SB163 (Assault Weapons Ban) Dies

Senator Bryan Townsend moved to suspend the rules and consider SB163 on the floor of the Senate even though the bill was rejected in Committee.  The motion was defeated by a vote of 10-9, with Senator Cathy Cloutier was absent due to pneumonia.  But there would appear to be another Senator either absent or not voting, since there are only 19 votes and there are 21 Senators.   We know that retiring conservative Democratic Senator Brian Bushweller joined his fellow conservative Democrat Bruce Ennis in voting no.  So 11 Democrats minus those 2 = 9 yes votes.  So it appears that every Democrat save Ennis and Bushweller voted and voted yes.   The missing Senator is likely to be Greg Lavelle if I had to guess.   Ducking responsibility once again.

Goodbye Brian Bushweller.  Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya when you leave.

Bruce Ennis, time to consider joining Mr. Bushweller.

And Cathy Cloutier, your absences this year are becoming unacceptable.  It would seem your health and your family issues are preventing you from doing your job.  It is time for you to consider resigning.

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9 comments on “SB163 (Assault Weapons Ban) Dies

  1. Hocker was missing in action. He would have been a no vote. Lavelle voted no.

  2. So when does Bushweller start his new job at Dover Downs? As for Ennis he’s a holdover from the days when the Dems and Republicans looked very much alike in this state. Problem is I live in his district, he’ll retire and a Republican will likely get in as much of it is rural, old and conservative ( I could add racist and homophobic but I’m much too polite).

  3. Jack Polidori

    Those who wouldn’t even let this come to a vote have it on their conscience every time an automatic weapon is used to gun down people. God forbid it should ever happen in Delaware. The failure to permit a full debate is worse than voting no, if that’s possible. It is a gutless act. Simply pathetic.

    • Automatic weapons may not be purchased anywhere in the US, since 1934. Federal law.

      This bill had absolutely nothing to do with automatic weapons.

  4. DE liberty

    Cathy was in the hospital today. Mr Polidori with all due respect if you think they are automatic weapons you have no business running for office.

  5. Peter Briccotto

    As a personal friend of Cathy, she’s the last person that everyone should lash out at – considering time and time and time again she’s been the deciding vote for progressive legislation, and has had the courage to vote yes as a Republican when Democrats have voted no. It’s time the Democrats became more strategic politicians. The Bill could have just was easily been pushed to a different day, and same with ERA. The current Dem leadership is forcing their own demise. Cathy’s the last person in that building that should have to resign – there’s plenty of less courageous, devoted, and genuine people who should be out the door first.

  6. Mitch Crane

    DE liberty- Mr. Polidori is not running for office. Like you, he is stating his opinion
    Peter Briccotto- If Senator Cloutier was ill, did she call he bill’s sponsor and say “I am in the hospital. Please don’t bring the discharge motion to the floor until I get back so I can vote for it”? Everyone who failed to vote Yes should face the wrath of voters when next on the ballot.

    • Peter Briccotto

      Mitch, considering she’s not able to speak on the phone, probably not. The Bill’s sponsors are big boys & girls – and I was shocked that they moved it forward without her there, but probably not as shocked as them with Bushweller’s no vote! They just keep bringing their own demise to their bills.

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