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The Priorities for the General Assembly – The Environment

The last day for the General Assembly is Saturday, June 30th, so there are 8 working days left in the Delaware General Assembly.  All session long, we have been keeping track of important and priority legislation for liberals and progressives in Delaware.   We have also grouped them by subject category (and already covered the ones in bold): 1) Voting Rights/ Elections; 2) Civil Rights/Discrimination; 3) Education; 4) Gun Safety and Control; 5) Taxes/ Budget; 6) Healthcare and Insurance; 7) Jobs, Economics and Consumer Protection; 8) Drug Control; 9) Criminal Justice; 10) Government Reform and 11) Environment.

Today we focus on the bills in the Environment category.

Many consider the passage of HB270, the amendment of the Coastal Zone Act to allow clean up and development of former industrial sites along the Delaware River, to be a major defeat in the Environmental category.   I agreed with both sides on this bill, which is why I put “neutral” on it.  So we will have to wait and see if economic development actually takes place and what environmental impact that will have.

SB113 was resurrected from defeat this year and should be passed.  As should the Offshore Drilling bills from Senators Lopez and Hansen.



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  1. Here’s another environmental-ish bill that will ban lead paint for outdoor use.

    There is also a bill being promoted by Plastic Free DE that will ban the intentional release of balloons as part of the code pertaining to litter.

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