HB401 – Permitting Cannabidiol Prescriptions in Delaware

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is currently reviewing a new pharmaceutical product called Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat patients with rare pediatric seizure disorders.  Yes, it is made from cannabis.   If approved, this drug will be required to be prescribed and dispensed like other FDA approved products. As you can see from the graphic above, it does have significant benefits.

However, to make sure that this product and future FDA approved marijuana containing products are available to patients as soon as possible, a change in Delaware law is required. This bill would exempt federally lawful FDA approved marijuana containing products from Schedule I of the state’s Controlled Substances Act until they are rescheduled under Delaware law. This would allow patient access to new therapies without an administrative delay, and allow FDA approved marijuana containing medicines to be prescribed, dispensed and regulated like other FDA approved pharmaceutical products.

Illegal possession or sale of these drugs would be prosecuted as any other violation of the Controlled Substance Act.

The bill has bipartisan support as you can see in the sponsorship below.

HB401 – Permitting Cannabidiol once it is FDA approved
STATUS – Waiting on a hearing in committee
HISTORY – Placed in House Health & Human Development 5/3/18
SPONSORSHeffernan, Poore, Delcollo, Ennis, Bentz, Briggs King, Spiegelman

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3 comments on “HB401 – Permitting Cannabidiol Prescriptions in Delaware

  1. I cant say enough good things about CBD. From personal experience, it has helped with anxiety and stress, gotten me better sleep and REALLY takes the edge off of migraines . I’d say my cannabis flower/ thc usage has significantly dropped since I am able to get CBD products.

  2. I agree with Ben 100% on CBD’s. Why are prescriptions needed. Currently the oils/capsule/gummies can be ordered online. Would this bill change that and force users to get a prescription for CBD’s? This is an emerging product and industry and there is concern that the pharmaceutical and medical industries will do whatever is necessary to block it or cash in on it.

  3. Concerned Reader

    The molecules are wrong in the picture lol. The molecule on the left is actually CBD, and the molecule on the right isn’t either of the two it’s actually canabinol. Nice editing!!

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