Well, yes, I do hate “you.”

Former NRA President (and former Delaware GOP chair) John Sigler has described the vast overwhelming majority of Americans who want gun control measures passed in the wake of horrible gun massacres thusly:  “They don’t hate your guns, they hate you.”   The they he is referring to is all of us.  The us who want to prevent military assault weapons to be used by private citizens.  The us who want expansive and effective and universal and uniform background checks.  The us who want to limit high capacity gun magazines to 10 rounds.  The us who want to raise the age to purchase guns to 21.  The us who want to make sure the dangerous mentally ill do not get access to guns.   The us who wants to ban bump stock triggers that make it easier to kill more people faster.

Yes, John Sigler, I hate any one who thinks it should be easy for the dangerous mentally ill to have easy access to guns.

I hate any one who thinks it is fine for the general public to have access to offensive military weapons whose sole purpose is to kill and injure as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I hate any one who thinks it is fine to sell magazines and bump stocks that make
guns even more deadly, so that more people get shot in the shortest amount of time.

I hate any one who thinks people, including criminals and terrorists, should have access to guns without any background check whatsoever.

I hate any one who prizes unlimited and unregulated access to any style of weapon more than actual human life.

I hate any one who values profits for gun manufacturers over human life.

I hate any one who jumped at the chance, any chance, to put more guns in our schools.

Yes, I hate people who call those of us who want common sense gun regulations as jack booted Nazis.

Yes, Anthony DelCollo, I hate any one who thinks opposing these regulations makes them angelic.  I don’t pretend to know God, unlike some on the other side who it turns out are living the furthest from His Son’s teachings than anyone, but I imagine He would prefer His children not die senselessly in gun massacres.

Yes, I hate any one who thinks we just have to suffer through monthly gun massacres of young children, teenagers, moviegoers, office workers, club-goers and shoppers as a price of our gun freedom.

Luckily, the vast majority of gun owners, the supposed “you” in John Sigler’s statement above, agree with me, and not John Sigler.  The vast majority of gun owners, the vast majority of the NRA membership, want reasonable and responsible gun control.  It is only unmitigated monsters like John Sigler that think otherwise.

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  1. Well said, Sigler is quite the proper little monster and very representative of the NRA lunatic fringe.

  2. Jack Polidori

    This type of vituperative, simplistic back and forth —- utilizing “hate” and all of the harsh anger-filled emotion that it implies —- is exactly what the Russians used to turn us against one another in the last election. Wake up and think before you serve yourself up as fodder the next time.

    • cassandram

      Policing other people’s responses to a real and abiding safety risk that a minority specifically wants us to be subject to isn’t exactly a way to extend the conversation. Sigler here plays the Conservative Victim Card — here wanting his audience to feel they are being targeted because majorities of the rest of us want to feel safer in our own country. Is “hate” a strong word? It is. But Sigler uses it to sell his audience on phoney victimization. Wake up and think before you push their fake BS again.

    • DD responded with the exact same language to make a point. If Sigler had used the term “losers” then DD would have employed that term. It’s a basic writing technique.

      • A little from column A, a little from column B. Do I hate the people I describe, the NRA terrorists who oppose every regulation just so we can have more and more guns and more and more gun profits? Hate is a strong word. Yes, I do hate them. The world is a better place if they did not exist. I don’t hate hunters. I don’t hate gun owners. I don’t want to take all guns away.

        But in response to Sigler’s horrid remarks, I saw a lot of people accepting Sigler’s frame that these bills were an attack on gun owners and they were denying it. That’s not the way you respond in politics. You don’t accept your opponent’s framing. You create your own. That is what I did here. By using the word hate. Now Sigler must defend why he opposes all regulation.

      • This guy is a political operative, not a casual reader. Take his comments with a pound of salt.

    • delacrat

      “…what the Russians used to turn us against one another in the last election. “ – Jack Polidori

      Huh ? So it was Russians who remote-controlled “us against one another in the last election”

      Jack, you’ve been watchin’ waaaaay too many sci-fi movies.

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