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SB199 – Primary Care

Seeing a primary care, or family doctor, is a key component to preventive healthcare.  And preventive healthcare reduces healthcare spending nationwide, for the obvious reason that if you regularly see a doctor, for six month checkups, then your doctor will catch problems and illness early.   However, the national average for primary care investment is between 6 and 8% of total healthcare spending.   In Delaware, that average is far worse, between 3 and 4%.

Senator Townsend’s bill, SB199, will step in to mandate that no individual policy or contract of health insurance may reimburse for Primary Care at a rate less than Medicare reimbursement.    This move is similar to what other states have done.   Rhode Island and Oregon have passed legislation to  move the insurance market to policies that spend 12% on primary care across all insurance products.  SB199 would first set Medicare reimbursement rates as the baseline for primary care reimbursement, and then the bill will require that over a period of years, all insurance policies increase their primary care spending to a minimum of 12%, without increasing the total amount spent so that premiums do not rise as a result of this reallocation.

SB199 – Primary Care
STATUS – On Senate Ready List 5.9.18
HISTORY – Reported out of the Health, Children & Social Services Committee in Senate 5.9.18
SPONSORSTownsend, Bentz, Hansen, Henry, McDowell, Baumbach, Brady


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