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A Challenge to Karen Hartley Nagle

As the News Journal reported last week, for the third time in a year, the New Castle County Council will pay an outside investigator to evaluate claims of workplace harassment in the council offices involving Council President Karen Hartley Nagle.  This time, she is the one making allegations, not the alleged harassing.   If you want to take a deep dive into the insanity of a narcissistic sociopath, read the full article.   She is basically claiming that Councilman George Smiley’s actions in making sure the county staff were not being harassed by Hartley Nagle were harassment of Hartley Nagle.

Suffice it to say, I don’t give much weight to Hartley-Nagle’s allegations.   I have called on her to resign after the first harassment allegations surfaced.   She is not suited for political office, and, after seeing her behavior play out over the last year and a half, she is not suited for any professional office job.   I have not changed my opinion.  I renew my call right now: Resign.

In fact, now that she has made these allegations against George Smiley, also claiming that Mr. Smiley has sent her harassing emails (which were probably emails telling her to stop harassing the County and Council staff, allegations and claims that have been proven and settled after prior investigations), then it seems simple enough to demand the Council President to immediately release any and all emails she claims are harassment by George Smiley.

Release the emails now, Karen.  You have them.  You don’t have to wait for any FOIA request or lawyer’s approval.   Release them now.   If you don’t, not only must we assume your claims are bullshit, you should be removed from office for making the false allegations in the first place.  Or you can save us all the trouble and resign.



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  1. As noted we need a Nagle-ectomy and we need it… quite a while ago. People like this never go quietly, they much prefer the grand confrontation and protracted battle. This latest move is a classic tit for tat game. Don’t bet on it being the final round.

    • HyperbolicDem

      Be prepared for the following excuses:

      1.) Health concern that hinders her from doing her job (she has a fondness for claiming “mini” strokes when she is feeling persecuted, then showing up for meetings the next day with no issues).

      2.) A hostile work environment lawsuit against county council (which will most likely be tossed immediately because, well, it’s politics and that is the definition of the work environment for elected officials).

      3.) She makes false criminal accusations against one, or more council members that she cannot prove (which will cost the taxpayers even more money and will end up backfiring on her).

      There are more scenarios, but these are my top three.

  2. HyperbolicDem

    Where to begin, because DD covered it pretty well. Where the News Journal lacked, WDEL made up for with background.

    Seeing the history of her tenure laid out makes it quite apparent that she is not only unfit for her office, she is unfit for any office. The lies and pour out instinctively. Her go-to phrases include “I have received many calls from constituents,” though she is never in the office and does not have an aide to take messages. “I have been to many events and meetings around the county,” though I dare someone to show evidence that she has attended more than two in the last two years that did not involve a float ride, or parade. “I have received many emails on…,” we know from above and other comments she has made that she is unable/incapable of checking/writing emails.

    Karen Hartley-Nagle is a joke. A self-inflicted practical joke that the voters played on themselves, but one that cannot be repeated. She is all that is wrong with politics and so closely resembles the Trumpian way that I am surprised Greg Lavelle isn’t falling all over himself to convert her. In fact, I think she makes Trump look like a Machiavellian strategist compared to her. That’s tragic.

  3. I don’t know if the emails are still the issue.

    KHN did finally come up with the supposed harassing emails and they were not what she claimed.


    For months, Hartley-Nagle has referenced harassing emails that she claims Smiley sent her. She claimed she would produce the emails via a Freedom of Information request. So far, she’s produced one e-mail, which has been obtained by WDEL.

    The Dec. 16, 2016 e-mail is a group e-mail, in which Hartley-Nagle is cced on, but never addressed; it discussed spending taxpayer dollars on a holiday party.

    “If that’s harassment, your world is in a lot of trouble,” said Smiley. “I disagreed with [it] then, disagreed with previously, and disagree with today, so in order to resolve the issue, I said let’s put it out to the public, and I’ll go by what they say, and if I’m wrong and the taxpayers think they should pay for the luncheon for the staff, then I would pay for the next three. But that’s bullying.”

    “Can’t this just be settled? This is crazy,” said Hartley Nalge.

    “You hit the optimum word there: crazy,” said Smiley.

  4. Panty-sniffing at its finest.

    There are lots of reasons to want KHN out of public life without dragging her personal life into it.

  5. elizabeth allen

    Challenge to Blue Delaware: Why did you take down my post on Karen Hartley Nagle? Whats up, you afraid I do know the damn truth about her. Yes I do and am willing to sing like a canary to tell it. I have been holding back for far too long.


    • Liz, your comment was WAY too personal, revealing private information that I cannot possibly know is true or not. I am editing your comment again, and if you post it again, I will ban you.

  6. elizabeth allen

    Ok, I agree, Its personal for sure, but my interest in this, is to assure what she has done to the Jones family comes out, and it will. Its about to blow. This is a political issue as you know, so I will wait…been waiting a long time already. Thanks.

    • Feel free to post it elsewhere, on Twitter, or Facebook or wherever. Trust me, I have heard plenty of horrible stories about her, but I do not feel it is necessary to focus on the personal stuff when there is just as much professional stuff that is horrible about her.

      • elizabeth allen

        Agreed. as I said, “I have been waiting a long time”.

  7. “my interest in this, is to assure what she has done to the Jones family comes out,”

    Jesus, what a nosy parker.

  8. elizabeth allen

    etymology – The inquisitive tale of “Nosey Parker” – English Language …
    A nosy parker is someone who doesn’t mind their own business. They will poke their noses into other people’s affairs, and attempt to eke out whatever information they can, the more personal the better. A busybody… MORE

    Sorry Al, this is one issue you dont have a clue a about….I lived it!

    • Yes, I know what it means. That’s why I used it. I find it amazing how many people’s personal lives you get involved in.

      And yes, I have a clue about it. Remember Mike Dore?

      • elizabeth allen

        What can I say Al, I have been an advocate, warrior for peace and justice. for 45 years…met lots of people during that time. not everyone thinks of me, the way you do Al. You really know very little about me personally but you have no problem listening to my detractors and their gossip. Again, you have no clue what is going on…aint about Mike Dore.

  9. That’s the one. KHN’s shtick is to play helpless, and a steady stream of people have fallen for it.

    Her own tale of getting involved in politics contends her ex-husband won custody of their kids because he was politically connected. Yet every year she gives us more reason to doubt that his political connections were the only reason.

  10. elizabeth allen

    Sorry Al, Mike Dore has little to do with the REAL deal. He had passed before she went rogue.

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