeated in 2016 Shrillary easily wins MI, PA, and FL. Enough to flip the election, 292-239 Clinton.

                PA: Population ~12.8 MiO/~11% black or ~1.4 MiO black voters. Assume an additional 7% support Hillary that is a swing of 98,000 votes, more than enough to swing the state (Trump won by ~45K votes).

                MI: Population ~10.0 MiO/14% black or ~1.4 MiO black voters. Again assuming 7% delta an additional 98K votes, almost an order of magnitude greater than Trump’s advantage of ~10.7K votes.

                FL: Population ~21.0 MiO/17% black or ~3.6 MiO black voters. With 7% an additional 250K votes, almost double Trump’s margin of 113 K votes.

                All data from Wikipedia, some state data from early 2000’s but probably has not changed enough to effect the analysis.

                • cassandram

                  Yes we already get that you aren’t clear on the electoral math.

                • I like “Shrillery.” It’s much quicker than saying “Strong women scare the shit out of me.”

  15. ” It appears that it is helping Trump if the reactions I’m seeing are any indication. ”

    And what reactions are those? Are they on cable news? Because that’s no indication of what real people are saying at all.

  16. nathan arizona

    Cassandra: Hillary lost. Trump won. That was a disaster. We should not repeat the same mistakes she and her supporters made. And that’s in the present, not the past.

    Alby: So far, yeah, mostly. And “the press,” of course. We’ll see how it plays out. I hope I’m wrong.

    • cassandram

      There’s no “we” here, Kemosabe. Me and mine turned out for HRC. You need to run off and get your boys. That’s exactly where your accountability moment is.

  17. nathan arizona

    Cassandra: Yeah, some of you but not enough of you. Get ready for some losses. Maybe you’re OK with that as long as you feel good about yourself.

    • cassandram

      Yeah, because the only we we win elections is when Black people all show up. Because god knows you can’t count on enough of the white ones. There’s racial resentments they need to make themselves feel better about, dontchaknow.

  18. nathan arizona

    Not enough black folks voted for Hillary, even though she was far better than Trump on racial issues (and everything else). So why are you so sure it’ll work this time?

  19. To my knowledge, nobody has figured out how many African Americans stayed home because they weren’t motivated vs. how many couldn’t meet new ID requirements. Until they do, I’m inclined to chalk up lower black turnout in several of the states to suppressive measures, particularly in Wisconsin.

    When your party is actively trying to disenfranchise people, it’s probably not the smartest strategy to remind folks you’re cheating. You win elections not because you’re actually in the majority, which is why you have to go to such lengths.

    It’s all gonna come crashing down, as I believe you known in your heart, hence your presence here. You think if you can convince us you’re winning, you can convince yourself.

  20. nathan arizona

    You’re not talking to me, are you? Believe me, my side (which is your side) has not been winning. I just want that to change.

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