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SB197 – Expunging Marijuana Possession/Use Convictions

I may have missed it, but I do not see a bill from a Democratic sponsor on this issue, and that is a crime in and of itself.   If I have not missed it, for shame.  You have let the most shameless politician in this state, Republican Senator Greg Lavelle, get the jump on you.

Call his bluff.   Pass Helene Keeley’s HB110 Marijuana Legalization Bill and Senator Lavelle’s SB197 as a package deal.

Oh, you want to find out what is in Lavelle’s bill first?   You want to make sure it’s not a trick?   Good call.   SB197 provides mandatory expungement eligibility to individuals who were convicted of the possession, use or consumption of marijuana prior to Delaware’s decriminalization of these offenses.  Here is the Republican rub, to be eligible for the mandatory expungement, the marijuana conviction must be the applicant’s only criminal conviction.  Ever.

I think that last part will have to be amended.  Because if we are going to make marijuana legal, then we should expunge all prior sentences, no matter what.  If a person is a serial killer who has been convicted, yes, he or she should have their marijuana conviction wiped clean too.

And I trust that Lavelle is now for and will vote for HB110 unamended, correct?

SB197 – Marijuana Possession/Use Conviction Expungement
STATUS – Waiting for a vote in Committee
HISTORY – Senate Health, Children & Social Services 5/8/18
SPONSORSLavelle, Longhurst, Hocker, Marshall, Pettyjohn, Simpson, Sokola, Baumbach, J.Johnson, Q.Johnson, Kowalko, Miro, Osienski, Outten, Paradee, Potter, K.Williams, Yearick

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2 comments on “SB197 – Expunging Marijuana Possession/Use Convictions

  1. Expunging the records of convicted marijuana users should be part of the process of legalization, as noted the Dems need to reject any and all retired State Policeman. They tend to be authoritarian and strongly resemble the Republicans. Also noted is the Republicans playing their eternal stupid game of trying to limit the scope of the reform, it’s childish, worthless and typical all in one. And they never, ever grow up.

  2. Police tend to be authoritarian and strongly resemble the Republicans?
    Good call, and 98% true. See, Greg wants to have on his record that he was for marijuna legalization but against those who have a prior record,! No expungement for you! How progressive of him. Having his cake and eating it too. Do the republicans and their police officer friends not understand our prisons are over loaded, abusive, and repugnant,How many serving right now have a prior on marijuna added to other “crimes” Is it the FINES they are more interested in, while spending more for police officers, lawyers,, judges, court employes, magistrates et al employed.?

    You have to be pretty ignorant and stupid not to know the future is marijuana legalizaitonn nationwide! How many more states will legalize and become experts, while Delaware dithers and pretends. WE need the damn money, you moron, It’s not addictive, not like alcohol and prescription drugs whichclearly are. Marijuna is a pain medication helping thousands all over the country get off prescription drugs many of which are highly addictive. Does the GOP truly want the black market, drug cartels to operate in our country making billions, or do we want to create an industry who will treat their populations, while keeping the profit in state. .My daudhter who has a terrible case of lupus, (the disease attacks your organs) could not work without the speciality marijuna she gets to treat it, naturally. Prior to this treatment she was prescribed so many per day, she couldn’t work and most having major side effects. How ignorant can these fools continue to be.

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