Confederate Traitors no longer welcome at Dover Days. Good.

The Delaware State News is reporting that the Confederate traitors will not be featured at this year’s Dover Days event, at long last.

Since the Mason-Dixon Guards Camp 2183 couldn’t confirm its nonprofit status to Kent County Tourism Corporation’s specifications, the Confederate re-enactors weren’t permitted to take part without registering instead as a vendor. […]

John Doerfler, Dover Days event manager, said he offered the Mason-Dixon Guards Camp the lowest rate possible of $150 as a vendor. He said the group could not complete the process of confirming its status as a 501(3)(c) nonprofit for several weeks following the initial application.

Mr. Eldreth said his group presented Kent County Tourism a letter from the IRS confirming the status, but was requested to show further proof online. The IRS reporting system hadn’t yet updated that status and it wasn’t available, he said.

So this is over a technical issue that may get resolved next year, but Dover really should move into the later half of the 19th Century and realize that those who fought for the Confederacy were racist traitors to America.  Those who glorify the Confederacy now and fly its hateful flag are racist traitors to America and what it stands for now.   Those who fly that flag of evil and those like Doerfler and Eldreth who partake in reenacting the sinful past of slave owners say they are honoring the heritage of the South.  Indeed.  A heritage of hate, torture, slavery, bigotry, treason and genocide.

Such displays should be as unwelcome as the Nazi flag.

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24 comments on “Confederate Traitors no longer welcome at Dover Days. Good.

  1. Are you saying that historical reenactments of the American Civil War should be banned? Maybe we should gather up some books on the subject and have a bonfire as well.

    • I’d say that there’s a difference between history and reenactments. The Civil War was horrible. There’s no need to dress up and play fight something so serious. No one would ever consider such a thing with other horrific incidents or other wars.

      And that’s the point. These Confederate re-enactors aren’t doing this for historic reasons; they’re doing it to rewrite history.

      • How about this?

        Jeff Davis, Bobby Lee, and the Stars and Bars on the cover… oh my.

        Last time I played, I was the South. Does that make me a racist?

        • Not all Confederate reenactors are racist. Just as all Union reenactors are not not racists. However, most Confederate reenactors have a fondness for the Confederacy, which at a minimum makes them Confederate sympathizers, which whether they like it or not, makes them sympathizers of traitors. And so it is for any and all who fly or otherwise pay homage to the Confederate flag. The Confederacy had no honor because traitors, especially those who violated their oaths, have no honor. They are simply traitors and their descendants, adherents, or fan boys, who exhibit any sense of pride for the Confederacy, should have their loyalty questioned.

          Some of my ancestors fought for the Confederacy. While I have some minor interest in my roots, I certainly am not proud of their actions and their lack of loyalty to their nation.

          • The Continental Congress that established a federation and overthrew the Articles of Confederation whith psuedo-represenatives were traders, and your ignorant comments show you as a brainwashed appendage of lunacy.

            • The trolls are getting more entertaining around here.

              • I gotta say, this crazy conspiracy vector is a lot like countering “the moon landing was fake” with “hah! you believe in the MOON?”

                If this is a bit, i give it 10/10. if not, just imagine me burning confederate flags.

  2. Jason330

    RSE – How many times do you need to have your ass handed to you on this? “historical reenactments” my ass. These guys get hard ons playing dress up. Read thier mission. It is all about defending some imagined “honor” of the South. When they find some black families to drag around a whip, then I’ll be swayed by the “this is educational” argument.

  3. Prop Joe

    To my knowledge, no reenactment clubs for the Revolutionary War… none for the War of 1812… none for World War I… none for World War II… none for the Korean War… none for the Vietnam War… none for Iraq War #1… none for Iraq War #2/Afghanistan…

    Hmm… I wonder why it’s only the Civil War… What ever could that reason be…

    • And they think they aren’t obvious.

    • The cluelessness level here is especially high today. There are reenactors for virtually every conflict that the United States has fought in…

      Not that I don’t find these guys a bit strange…

      Board wargamer myself, never understood why you would want to throw on wool clothes and hike around in the hot sun… but to each his own.

      • Prop Joe

        I did preface my post with “To my knowledge”, which, apparently, is very little on the subject!

  4. Jason330

    The D-Day dress up in Ohio sounds fascinating. I wonder what kind of a-hole wants to dress up to honor the Third Reich? Anyway, I guess they’ve had issues.

    Daily Briefings
    Units are encouraged to participate in morning briefings to be held Friday and Saturday. These briefings will be held in the open field adjacent to the Axis camp at 0900 hrs. Minimum requested uniform is tunic and soft headgear; individual unit commanders may exercise discretion in this regard. Units are requested to assemble in period-correct German formations.

    Please be aware that the German camp and bridge areas will have a high amount of French civilian/resistance activity during the event. It is possible that prisoners will be taken in the course of living history events; however, mock “executions” of French prisoners are forbidden. This will be strictly enforced.

  5. Edward Sandstrom

    Sounds like you idiots think rewrite history! I am a Confederate re-enactor, I resent being called a racist. It’s called living history! Call me a racist to my face… I don’t care what color you are, I’m going to whip your ass!

    • cassandram

      Bet you are one of the first people in line to tell black people to “get over slavery” too. It might be living history, but it is LOSING living history. Enjoy re-enacting losing.

      • pandora

        Re-enacting the history of losers and traitors.

    • no, shithead. you’re a Traitor LARPEr who must be so used to being a loser you also have to pretend to be a loser from history.
      What,s your location, you loser-ass traitor? Looks like Uncle Billy Sherman missed your great great grand-pappy. (who was the brother of your great great grand-mammy)

  6. Unpopular opinion here: #notallreenactors

    It isn’t my thing, but I have attended a re-enactment of a Civil War battle. I highly recommend giving “Confederates in the Attic” a read. It is an interesting study in the Civil War re-enactment subculture. It is really pretty interesting to see what the battle probably looked like, sounded like, smelled like on the ground that the battle was fought.

    That said, the one that I did attend had a couple of booths of memorabilia, cookbooks, and what-not. One booth was manned by Lincoln truthers that were completely detestable.

    • While Im sure there is a lot of education to be had watching re-enactors for America, I dont see what else is needed for Jonny Reb LARPers other than 30 pounds of shit in a 20 pounds grey bag.
      Who cares what it smelled like?… Gun powder and traitor confederate shit, i imagine. with less air pollution.

      • It would look pretty silly if the Americans were shooting at no one.

        • Well then give the Union side live rounds and let all the traitor magats live out their fantasy of dying for a stupid, lost cause. Personally, i cant tell the difference between a garbage bag and a Rebel soldier, so i think most people wouldnt notice a difference.

  7. Connor Avery Smith

    Well fuck u to Yankee doodle dickhead. U need to learn history before u start talking about genocide, WEN TF DID A CONFEDERATE GENOCIDE HAPPEN. Oh that’s right THERR WAS NO CONFEDERATE GENOCIDE.

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