Daily Delawhere for April 11, 2018

The Stephen W McKeever was originally a Menhadon fishing boat. It was used in WW1 as a minesweeper, and commissioned in WW2 by the Government to the Coast Guard. It later became a restaurant in Seaford, Delaware, called the Flagship Restaurant. The only time we ate there was in 1990, and it was great. Obviously it fell on hard times within the last 20 years.  Photo by Dave Talley Photography.

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2 comments on “Daily Delawhere for April 11, 2018

  1. Been passed it a hundred times, always wondered what it was like as a restaurant. Also wondered how they got it there.

  2. Lawrence Peters

    This was my grandfather fishing boat during the 1940’s. He was the Captain and died onboard while the nets were being hauled back in July 1950. I have pictures of this boat and my father onboard from the family photo album. I had no idea it was still around. My dad told me stories about being onboard fishing, etc. This is a special find for me and I will have take time to drive up and see it before it’s totally gone.

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