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HB377 – County Taxes on Hotels and AirBNBs

Representative Larry Mitchell (D) has introduced a bill that would permit county governments to impose and collect into their own coffers a lodging tax or no more than 3 percent. This tax would apply to hotels, motels and tourist homes (i.e. homes that are rented out as vacation rentals through such services like HomeAway, AirBNB, etc). The bill was released from the House Administration Committee yesterday, and now awaits a vote on the floor in the House.

HB377 – County Taxes on Hotels and AirBNBs
STATUS – On House Ready List
HISTORY – Released from House Administration Committee 5/2/18
SPONSORSMitchell, Henry, Sokola, Keeley, Kowalko, M.Smith, Viola

1 comment on “HB377 – County Taxes on Hotels and AirBNBs

  1. HyperbolicDem

    Wilmington was granted this ability long ago. The good thing about this is that it does not affect the residents of NCC, for the most part, because they would typically not be staying in hotels, or vacation rentals near home. Also, it’s not like people coming here will balk at it and stay elsewhere. MD, PA, and NJ all have these taxes in surrounding counties and the biggest users of hotels in NCC are Corporations and then possibly visiting parents at UD. It’s a great source of income that has not been tapped, but should have been.

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