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The Priorities for the General Assembly – Drug Control

The last day for the General Assembly is Saturday, June 30th, so there are 7 working days left in the Delaware General Assembly.  All session long, we have been keeping track of important and priority legislation for liberals and progressives in Delaware.   We have also grouped them by subject category: 1) Voting Rights/ Elections; 2) Civil Rights/Discrimination; 3) Education; 4) Gun Safety and Control; 5) Taxes/ Budget; 6) Healthcare and Insurance; 7) Jobs, Economics and Consumer Protection; 8) Drug Control; 9) Criminal Justice; 10) Government Reform and 11) Environment.

Today we focus on the bills in the Drug Control category.

As you can see there are only two major priorities left: the legalization of Marijuana and the Opioid Tax.


2 comments on “The Priorities for the General Assembly – Drug Control

  1. Jack Polidori

    Please turn up the ‘volume’ on the state’s impending purchase of new voting machines. It is outrageous that such a purchase would occur without the full consideration of all-mail balloting … that is, no voting machines. This alternative was never considered in conjunction with the machines. Paper ballots are the MOST secure way to prevent hacking and other forms of voter fraud. Moreover, all paper ballot elections save money (hello, Republicans) and increase voter participation (God forbid). Don’t delay … this will be a Bond Committee deal pronto … that is, as soon as DEFAC certifies revenues available for appropriation next Monday. States and local governments are moving fast to all paper ballot elections. Why should Delaware move NOW in the opposite direction?

  2. Dustyn Thompson

    Hey Blue, there have been a wide range of new drug control/reduction measures introduced this month actually. SB 225, HB 440, HB 441 for example

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