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SB206 – Making the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program better

As he wrote about in his book, Promise Me, Dad, one of the big complaints former Vice President Biden had regarding Beau Biden’s treatment during his fight against glioblastoma was that hospitals could not talk to each other, whether it was because of different technological systems involved that were incompatible, or HIPAA privacy laws.  We are almost into the third decade of the 21st century, and our medical history profile should be able to be accessed by any doctor anywhere in the country.  If I had an brain scan in Houston, it should be able to be sent upon immediate request to my treating doctors in Philadelphia, as in Beau Biden’s case.

Stephanie Hansen’s SB206 is a like-minded bill that will seek to make a person’s prescription drug history available to all pharmacists and doctors via the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.    In Delaware, nearly 2,000 individuals in Delaware suffered a non-fatal overdose in 2017, but data suggest that many of these individuals continued to be prescribed opioid pain medications or did not receive substance use disorder treatment.  Don’t you think a person’s family doctor or pharmacist should know that their patient suffered a non-fatal overdose at the local Emergency Room a month ago?

SB206 will link specific patient care data related to overdose collected by the Office of Emergency Medical Services or the Office of the State Epidemiologist with data in the Delaware Prescription Monitoring Program.  Linking this data may assist prescribers and pharmacists in the identification of substance use disorder and promote safer prescribing.

SB206 – Making the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Better
STATUS – Waiting on a hearing in committee
HISTORY – Senate Health, Children & Social Services 5/8/18
SPONSORSHansen, Bentz, Lavelle, Sokola, Baumbach, Brady, Dukes, Keeley

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