Michael Cohen’s Mystery 3rd Client Is… Sean Hannity

I didn’t see that one coming.

That’s it. That’s all I got.

4 comments on “Michael Cohen’s Mystery 3rd Client Is… Sean Hannity

  1. elizabeth

    Hannity claims he talked to Cohen because he had some trouble with some lefties, but never retained him in any way. This is a fast moving story, so he hired Cohen as a “fixer”, just like Trump did…does that mean there might be a woman involved…any hoo. its rich this lying piece of alt right crap is now the News.

  2. Put a smile on my face to hear this I must admit. Sure there’s more to it than Hannity will admit.

    • elizabeth

      Right: collusion. So the fixer gets info from Trump who delivers to sham hammity to talk about on the air.

  3. elizabeth

    Hannity has previously spoken on the air about how he hired current Trump attorney Jay Sekulow and almost-Trump attorney Joseph diGenova.

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