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HB389 – Republican Bill Protecting People from Republican Policies

Republican State Representative Ruth Briggs King has an interesting bill. Her HB389 would allow the practice of itemized property tax deductions to continue in Delaware notwithstanding any contradictory provisions in the federal Trump Tax Increase Law.

Democrats should oppose this bill. Let the people feel the affect of Republican policies that literally take from the poor and the middle class and give to the obscenely rich.  Delaware Republicans are trying to escape blame for their President’s policies.  Don’t let them.

HB389 – Protecting Republicans from Republican Policies.
STATUS – Waiting on consideration in committee
HISTORY – House Revenue & Finance 4/26/18
SPONSORSBriggs King, Pettyjohn, Henry, Lavelle, Bolden, Collins, Hensley, Kenton, Kowalko, Miro, Ramone, Wilson

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2 comments on “HB389 – Republican Bill Protecting People from Republican Policies

  1. anon 1

    Someone should ask Ruth Briggs King why she has said nothing regarding White House Beach land barroons upping tenants rents by $50.00 or more per month. Yes, tenants are going to arbitration, but King as usual is absent on the issue. Not with tenants but with land barrons who fill her campaign coffers.

  2. cassandram

    What is interesting about this is that for a good portion of middle class taxpayers, the loss of exceptions replaced with the GOP new standard deduction the odds are *really* good that they’ll be sending a check to the IRS next year. Preserving the DE itemization, rather than using the Feds standard deduction means that Delawareans won’t pay higher DE taxes too. Which would be one of the effects of the GOP tax law. What I am not sure of is whether this would head off any effort from DE to change the state income taxes the way proposed last year — increased standard deduction in return for higher tax brackets.

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