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SB172 – Education Funding Transparency

Senator Sokola has introduced a bill that will supposedly increase the public’s access to education funding information.  It does this by directing the Department of Education to do the following 1) establish a statewide approach for districts and charter schools for reporting expenditures at the school level and the school’s share of central office expenditures so that per-pupil expenditure data is consistent and comparable across the State; 2) report per-pupil expenditure data with key information that provide context on differences in funding such as school type, student demographics, and student outcomes and 3) provide optional training to increase understanding of the data.

I defer to Kevin Ohlandt, Mike Matthews, and our own Pandora to understand what any of this means.   But Senator Sokola, says this bill is intended to enable all taxpayers, parents, and schools to understand their school spending and resources in order to make data-driven decisions for students.

The bill is on the Senate Agenda tomorrow and, given the bipartisan nature of the sponsorship, it should pass.

SB172 – Education Funding Transparency
STATUS – On Senate Ready List
HISTORY – Released from Committee 4/26/18
SPONSORSSokola, Townsend, Pettyjohn, Heffernan, Jaques, Ennis, Henry, Lavelle, Lopez, Briggs King, Osienski, Wilson



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