The Open Thread for April 9, 2018

“As President Trump moves to fulfill one of the central promises of his campaign — to get tough on an ascendant China — he faces a potential rebellion from a core constituency: farmers and other agricultural producers who could suffer devastating losses in a trade war,” the New York Times reports.  “Mr. Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Chinese goods came with a presidential declaration that trade wars are good and easily won. But the action has injected damaging uncertainty into the economy as Republicans are already struggling to maintain their hold on the House and the Senate in a difficult election year.”

Mike Allen: “President Trump may try to hit ‘undo’ on a slice of the $1.3 trillion spending bill that he signed last month after threatening a veto, and now regrets.”

“Republican aides in the House and Senate tell me they’re working with the White House on a possible plan to rescind billions of dollars — and perhaps tens of billions.”

“The proposal may not be ready for a couple of weeks, the aides said.Conversations have included a target up to $60 billion , but Republicans on the Hill say it would need to be less than that.”

President Trump “promised a ‘big price’ to be paid for what he said was a chemical weapons attack that choked dozens of Syrians to death the day before, and a top White House official said the administration would not rule out a missile strike to retaliate against the government of President Bashar al-Assad,” the New York Times reports.

“In a tweet, Mr. Trump laid the blame for the attack partly on President Vladimir Putin of Russia, the first time since his election that he has criticized the Russian leader by name on Twitter.”

The New York Times reports that the Kushner family appears to have “struck a deal to buy out” an investor’s stake in the “troubled” 666 Fifth Avenue property, which is a primary piece of its “real estate empire.”

Axios: “How they got the money is unclear. Questions had been raised about Kushner meetings with foreign big shots like Qatar as part of securing the financing. Per the Times, negotiations with foreign entities drew scrutiny because of Jared Kushner’s role in his father-in-law’s White House.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: “It’s been four years since he spent much time behind the wheel. McAuliffe got used to someone else doing the driving. With a laugh, he says he could get used to it again. Three months after leaving the Virginia governorship, the perquisites of which included a lumbering black SUV driven by a state trooper, McAuliffe is considering a second act: the presidency… These days, McAuliffe is doing what national prospects are supposed to do: traveling to key states, plumping for his party’s candidates, tweeting, talking — and listening.”

No.   Next.

Rolling Stone: “The NRA spent an unprecedented $30 million to install Trump in the White House. Putin has a long track record of illegally financing nationalist opposition groups in the West. If the Kremlin’s NRA outreach culminated in pumping vast sums into the group’s coffers, America’s lax campaign-finance regulations would have posed no obstacle.”

“The notion that the flag-waving NRA of Eddie Eagle has allied itself with the Russian bear, and the government of former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin, can be hard to fathom. But an investigation by Rolling Stone establishes deeper ties between the NRA and Russia than previously reported. The record reveals this union was the product of a sophisticated Russian influence campaign nearly a decade in the making.”

Politico: “It was far from the first time President Trump’s eldest son dabbled in online conspiracy theories, using his 2.7 million Twitter followers to promote questionable or outright false information that, in many cases, even his father had refrained from spreading.”

“The 40-year-old Trump Jr. has emerged as one of his father’s key ambassadors to the fringe, promoting theories that added drama and visceral energy to the grass-roots right: in this case, the fast-growing theory that tech giants are arrayed against conservatives.”

“In the recent past, Trump Jr. has spread stories about the ‘deep state’ to push for the release of a GOP memo on alleged FBI wrongdoing, liked and shared tweets questioning the motives of a Parkland, Florida, student who is pushing for gun control and liked actor James Woods’ tweet that ‘more known Democrats have murdered people with guns than all @NRA members combined.’”

New York Times: “As Republican leaders scramble to stave off a Democratic wave or at least mitigate their party’s losses in November, a strategy is emerging on the right for how to energize conservatives and drive a wedge between the anti-Trump left and moderate voters: warn that Democrats will immediately move to impeach President Trump if they capture the House. What began last year as blaring political hyperbole on the right — the stuff of bold-lettered direct mail fund-raising pitches from little-known groups warning of a looming American ‘coup’ — is now steadily drifting into the main currents of the 2018 message for Republicans.

“The appeals have become a surefire way for candidates to raise small contributions from grass-roots conservatives who are devoted to Mr. Trump, veteran Republican fund-raisers say. But party strategists also believe that floating the possibility of impeachment can also act as a sort of scared-straight motivational tool for turnout.”

Josh Kraushaar: “With 11 states holding primaries next month, a clear pattern is emerging from the messages of GOP candidates across the country: They’re all aboard the Trump train. In Indiana, all three of the candidates vying to challenge Sen. Joe Donnelly are testing messages that mimic themes from Trump’s successful presidential campaign. In West Virginia, one of the GOP Senate candidates launched an ad showing a boulder crashing on the Capitol, with a distinctly Trumpian message of ‘blowing up’ Washington. Down-ballot GOP candidates running in competitive primaries, even those in suburban districts, privately concede there’s no benefit to creating any space between their campaigns and the White House.”

“If the acquiescence of Republicans running in red states isn’t convincing enough, just look at the actions of some of the biggest Trump critics of yesteryear. Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally, who didn’t endorse Trump in her 2016 House race, is now a reliable cheerleader for the president. Sen. Ted Cruz, who became Trump’s top GOP enemy during the convention, made amends with the president and has embraced a general-election campaign centered on cultural issues—even in a diversifying state where Democrats have gained some ground.”

HuffPost: “President Trump has railed against Amazon, falsely claiming the company fails to pay state and local sales taxes on online shipments. But it turns out the Trump Organization retail website collects sales taxes only on goods shipped to two states — while Amazon collects sales taxes in 45 states.”

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51 comments on “The Open Thread for April 9, 2018

  1. New “knife control” measures will be implemented in Great Britain. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will also reimplement broader “stop-and-search” procedures that he had previously eliminated do to the “racist” and “islamophobic” nature of the process.

    “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.” – Mayor of London

    “Have we as a society, fallen so low, that the only way to stop us from harming each other, is to eliminate the means to do so.” – RSE….Look! I’m quoting myself just like Don Ayotte does.

  2. McCain: “Trump ’emboldened’ Assad with comments on US withdrawal from Syria.”

    What a load of horse hockey. So, McCain is saying that because Trump hinted that he wanted the US to pull out of Syria, Assad went and did the one thing that would keep us in Syria….What is going on here?

  3. cassandram

    David Axelrod on Twitter this weekend was warning off Democrats looking to run on impeachment. Right now, the only person banging that drum persistently is Tom Styer and he is not running for anything. Impeachment should not be the centerpiece of any campaign, but accountability should be a part of all of them. Taking a stand to look into the GRIFTUS corruption and malpractice is tough to run against.

  4. cassandram

    Virginia is on the verge of expanding Medicaid to 400,000 people. They got a couple of Republicans to change their votes.

  5. One more thing, Assad must have acquired new chemical weapons, because the Obama administration took credit for getting “100 percent of the chemical weapon’s out” of Syria.

  6. @RSE: What’s with the concentration on Syria? I’ve rarely seen you post this much on any topic before.

    • delacrat

      Are you threatening to ban RSE if he does not behave ?

      • cassandram

        Alby can’t ban anyone here. So what’s *your* problem? RSE is here is excited that people are going to be hurt and looking to pick a fight here.

        • delacrat


          I was alluding to the DL blog, not here.

          • cassandram

            Then what was the point? Argue with him about who he is banning at DL over at DL.

        • Exactly the opposite, cassandra. I have a nineteen year old, and the last thing I want to see is a situation that could escalate. I just want to see who is buying the narrative that the politicians, and media are giving us right now.

    • It’s like those days fishing when you throw everything in your fly box and you just can’t get a take. Stream looks so good, fish rising, maybe a little hatch coming off…. You keep flailing away, but nothing works.

      Mueller knows that feeling.

      • Desperate MAGAT is Desperate.

      • Do you have any idea how high the bar is to get the warrants for this? Or why even a hand-picked Trumper would OK it?

        No, you don’t. Smug and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t catch anything.

        • delacrat

          “Do you have any idea how high the bar is to get the warrants for this?” – alby

          High bar or not, if Trump goes, then we’ll have President Pence, a more competent, if less colorful fascist, possibly for 4 + years, which will be plenty of time for you to feel stupid.

          • ok, Dr Stein. The BEST possible outcome (until Warren/Booker 2020) is a D house, split senate, and President Pastor Mike. He’ll be toothless without the MAGAT army to back him up. He’ll also be permanently the bearer of trumps awful taint. I doubt he even runs. Probably back to Indiana to do the important work of avoiding contact with women.
            I still dont see why you love Donny so much. You have said, probably one or 2 negative things about him here ever. I guess what I’m saying is, stop shitposting and pick a damn side.

            • delacrat

              Saying something neg. about Trump on BlueD or DL is like shipping coals to New Castle.

            • elizabeth

              Warren and Booker? do you really support a corporate wallstreet former bankster? Booker is a black man right. What are the odds the alt right, and racists, moderates would elect another black man, look what they did to Obama!

              • @elizabeth Why not Booker? Because, look at what Obama did to the country! Totally separated the country! Healthcare? blew that one, by forcing it down our throats!, It’s a friggin tax, plain as day! The architect of ACA said it “the American people are too stupid!”

                • I’m not following your logic when it comes to comparing Booker to Obama.

                  • Sure you are. They all look alike to Anono.

                    • And Elizabeth apparently. She also seems potentially upset about “globalists”.

                      Booker is a pretty skilled politician and while he DOES seem like a windsock, he has shown he’ll blow in the correct directions. I get it, he screwed up with Newark’s schools and probably put too much trust in Christie, but you’re gonna have to warm to whoever the Dems nominate bc the alternative is being a Trump-boosting collarborator piece of shit…. like Anono
                      Not sure what your problem with Warren is, she is the Anti-Bank. Ideally she’d be in the senate for another 30 years, but times is frightening and we cant risk the DNC making Kerry or McAuliffe the ‘choice”

                    • Alby, when are you ever going to grow up! your like a little kid, Whaa-whaa-whaa!

                  • Didn’t compare. Obama made it worse, for a person like Booker.

        • cassandram

          He’s glued to Fox News who is apparently telling everyone how sex crazed and aggressive pandas are. He doesn’t even know that this is a referral from Mueller to the US Attorney in NY. A Trump appointee. Not Muller’s show, but everyone giving this the thumbs up are Republicans.

          • Yawn. What is this, the 87th time we’ve heard “Boy, look what Mueller has on Trump now”?

            Nobody other than Kos Kids and mouthbreathing MSNBC watchers cares.

            Annoying in that it wiped out some nice market gains yesterday but other than that pretty meaningless.

            • cassandram

              And yet here you are. Commenting away about this meaningless thing. If it was this meaningless you wouldn’t be working so hard at making your case.

              • As you’ve stated above, he doesn’t understand who’s running this show.

                • @ Pandora. I couldn’t comment directly to your comment above. YOU, go right for the race card! Corey Book has my respect. He came up through the ranks, has a great background. But, Obama did not clear the way, he made it worse. NOT, BECAUSE THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN!

                  @ Alby Your simply a child, for you as an adult to call names. Grow up!

              • Just here for the yuks. And the insight into the liberal mindset. Very educational, well worth the price of admission :).

              • And he’ll disappear for good once the indictments are handed down.

                Smug, stupid and stuck in the conservobubble.

        • Typical Alby, with the personal attacks!

          • And your point is? When someone is as stupid as you demonstrably are, they should be attacked. Repeatedly, and as often as necessary to make them go back to their hidey-holes.

            • Don’t you have a flight to catch to France? Go back over to DL, so you could write your little articles, because you couldn’t cut it in the real world!

              • You can’t even cut it in this little world online, so check on the beam in your own eye.

              • Stop telling commenters to leave. You do not have that authority. If a line is crossed, we’ll decide.

        • elizabeth

          Mueller, Sessions, Comey, Wray, etc…are ALL republicans. They have Cohen on wire fraud, mail fraud…the guy is a crook just like his friend Trumpolini. The Fisa Judge looked at the evidence and made the decision These are the hero’s of the country.

  7. elizabeth

    Been doing a little research today on Syria. The UN as of April 1, still cannot determine if Assad is responsible or the rebel (terrorists). We know Prince Bandar of Saudia Arabia delivered sarin gas to the “rebels” google it. Sauds are wahabbis and despise Assad and his secular country. UN inspectors have been in there for months and still cannot say it was done by Assad. UN inspectors were 10 blocks away from the last attack. Syria does not have sarin or chlorine. All destroyed under Obama. UN states, there are two left which they are dismantling will take two months. Not sarin or chlorine. Haartz states, ‘they are worried the US will drag Israel into a conflict with Syria in a proxy war”. Common sense: Why would Assad use chemical weapons knowing the US and their allies would attack the hell out of whats left of that ancient nation. Assad’s govt. has been attacking the rebels (Al Nursa) and others and winning. It makes no sense Assad would be that stupid to do it…knowing the world would be outraged.It does make sense the “rebels” would do it…so it would be blamed on Assad. Who the hell knows, but what we dont need is OUR military attacking Syria until the UN inspectors make their final report. We have been here before, IRAQ?

  8. elizabeth

    I want warren to run passionately. However I believe the VP has to be someone strong on ethics, have a progressive agenda…sorry Booker is a former wall streeter…do you think he is going to hard on the banksters, and what he did to Newark schools will be brought up. Looking a real progressive with a voting record to prove it. Booker isnt it.

    • What do you mean by “former wall streeter”? Yes, he has accepted donations from folks like the Kushners, which I find very problematic, but he was never a banker.

      • I refuse to play this game of attacking our potential candidates. It never ends well. 🙁

        • Out of curiosity, what would a “non attack criticism” look like to you? (not saying you said i said anything) genuinely want to know because I plan on leveling a lot of them at people I will most likely vote for.
          Because I agree that dumb attacks like “hes a wall streeter” or “she’s a pro prison prosecutor” are moronic…. but demanding answers before the question gets asked on a broader stage with higher stakes seems like a good thing to me… but I’m also stupid.

          • My comment piggy-backed off of yours. I can’t take people who use terms like “bankster” seriously.

            I am fine with making candidates answer questions and clearly state their positions. I accept that people evolve on issues. If our hope is to pull people left then we have to be happy when they actually do that.

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