Wilmington: 50 Years After MLK

On April 4th the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League will be co-hosting an event to explore wealth inequality within the United States and Wilmington. This discussion will start with a preliminary panel consisting of Dr. Yasser Payne, Dr. Michael Casson, and Ms. Raheema Jabbar-Bey. They will discuss and try to answer the pressing question, “How do we revitalize the City of Wilmington without forgetting about the poor?”

After this panel, the MUL will host a presentation by Dr. Darrick Hamilton, professor of Economics and Urban Policy at The New School. Recently, you may have seen Dr. Hamilton serve as a panelist with Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Moore as they discussed, “Inequality in America”.

This is going to be an important discussion — especially as Wilmington faces the promise of an influx of new development, we have to think about strategies where new investment lifts all boats.  Want to go?  You can register for tickets here — and tickets are free.  It lets the organizers not overcommit their space.

If you want further details (or want to help promote this event!) the FB Invite is here.  Please share this post or the MUL FB invite throughout your networks.

Hope to see you there!


Wed, April 4, 2018

5:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT


Delaware History Museum

Copeland Room, 504 N Market St

Wilmington, DE 19801

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  1. RE Vanella

    Hamilton is a top bloke. This should be a great event.

    He works with another academic William Darity. Lots of great material out there from both of them.

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