But… What About The Commemorative Coin?

Who didn’t see this coming?

President Donald Trump announced in a letter Thursday morning that he will not meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore next month to discuss denuclearization.

In the letter sent to Kim and released publicly, Trump cited North Korea’s “tremendous anger and open hostility” in a recent statement, in which the senior envoy for U.S. affairs threatened a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown” if the summit were cancelled and called Vice President Mike Pence a “political dummy.”

“I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting,” Trump wrote. “Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place.”

“tremendous anger and open hostility” That, my friends, is called projection.

Kim reportedly had logistical worries about the summit and was wary that leaving North Korea for Singapore for a extended period of time may make him vulnerable to a coup.

The regime was also concerned about comments that National Security Adviser John Bolton made to the media — and Pence doubled down on — claiming the U.S. may follow the “Libya model” of denuclearization. That comment reportedly cooled Kim’s interest in meeting with the U.S., likely because that deal ended with the country’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi being forced from power and killed.

Bolton and Pence spelled out the game plan. What were they thinking?

So, the commemorative coin is toast – and so is that Nobel Peace Prize. Brace yourself for the tweets.

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  1. cassandram

    The entire tone of that letter tries to pre-empt taking any blame for this screw-up. NK has been looking for high level meetings forever and never wants to provide any real currency to indicate that they’ll be on board with what the rest of the world wants from them. This incompetent administration doesn’t know that this isn’t Reality TV.

  2. pandora

    Holy crap!

    Daniel Dale
    ‏Verified account @ddale8
    4s5 seconds ago

    Trump is speaking on North Korea. Calls the cancellation “a tremendous setback for North Korea, and indeed, a setback for the world.” Says the U.S. military is “ready.” Says Japan and South Korea will pay the costs of any necessary U.S. military operation.

    The Associated Press
    ‏Verified account @AP
    29s30 seconds ago

    BREAKING: President Trump says US military is `ready if necessary’ to respond to `foolish or reckless act’ by North Korea.

  3. Well color me shocked! Shocked that it took this long that is. This makes the fifth(?) time NK has played this game, for all but the gullible, that being Trump’s base, the outcome was a forgone conclusion. The coin , however, makes it perfect, perfectly ridiculous.

  4. delacrat

    “… Pence doubled down on — claiming the U.S. may follow the “Libya model” of denuclearization. “

    When Hillary did the “Libya model”, you had to know she was setting a bad example.

    • *takes a story about trmp failing and turns into a “BUT HILLARY!!!” comment.
      magatism at it’s finest.

    • cassandram

      There is no Libya model.

      • delacrat

        Hillary begs to differ.

        • delacrat, is hillary in the room right now? When was the last time she hurt you?

          • delacrat

            As long as she does not hurt you, you don’t care who she hurts.

          • While Sec. of State, she traveled a lot, but what did she accomplish? She was shaking down foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation. Her right wing ideas on middle east would not be much different than Trumpolini. Her actions hurt us everyday as a country, how much did she contribute to the national debt?

        • cassandram

          Which has nothing to do with his nuclear program.

      • This is the Libyan Model…its what Pompeo was pushing and Bolton always has…

        • cassandram

          Much like Liz here, The GRIFTUS hasn’t a clue as to what the Libyan model is. That model is tied to abandoning a nuclear program, certifying that and then you get your sanctions lifted. Which Libya did. In the early 2000’s. Regime change happened during the Arab Spring a decade later. Not even connected.

    • Hilary did a regime change in Libya along with France. Created a failed nation with poverty sky high. Thanks Hilary, no different than Bush…all lies. Kim is no dumbass, he heard about the Libyan model, and knoqa Libyan history, look what happened to him. Hell no, Kim isn’t going to denuke cuz the con man in the US tells him too. This is a faiiled deal…Trumps failed deal…and the coins are selling for $19.99. Even Chuck Todd said, ‘well I guess my family knows what their getting for Christmas. Trump won on the coins…lost everything else a huge international embarrassment for our country. Dear Supreme Leader? Supreme!

    The reason progressives refused to vote for her was because of her right wing war policies…She voted for Iraq…Bernie did not.

  6. Trump administration has nothing to do with the commemorative coin.

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