HB174 – Straw Man Purchases Also Passed 40-0 Last Night

Sponsored by Rep. Larry Mitchell, HB 174 would deter “straw purchases” in an effort to reduce the number of people who cannot legally possess firearms.  Straw purchases are where a third party buys a gun for a person is not allowed to have one.   The bill would raise the crime of making such a purchase from a Class F felony to a Class E Felony, which would thus increase the sentence from up to 3  years to up to 5 years.

“As a retired police officer, I know the importance of keeping guns away from dangerous people to help keep our neighborhoods safe,” said Rep. Mitchell, D-Elsmere. “House Bill 174 is a common-sense measure that helps to make sure guns stay out of the hands of those who are not legally able to own or purchase them by cutting down on straw purchases. With the gun violence that has plagued towns throughout the state and around our country, we have to take action to keep guns away from people who should not have them.”

SPONSOR: Mitchell, McDowell, Hansen, Hocker, Lavelle, Lopez, Keeley, Kenton, Kowalko, Longhurst, Miro, Viola, Wilson
YES VOTES: Everyone in the House but M.Smith
HISTORY: Passed the House 40-0.
STATUS:  Onto the Senate


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4 comments on “HB174 – Straw Man Purchases Also Passed 40-0 Last Night

  1. As ever the question remains will the law be enforced or is it just another “feel good” gesture from the politicians. The problem remains the hyper availability of guns in America.

  2. As ever, will the use of seat belts in vehicles be enforced or is this just another “feel good” gesture….

    The use of seat belts is the law. The law has saved countless lives. Enforcement of the law is not 100%. But compliance is widespread across the nation.

    Laws are enacted to govern how we live together and treat each other in order maintain a viable society. As with any society, there are scofflaws. To use your logic, we would have no laws at all because none of them can or will be enforced 100% of the time. The use of “enforcement” as an argument is both specious and weak. It’s not even good sophistry. If you can’t do any better than that you don’t belong in the conversation.

    • There’s been specific enforcement of seatbelt law and sometimes not because they care about seatbelts. Not so for straw purchasers. Having the stronger law is better, but it needs to be enforced. There’s not enough focus on where guns come from in my view.

  3. Allen Bernstein

    We have to start someplace.

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