Op-Ed by Don Allan: A Political Shift Back Towards Citizens

We have been very supportive of new candidates of a new generation running in places that have not seen a Democratic or progressive representative for some time.  That support includes accepting Op-Eds from them when appropriate.  Here is one from Don Allan, Jr., a great Democratic candidate in the open 36th Representative District.


I admit it. I got on the ballot out of anger. Like many people, I am fed up. My frustration with lack of action on the quality of our water, the plight of the working class, the political influence of big money, and the “Delaware Way” has outweighed my fear of running for office. Anger can be very useful for destroying things, and we have some dismantling to do. But we also need hope to build. I want to work with you to build a safer, brighter, more inclusive future.

Fortunately, there is a lot to be hopeful about, even now—especially now. Politics is changing. For many years, State and local offices have not received the attention they deserve. Even the Democratic Party has focused resources mostly on candidates and races considered almost un-losable. Now, we are seeing “reverse coattails,” local  candidates increasing turnout for up-ballot candidates. More local candidates running grassroots-style campaigns means more authentic voices talking to voters, which means we’re paying more attention to the issues that people in our area care about.

I am running for State Representative in District 36. I hope to earn your vote by sharing who I am and, more importantly, learning who you are. I know most of us want improved education and safe schools for our children. I know most of us think the working and middle classes aren’t being paid our fair share. I know most of us think there is no more important right than access to quality drinking water. As our Representative, I will focus on raising the State budget for primary education, increasing wages and opportunities for folks like us in the working and middle classes, and finding solutions to the serious water quality issues plaguing Sussex County.

I am one of a handful of candidates endorsed by Run for Something (RfS) this month. Founded in 2017, RfS recruits and supports dedicated, diverse candidates for down-ballot races. I am particularly proud of this endorsement because it shows I am part of a massive shift in political power. It is a shift back towards citizens—citizens who are participating, voting, and winning. More diverse and energetic candidates mean more voices working for the interests of all people.

Some of you are angry, like me. But I ask you to maintain hope. When hope seems hardest to uphold, we need it the most. Let’s build a brighter future by acting and voting courageously. Support candidates who truly speak to your needs and dreams for a better Delaware. Support candidates who are honest, and who live where you do. Support candidates who talk about the future they want to help create. Show up to volunteer for them and to vote for them. Show up for candidates who will show up for you.

We will build a better future for Milford, Milton, Ellendale, Lincoln, Slaughter Beach, Broadkill Beach, and all of Delaware.

And we will do it together.

Don Allan, Jr.
Democrat for State Representative, District 36

4 comments on “Op-Ed by Don Allan: A Political Shift Back Towards Citizens

  1. Can we clone this guy and have him run against Jeff Speigleman? Asking for a P.O.’d friend.

  2. Jason330

    Allan has got a tough opponent in Bryan Shupe, who is running a smart “I am not a Republican” campaign. Hopefully Allan views this as a multi-cycle project.

  3. Russ Melrath

    Keep an open mind, this is open seat. Can be had… Got perfect guy.WORK IT.

  4. William Robbins

    Run on the needs and supporting the interests of the people you represent. In that also be involved in inclusion of all the people including the large professional gay population. I agree with a focus on the upcoming generations and providing a better future for them. I will be following you and listen to what you offer as the 36th District State Representative. Be honest and willing to listen.

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