HB337 – Child Marriage Ban Goes to the Senate Despite Shocking Republican Opposition

It was a laugh when 10 Republicans down in Lousiana voted no on a bill banning bestiality.   There was some craziness in Tennessee where Republicans have twice now killed a bill condemning neo-Nazis.  Now 16 Republicans and 1 Democrat voted no* on HB337, which would ban child marriage.   In Delaware.

* Not voting counts as a no vote. Not voting is the coward’s way out, and we offer cowards no solace here.

The good news is that the bill passed the House with 23 Democrats voting yes, and it moves onto the Senate.  But I have to wonder what the excuse was for those 17.  According to reporting, some, like Mike Ramone, wanted Kim Williams to table her bill so that a compromise could be worked out.   Williams steadfastly refused to consider weakening the bill, so they voted no.  Good for Mrs. Williams!  Tabling bills is often the death knell for them because the bill might not get on the Ready List again.

Better to pass the bill and amend it in the Senate if need be.  So what is the compromise that some Republicans want?   Well, apparently marriages that began when one partner was underage would be annulled under the language of the bill, no matter how long ago the marriage took place.   Fine.  Please, some Democrat in the Senate, introduce an Amendment that would give the bill an effective date and language saying that prior marriages will not be disturbed.   That would give these Republicans and one Democrat a second chance to prove they are not pro-child molestation.

HB337 – Banning Child Marriage
STATUS – On House Ready List
HISTORY – Released from House Health & Human Development Committee on 4.18.18
SPONSORS: K.Williams, Delcollo, Townsend, Hudson
YES VOTESB.Short, Baumbach, Bennett, Bentz, Bolden, Carson, Heffernan, J.Johnson, Jaques, K.Williams, Keeley, Kowalko, Longhurst, Lynn, M.Smith, Matthews, Mitchell, Mulrooney, Osienski, Paradee, Potter, Q.Johnson, Viola
NO VOTESBriggs King, Collins, D.Short, Hensley, Kenton, Miro, Outten, Postles, Smyk, Wilson, Yearick
NOT VOTINGBrady, Hudson, Dukes, Gray, Spiegelman, Ramone

Photo from State Rep. Kim Williams’ Facebook page.

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3 comments on “HB337 – Child Marriage Ban Goes to the Senate Despite Shocking Republican Opposition

  1. cassandram

    Does anyone know why Gerald Brady was Not Voting?

  2. Rep. Kim Williams

    Existing marriages will not be annulled under this bill. This bill needs to pass without any exceptions. Rep. Hudson who was a sponsor of the bill went not voting and removed her name as a sponsor. Thank you to Unchained at Last for their advocacy, they have been a wonderful partner.

  3. elizabeth

    How could any woman VOTE against child marriage. Goes to show republicans have morality problems even in State legislators…question is WHY?

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