Carney Refuses to Send Del. National Guard to the Border

Good. But also manages to engage in some stupid Melania Trump-style both-siderism.  So that is bad. Carney can’t help it. It is his Carperdyne programming that prevents him from criticizing a Republican without also criticizing both sides or the all encompassing “Congress.”

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Carney 2

It’s that last tweet that rankles me.   You see, Trump is holding the children hostage to force Democrats to vote to radically limit LEGAL immigration and to fund his fucking wall.   By saying Congress needs to step up and fix the mess, without qualification regarding what Trump is trying to do here, and without mention Democrats’ principled stand against it, Carney is essentially playing right into Trump’s hands.  He should have known better.  But his programming overrode whatever common sense he may have possessed.

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5 comments on “Carney Refuses to Send Del. National Guard to the Border

  1. Sent should be Send. Just got to it before Al Did.

  2. elizabeth allen

    Carney like Coons and Carpter have split political personalities. Good on him he did the right thing on the border, but he did it when the world was condemning Trump.

  3. “Good on him …but…”

    God, that must have been painful to have to give an attaboy, even a qualified one.

  4. elizabeth allen

    I want to know if there are any migrant children in Delaware? Does Carney know?

    • I have heard that Senator Carper and Coons were told that there are no displaced/separated minor children in Delaware. Take that for what it is worth, given the credibility of the Trump Administration. But, if there were children here, it would leak out like it has elsewhere.

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