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It’s Bob Marshall this time.

HB330, the bill sponsored by Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf that has already passed the House 24-16, was laid on the table today after Republican Minority Leader Gary Simpson introduced an amendment that would allow those under the age of 21 but who have a hunting license the ability to still purchase firearms despite the proposed general prohibitions for those under 21. It would seem that this amendment divided the Democratic caucus, or at least deprived it of a necessary 11th vote to pass it, because they repaired to the caucus room to debate the amendment.  My sources tell me that the Democratic betrayer this time is Bob Marshall, who I suppose is no longer running for reelection and/or conceding the primary to Tizzy Lockman.   

When they reemerged, the whispers in the halls of the General Assembly was that the bill would not be considered today, and since the General Assembly will out on Spring Break the next two weeks, it won’t be on the floor again for a vote until mid April at the earliest. It is worth noting that to get a hunting license in Delaware, you do have to go through training. So I am not necessarily opposed to this bill. Here is what I would do: call Simpson’s bluff. Have some Democratic Senator introduce another Amendment saying that those between the ages of 18-21 may purchase hunting rifles only (and list out the specific makes and models of hunting rifles allowed to be purchased) if and only if they have hunting licenses in good standing and after they have completed all necessary training. Vote down Simpson’s amendment and pass the new Amendment.

There, problem solved.

7 comments on “It’s Bob Marshall this time.

  1. cassandram

    What the hell?

  2. Jack Polidori

    Why doesn’t someone from his district email and call to ask him? Then post the response. Failure by the Senator to respond should be noted.
    That way there is no innuendo or alleged sources.
    Play it up front and out in the open.

  3. YAY! More sad games with guns! When is an increased age to buy a gun not an increased age at all? In Delaware’s frequently pathetic government! And from the Dems at that.

  4. dthompon3662

    There are already provisions in there for hunting weapons. The bill has enough holes, no need to create anymore.

  5. cassandram

    I’m one of Senator Marshall’s constituents and sent him an email last week asking him about this vote. Haven’t heard anything from him yet.

  6. elizabeth allen

    You really believed he would get in touch? When have you ever heard he got back to a constituent? Marshall spends more time in Florida, than in Wilmington, he is a taker not a giver.

    • cassandram

      I *used* to get relies from him years ago. And answering constituent questions is still his job.

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