This is how the Insurance Commissioner should be acting.

The Insurance Commissioner is the regulator of the insurance market in Delaware. As such, he or she must be the advocate of the consumer, not the protector of the industry being regulated. For too long under Trinidad Navarro’s predecessor, we had the latter, and not the former. Now, it looks like we have an advocate for all of us again.


In the memo above dated last month, Commissioner Navarro personally lobbied the State Senate to pass a bill that expanded insurance coverage for Delaware residents pursuing fertility treatments so they could have a baby.

“While SB139 will expand and enhance access to IVF by requiring coverage, such a mandate will have a negligible impact on health insurance premiums. After consultation with an independent actuary, I am pleased to inform you that the impact of mandating coverage for IVF on health insurance premiums is estimated to be about one percent (+1%). This approximation is in line with actual premium impacts experienced by other states that require this coverage, including, but not limited to, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.”

The Senate passed this bill unanimously, 21-0.   I think in no small part to the analysis the Commissioner provided.  It makes a difference to have a pro-active commissioner that has protecting the consumer at his core.

Photo credit above: Monsterphoto/SAQUAN STIMPSON

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  1. cassandram

    This is good work by the Commissioner, whose first job really should be advocating for Delawareans. Now I wish he would do something about car insurance rates here.

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