National School Walkout!

Here’s David Hogg’s livestream:

Here’s the NYT updates

Go, Kids, Go!

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  1. Brian Ess

    Search #NationalWalkoutDay & #DEWalkouts on Twitter. There’s a lot happening (rightfully so!)

    • Please stop trying to make these kids into a conspiracy theory. It’s really disgusting.

      • Um, it’s about the principal of the school denying free speech to one of the students. Nice deflection though.

        • Alphabet soup bro is right. This one instance of a school administrator making a questionable call totally negates the 10s of thousands of students who organized this demonstration./s/

          • RSE, you cant prove that video wasnt staged to discredit the demonstration. Provide proof it is real or hush.

            • I suppose it could be staged. Are you saying the principal of the school is an imposter? A plant? And I suppose the kid is in on it also, right? I guess theoretically it is possible. They seem like pretty good actors, if that is the case.

        • Not saying the kids are doing it, but there is a political element to this current movement. If you can’t see it then you must live in a serious bubble or you just don’t choose to see it.

          • cassandram

            Well duh. Young people calling out their government for not protecting them better is certainly political. Get over yourself.

          • Of course there is politics, dumbass. I see it and Im encouraged by it.
            Kids being slaughtered shouldnt be a political issue, but your NRA and your President’s party made it one by refusing to do anything about it.

            These kids have political beliefs and you are seeing them. To suggest they are being controlled is incredibly insulting, considering a lot of them will be old enough to go die in your president’s wars.
            Just because you probably wasted your HS years on pointless shit doesn’t mean everyone else does.

            • Dude, you just commented that a kid staged an event, so spare me, and Obama had both the House and the Senate for his first two years. What happened there, smart guy.

              • What did Obama do?…. oh lord have mercy.
                Lilly Ledbetter act, ACA, American Recovery act…. oh and filibusters from GOP maniacs over everything.

                You cant prove that was a kid and not some crisis actor. Funny how there in only that one instance. Dont be mad because you got called out, MAGAT.
                Thanks for calling me smart. <3

                • yeah, again , what did Obama and the Democrats do about the GUN problem when they had all the power? We are talking about guns here, right?

                  • What did George W Bush do? How about Carter… ZOMGSS WHY DIDNT FDR END GUNZ!?!?!?!?!

                    Moron, the president is Trump (vomit) Obama isnt president anymore. I know, Im sad about it too, but I’m over it. You cant seem to accept who is in charge right now.

                    • Ban bump stocks, smaller magazine capacity, no AR’s. What’s your position?

          • You have claimed the kids aren’t doing it, RSE. You’ve been saying exactly that.

            “Newsflash: It’s not the kids organizing this, and who would really think that it’s a good idea to turn the reins of a political party over to children? I understand the optics and politics of parading around the objects of an important political and social issue, but common now.

            Just curious pandora, are you one of those people who thinks that the US should lower the voting age?”

    • cassandram

      So this is the *real* narrative that must be avoided at all costs: Dylan Roof’s sister arrested yesterday with weapons and weed at school, hoping that the WalkOut kids get shot.

      Taking bets on how long it takes RSE to wait for the right talking points before trying to blame something else.

  2. Brian Ess

    I threw this up on Preet Bharara’s Twitter feed in response to a jackalope touting the “Parents using their kids as political tools! They’re too young to understand the complexity of the gun control debate!” conspiracy theory:

    These kids don’t need to understand the ‘complexity’. It isn’t their role. Their role is to enumerate the sheer levels of impotence by those who DO understand it & demand change by expressing their desire to not be murdered in school 1/

    Hence what we saw yesterday & what we will see 3/24. Even if it were their role to be experts in gun control logistics, they needn’t look very hard as literally every other developed country figured this shit out ages ago. 2/

    Thing about protesting is you don’t have to an expert in all dynamics that go into creating successful change out of protest. You acknowledge a problem that has cause(s) & demand solutions not necessarily from you- it’s a team effort 3/

    Problem: Mass shootings in schools regularly. Solution: Mass shootings stop in schools. The kids are smart enough to know they need help, that’s *why* they protest & there’s no shortage of us who are ready & willing to help them achieve their goals. 4/

    You seem kinda rational, maybe quit minimizing these kids’ motivations to “LOLZ they can’t possibly get “it”!” & open up to the possibility that maybe, maybe they get exactly what’s happening & are done with ‘oh it’s just too complex’ while their friends are shot in their classrooms 5/

    Maybe, juuuust maybe they’re done with adults failing to adult. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If we adults won’t work on fixing it, they will. More power to them. Leaders of tomorrow leading today. That’s all I’ve got to say to you. /6

    • Notice how he never addresses their points? His only thought is to discredit them. Talk about a narrative.

      • What are their points, cassandra? I also believe in gun control….Are we talking specifics here.

        • cassandram

          Not surprised you have so little regard for the people you are trying to ply your talking points on that you don’t know who you are addressing.

      • Brian Ess

        Yep, there was no attempt to address any points that have already been brought up by the kids (and there have been many), it was just “they can’t possibly know anything on their own” it’s the parents, liberals, leftists, Obama, Hillary, Soros using the kids.

        These kids have articulated their points and issues quite well so far, chief among them being to not get murdered while in school.

        Nevermind that my 8 year old 3rd grader does active shooter drills periodically throughout the school year and has since Kindergarten. Or the fact that we’ve had to explain to him what happened at Sandy Hook, then at Stoneman Douglas. Yeah these kids have *no* idea.

        • So what is it? Ban bump stocks, smaller magazine capacity, raise the age to buy a gun? Ban all the plastic shit on riffles? Keep crazy people from getting a gun? I’ll address any point that you want.

    • cassandram

      So this business about the kids being used by their parents or the Left or some other group is the Talking Point of the Day of the right. I’ve seen it everywhere. And it tells me they are scared shitless of these kids. And there is good reason to be:

      Student Walkouts Have Changed American History Before. Here’s How

  3. Does anyone have a line on voter registration efforts focusing on High Schools? Not that I think they need any help figuring out HOW to register, but now is the time for a big push. Id happily volunteer time to add legions of voters in time for, not only November, but Primary season as well.

    • Brian Ess

      Last time Christina went out for referendum, some HS students took it upon themselves to advertise to their classmates of voting age (or soon to be) to go get registered and help them get it done so they could actually participate in their own school funding referendum. We got complaints about lines of students waiting to vote after school clogging up the polling places located in high schools, so that means it worked.

      Honestly I don’t see why that can’t be a standard MO in high school, like drivers ed. Voter registration events. Ties right in to civics and civil liberties. You don’t have to register if you don’t want to, but if you want to, here ya go. Perhaps some superintendents should be engaged on this issue.

    • cassandram

      I know the March on Saturday will have a voter registration table targeted at young people by the Young Dems organization.

      • awesome! thanks.

      • …but it’s not

        • This is your point? It’s political?

          Seriously, most Americans (66%) support more stringent gun laws. 50% of gun owners agree.

          Support for universal background checks – 97%

          Mandatory waiting period for firearm purchases – 83%

          Assault weapon ban – 67%,

          Too easy to buy a gun in the U.S – 67%.

          Congress needs to do more to reduce gun violence – 75%

          These numbers cross party lines. You’re the only one making it political, because you think you have a point, or something.

        • I already told you it is 100% political and I’m 100% fine with that. These kids WANT to get involved in politics.
          You should be very afraid of this movement, alphabet bro.

          • It’s pointless explaining to you that “politics” literally means actions and decisions that affect the group or community…
            So ANY movement based on altering our laws IS MOTHERFUCKING POLITICAL, YOU DUMB MAGAT ASS. … sorry, got carried away there. (not all that sorry)

            This IS politics. Want me to say it again so you can stop with those ridiculous little quips?
            Just because Fox news tells you that it’s only “poltical” when you dont like whats happening, doesnt make that so.

            • I bet you watch FOX news more than I do, which wouldn’t be too hard.

  4. Noticed lots of ammosexual anti student comments in the State News post on FB. Gee, what a surprise. One worthy opined they should have a protest for gun rights, clever lad he only misspelled a few words. Haven’t seen any figures but the NRA’s primary draw has got to be the poorly educated. Common sense remains uncommon for the gun worshippers.

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