McGuiness doesn’t know what job she is running for

So this is from Kathy McGuiness’ Facebook page.


In case you cannot read the writing, Kathy is lauding her friend’s Mike Meoli’s McDonald’s restaurant.  “I am very impressed with longtime friend and businessman Mike Meoli McDonald’s. Thank you for explaining the Food Journey, sustainable efforts and the amazing made-to-order Fresh Quarter Pounder! It was amazing. What many Delawareans do not know is that you employ over 1000 people in our region, and your company offers amazing benefits to help with High school, college, ESL through McDonald’s Archways program to name a few. We appreciate all of your efforts! Thank you for being a great boss and amazing community partner.”

Now, I am not writing this to denigrate Mike Meoli or McDonald’s or their collective efforts to offer employment advancement through various programs.  That is all laudable in its own right.  And I do enjoy a good Quarter Pounder.

But why is a candidate for Auditor making these statements?   Is she going to audit the Mike Meoli’s McDonald’s operation and/or the Archways program?  And if she was (not sure she can, but anyway), wouldn’t a post like this be a blatant conflict of interest?   And if you are going to meet with Mike Meoli and McDonald’s in a campaign event, and if that campaign event will have nothing to do with the office you are running for, then where is the discussion of increasing the minimum wage?  Where is the discussion of better working conditions or hours or increased medical benefits?

This is something a Lt. Governor would say or do.  Kathy, you aren’t running for that office anymore.

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4 comments on “McGuiness doesn’t know what job she is running for

  1. SussexWatcher

    I think she could have used a few more “amazings” in there. The Quarter Pounder was only amazing twice, and he was called an amazing partner just once. What about the amazing table they sat at? Or the amazing fresh vegetable props? Or the amazing pen the lady is writing with?

  2. Jason330

    If you injected her with truth serum and asked “What office are you running for?” She could truthfully answer “Elective”

  3. Jason330…no, she would say, “An amazing office!”

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