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One School Shooting a Week in 2018

That’s from CNN who mapped them.  (Everytown for Gun Safety pegs the total number this week at 40.)

This week, it is 10 people dead, 10 people injured.  Students and teachers are among the dead.  The school safety officer was injured.  The same images of young people being asked to form a line while cameras in helicopters.  A new batch of young people who are traumatized by a brush with death.  If I had a kid in school, I would be thinking the odds are increasingly not friendly.  Because this year, there have been more fatalities as a result of school shootings than in the military.



The shooter is caught and apparently was using his father’s weapons.  There seems to be some confusion on the weapons and their provenance, but this 17 year old, sporting Nazi symbols, hanging out with gun nuts online and a Trump supporter walked into Santa Fe High School for the purpose of mayhem.  Sound familiar?  If there was ever a case for profiling anyone, mass shooters are it.


It’s appalling.  It’s heartbreaking.  And we are now witnessing the incoming of thoughts and prayers from the very people who could provide a fix to this.  At least slow this killing down.

Locally, we need to insist on the gun bills currently languishing in the GA get votes and get voted into law.  Or we need to be clear about making sure we get some legislators who will get this done.  List of who to contact to follow.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

46 comments on “One School Shooting a Week in 2018

  1. Looks like it’s standard operating procedure from the NRA this time, total silence as it’s evil minions do the lobbyist’s dirty work. I’ve already seen the famed “mental illness” excuse as well as claims the shooter was bullied in school. Interesting to note that despite the NRA’s new found love for mental illness no new funds are coming for treatment and prevention.

    • cassandram

      Another narrative taking root surrounds speculation as to whether the shooter was lonely or had friends. Which isn’t an excuse, but sets up the kids in the school to be the fall guys for not being nicer to this shooter. Can’t wait to see what they say about the Father who didn’t care about the safety of his household enough to secure those weapons.

      • The father was undoubtedly one of the “responsible” gun owners. No one ever asks why, if most gun owners are so responsible, are there so many guns in criminal hands. Maybe it depends on how you define “responsible” but to me, responsible is not allowing guns to be stolen. Maybe the strategy should a greater focus on the so-called responsible gun owner and make them prove just how responsible they are.

        • cassandram

          And come down on them like a ton of bricks when their guns are used in a crime.

          • pandora

            That would make “responsible” actually mean something.

  2. Do you think the parents of the Santa Fe dead kids are proud to have donated their children’s lives for the good of the NRA? Will they get a trophy, a medal or a plaque to commemorate their child’s service? Will they stand proud with their hands over their hearts knowing the their child died so that Dana Loesch can go pump bullets through an AR15 any darn time she feels like it?

    I wish all congress people and Donald were required to walk through schools where mass shootings have just taken place, to see first hand the carnage and bullet riddled bodies. Would they then be able to say that this was an acceptable amount of human sacrifice on the shrine of NRA privilege?

    Too bad Donald didn’t do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER before they got dead! Too bad his speech is all just words and he still won’t do ANYTHING in his power, even now.

    • GOP goes after the Justice Dept…its all out war on our agencies. There is no evidence to support the claim an informant was put inside the Trump regime. Rudy continues to lie…no proof Rudy says that there was an agent? The fool contradicts himself in one paragraph. throwing crap against the wall so the red meat crowd would believe our FBI is the problem…not Trumpolini. Sorry, I believe the top leaders IN the GOP knew about Russia and agreed with Trump to WIN at all costs, even a conspiracy with Russia.

  3. Sorry, I don’t believe any member of the NRA gives a whit about dead children…how many must die before they choose a child over a bullet from an AR15. Not only should their lack of humanity be challenged but their patriotism and religious leanings! They have no moral compass, are not patriots to the rule of law or the Constitution and they are certainly not Christian, cause what child would Jesus kill.

  4. Actually I’m a big fan of requiring the NRA and the politicians that love them filling the body bags with dead children. Then they can talk about god, Jesus, the 2nd amendment and their other favorites.

  5. pandora

    This is not surprising in the least:

    “When the shooting stopped, Mr. Dixon said that friends told him that the gunman first entered an art classroom, said “Surprise!” and started shooting. The suspect’s ex-girlfriend was among the people shot in that classroom, he said.”

  6. Who really cares about the NRA and what they think. The most important issue, is how are we going to protect our children and teachers in our schools.

    Someone knew what was on this persons FB page and didn’t say anything or someone didn’t take it seriously. People need to step up and say something!

    • cassandram

      It’s more like his parents needed to step up and say something. And they should be charged with accessory to murder. Protect children by reducing the easy access to guns.

    • Nice victim blaming, shit head. But im all for calling the cops on gun humpers who love trmp.

      • @Ben YOU can’t see the forest thru the trees! Start with name calling and then provide NO solutions.
        @Cassandra; unfortunately we are playing Monday morning quarterbacks with this situation. There is a great deal of unanswered questions.
        Maybe the Parent’s had no idea of what was troubling their son.
        Maybe the guns were locked up and he found the key or combination. We don’t know.

        And it wasn’t just guns, Benny. He had bombs!! So, wake up!

        • They were fake bombs, apparently.

          We already know what to do: Take away the guns. From everyone.

          Why are you such a dick?

          • Your a funny guy, AL!

            • You’re not. You’re just dumb…consistently, annoyingly dumb.

              • Ok. I don’t like guns either. They might not go away. So, in the interim, what are you going to do. Oh, wait I know your solution. Call people names, yep that will solve the issue.

                Move on, AL!

    • The part that makes me vomit is people like Anono pretending they care, they really, really care, about the kids. Just not as much as they care about the guns.

      • And there are people like you, who are not looking at the whole picture. Are narrow minded. There are a lot of issues in schools today.

        • cassandram

          You can pretend to be looking at a bigger picture, but that just gives you multiple vectors to deflect from the basic fact that if we were not awash in guns there are alot of kids that would be alive today.

          • Ok, take away the guns. With all the crap and violence that some of these kids are exposed to, there are “other things”!!! All of us need to open our eyes. Something is triggering the violence; breakup with a girlfriend, bullying, maybe a football player likes to dance ballet and then gets teased.
            Yes, it has been studied that if you reduce guns, there will be less. But, then what. You need to address other issues, THAT IS MY POINT!

            • You will snowflake out for me telling you to go fuck yourself, but you just said getting dumpped could be a trigger for mass murder. Im sure your PG rated vocabulary will serve you well in the moral shit hole. It is a little ironic how close you are to one of the roots of the problem. You seems to comprehend that it’s defective entitled white boys…. You’re just blaming their victims.

              • “You will snowflake out for me telling you to go fuck yourself” No, that just shows me your total lack of self discipline! I’m sure you talk like this, in your business environment all the time.

            • pandora

              Kids from other countries are exposed to “crap and violence”, breakups, bullying, etc. and yet… this isn’t happening there. Hmmm… wonder what the difference could be?

              Not sure why you keep skimming past access to guns and onto “other things”.

              And the triggers you listed are pretty common across the board. Most everyone experiences a bad break-up, bullying, teasing. These shooters aren’t different – the only difference seems to be easy access to guns.

              • It’s pretty ironic, yet not at all surprising, how badly anono and other conservative males want to try and understand these killers, while people who’s only “crime” was being brought here when they were children are “CRIMINALS” who must be ejected from our society.
                The murderer is a failed person who was radicalized, most likely online, to believe he is so special and powerful that people, esspecially “females”, who deny him his every desire should be killed. He might have gone off to become a hit songwriter that teenage boys would listen to… instead his other-failed-person of a father left his big-man toys strewn about the place.
                The gun humpers got lucky on this one. America had a wedding to move on to the very next day, so the fake conversation after this one seems to already be over. I think we decided too many fire exits were the culprit.

  7. @ Ben, You and Alby must live together. Here is my first statement; “Ok, take away the guns.” Your just a typical Cowboy.

    • pandora

      But then you went on to blame victims. That’s the problem with your statement. We’re discussing mass shootings and you’re looking for excuses past the obvious one – Guns. You might not even realize how you come across as sympathetic to the shooter, providing reasons every single one of us has experienced.

      And, if you want to discuss triggers/motives, well… women experience the same rejection/triggers as men, and yet they aren’t shooting up schools, concerts, churches, etc.. So, if you really want to have this discussion, we’re going to have to discuss gender and toxic masculinity.

      • Because they are more exposed to violence, with the violent video games. You don’t see a great number of women, playing these games.

        AND, I already said, but you fail to read. Go ahead and take away the guns! There is still a problem with aggressive behavior, that needs to be addressed. Pandora, You justify the cursing on this blog, It’s a form of aggressive behavior and YOU condone it!!

        • Oh that’s fucking priceless. “Girls dont play violent video games.” Someday, maybe you’ll meet one and learn a thing or 2.

          You’re pathetic. No one wants to “take away all guns” and your flailing attempt at to seem like you’re compromising is about as transparent as air
          True, If that greasy loser couldn’t have gotten his hands on his dad’s toys, he may have just had a blubbering breakdown in front of the young woman who denied him his desires. But you’re now obsessed about what happened TO HIM to make HIM snap. As if being denied sex is some horrible thing someone must suffer. Did you even bother to read an article on him? He wasn’t bullied, he was a jock. He was pissed off that being a white jock wasnt getting him what he thought he deserved. Sure, society made him… not his victims though and your dumbass tut-tutting about “foul language” can go fuck itself in the face of the vile shit your putting out there. You are not owed politeness, snowflake.

          • pandora

            The answer to Anono’s question is revealed in his very own comments. He feels entitled to police other people’s tone and language. He focuses on the shooters feelings and implies that the shooter did what he did due to other people’s actions. Entitlement is the answer. Add guns to the mixture and we get mass shootings.

            Incel ideology runs through more than just incels.

            No on made this kid do anything. It’s no one’s fault but his own. Violent video games (which many women do play) are a lazy excuse. So is bullying/teasing – because if bullying and teasing were the reason then every guy who embarrassed/rejected a girl, snapped her bra, etc. wouldn’t be here.

        • pandora

          I’m not anyone’s mommy. It’s not my job to wash people’s mouths out with soap.

          Other countries play the same violent video games, watch the same violent movies/tv and do NOT have this problem. This is unique to America. What’s different about us? It sure isn’t video games or movies. What could it be… hmmm?

          • Hey anono… something else.. I read one of those links you posted…. did you?

            “It is important to keep in mind that violent video game exposure is only one risk factor of aggressive behavior. For example, mental illness, adverse environments, and access to guns are all risk factors of aggression and violence.”


  8. Every single thing Anono cites as causing school shootings exists all over the world. School shootings only occur here. But it’s easier to complain about people’s language than for him to think deeper than the surface.

  9. cassandram

    So here is one big thing that Anono ignores (besides the fact that the rest of the world plays the same violent games, see the same violent movies) — girls are subject to a great deal of bullying by their male counterparts in school. We never hear of girls arming up to shoot down their tormentors.

    • You know what has changed, Parent’s and their involvement in their child’s education and their lives. I think that makes a true difference!

      • pandora

        *Sigh* You’ve blamed bullying, video games, break ups, teasing, and now parenting. Missing from your list is guns and the shooter. Why is that?

        • Wrongo, I already said take guns away, awhile back. May 21 “Go ahead and take away the guns!”
          YOU, just fail to see that there are other influences!
          You, fail to see another’s point of view.

          You’re on Cloud Nine!

          You can be what you wanna be.
          You ain’t got no responsibility.
          Every man, every man is free.
          You’re a million miles from reality.

          Have a great day!

          • pandora

            You tossed that line out, and then went on to blame everything but access to guns – all the while making up excuses for the shooter’s actions.

            • Pandora, It’s like he learned to argue from Steve Doocy.

              • pandora

                For some reason he sympathizes with these shooters. It’s like he’s saying he would never do this, but he understands why these guys did.

                • bingo. It’s being repeated over and over again on Fox and other trumpist media. this dick denies to the high heavens that he watches fox, yet every comment might as well be from the que cards.
                  I’m certain “why didn’t she just say yet to one date?” went through his apey little mind. No offense to apes.

  10. @ Pandy, not blaming anybody. there are other issues, YOU only see one guns.
    @ Ben oh your just who you are!

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