The State of #TheResistance

It is the day after the media hyped test bed for the predicted 2018 #BlueWave.  And from where I sit, #TheResistence did pretty well yesterday in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Idaho and Oregon.  It is probably because I caught up on the results while sitting on conference calls, but my thoughts are all over the place today, so here they are:

  1. I am Dead tired of the media defining the word “moderate” when it comes to politicians.  John Morganelli running in PA-7 ( a newly drawn district) is not a moderate if he has spent time plumping for a Trump Administration job.  Even Joe Manchin doesn’t do this and I wouldn’t characterize him as “moderate” either.  I want the media to stop calling Susan Collins a moderate too.
  2. There’s a bunch of back and forth on whether the left or moderates are winning and it looks from here that Democratic voters are winning.  But the strategy of fully engaging your voters over the issues that are important to them is still winning.  Capture your Dem voters with as many progressive ideas as possible, then expand out.  Don’t start out reaching past your own damn voters.
  3. Candidates who switched from being Republican did not do so well in Dem primaries.  Can You Hear Me Delaware?
  4. If I’m in charge of the DCCC, I’m getting my crew to rethink my selection model.
  5. There are people who won today who likely won’t win in the Fall, but we need to support everyone we can because these folks are doing essential messaging.  And don’t throw them to the curb if they lose.  They found a way to connect with Democrats in places where people don’t often care about that, so keep those skillsets around.
  6. SHOUT OUT TO THE LADIES!  Female candidates did themselves proud yesterday and I am going to be interested to see if there is a greater female turnout yesterday.
  7. It is gratifying to see the D overton window moving to the left.  And moving to the left on the terms of the local D voters. Progressive Dem ideas have an audience and there is a reason for that.  It really is amazing to watch Democrats who are fully present for their voters.  That should be the media story — how fired up Dems are voting for their communities and their interests.
  8. I’m also tired of the media resorting to generic Democrats to get feedback on elections.  Or I need to know how to get on a rolodex so they can call me.
  9. Paulette Jordan!  Progressive ideas coming from a more rural part of Idaho.
  10. FETTERMAN!  So delighted that he won the primary.  He can be a huge help to Wolf (I think) and if he can get past the General, he is basically campaigning for Toomey’s Senate seat.  I saw him in late 2015 when he was running in the PA Senate primary and thought he was a genuinely great candidate with a great message.  I think he was written off as a crank, but got something like 20% of the vote in a 3 way primary.  The fact that Bernie did not endorse him then pissed me off.
  11. This fall is going to be fun.

What do you think?

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

10 comments on “The State of #TheResistance

  1. The senate just voted for Net Neutrality 52-47 with a handful of Republicans joining the Dems. This means our two favorite DINOS did the right thing for a change. Strong chance it will die in the house, but the Republicans just went on the record as being against Net Neutrality with public support running at 87%. In the voice of Bush the first: “Not Prudent”. If you want to win in November.

  2. Blue Rivulet! Blue Trickle! Blue Ripple! Blue Dribble!

    Down to +4.7 in the RCP average. Trump up to 43-44 % approval, not great but should be good enough.

    Not surprising, what exactly are the Dems resisting? Lowest unemployment in two decades? The end of the Korean War? Stock market at record highs? Rising wages? Consumer confidence? Prosperity?

    Oh wait, Stormy Daniels, Russia, illegal aliens, and Hamas. Good luck with that.

    Dems pick up 5-10 seats in House, lose 2 in the Senate.

    You heard it here first.

    • cassandram

      ^^^ Best sign of the #BlueWave yet.

    • No, conservative jitbags don’t treat this like a football game. Not at all.

    • Make America “not great but good enough”. Sounds like some classic Conservative low-baring to me. You fucks are and always have been a drag on this society.

    • Lowest unemployment in two decades! Thank Obama not Trump. End of the Korean War…NOPE. The dope screwed it up with Bolton driving the cart over the cliff. Stock market record highs..thanks to Obama. Rising Wages..WHERE? Consumer Confidence? for the 1%. Prosperity? for the 1%..the 99% are still living pay check to paycheck.

  3. nathan arizona

    How does it stack up against “not good enough but worse (or just as bad)?” Seems like a question to consider where elections come into play. By the way, I’m not one of the Blue Delaware faithful. I think economics should be the Dems’ focus.

    • you mean “economic issues as long as they aren’t too radical and don’t upset the middle too much”

      • Economic issues as long as they continue to be skyhigh for the 1%…dont upset the 1% too much…the middle got zero.

  4. nathan arizona

    I mean economic issues that lead to election wins over far right/Trump types. Whatever the approach to those issues may be. Losing is for, you know, losers. Especially when you consider the shits that Dems’ would lose to if they don’t get it right.

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