Task Force Follies

I hate Delaware’s love of task forces.  May the confusion and incompetence surrounding the Marijuana Task Force be a forever lesson to all Delaware politicians living or dead that task forces are a bullshit procrastination attempt to avoid tackling an issue head on.  You want to have hearings on a bill’s pros- and cons?  Then hold a freaking hearing in the already established and paid for Committees.

And if you are going to run a freaking task force, know the rules and guidelines that define and control the task force.   This nonsense about holding a vote and thinking you won and then realizing you didn’t is straight out of the incompetent Trump White House.   So no more task forces.  Especially incompetent task forces.

But if after all that, I side with Representative Paul Baumbach:

This task force was not formed to recommend HB110 to the General Assembly – it was formed to fully consider concerns raised by many parties, to hear from all parties. This information has been sought by Rep. Helene Keeley​ and Senator Margaret Rose Henry​ in order to improve HB110.

I am very disappointed in members from AAA Mid-Atlantic​ and the State Chamber who instead sought to hijack the task force and try for a power play. The task force was formed to separate fact from fiction, to issue a report – not to consider whether to issue a report. Issuing the report and its finding, solutions and/or recommendations was not optional; it is the fundamental charge of the task force. Whether it includes a recommendation, or only findings, is the proper decision of the task force.

I am also disappointed that task force members failed to show up or abstained from voting at all. If you are selected to serve on a task force, you should be part of the process all the way through. A voting role brings with it a responsibility to vote. A voting role also brings with it a responsibility to show up.

Even if this task force fails to meet its statutory requirement to release a report to the General Assembly, Rep. Keeley and Sen. Henry should distribute the final report to the public and the legislature. The distribution of the report simply should include a note that the task force failed adopt the report, but that the report still contains the product of their months of work.

5 comments on “Task Force Follies

  1. Doesn’t really matter, it’s dead in the water anyway. Carney will veto.

    But have to laugh watching the stoner committee act like well, stoners.

    Can’t make this up. Your government at work, folks.

    Most of these people wouldn’t last past their first day in the private sector.

    The worst part is we are paying for all this…

  2. Bill Cortes

    Speak of “task forces”…anybody heard anything from the “Task Force” that is supposed to be looking into replacing Delaware’s antiquated voting machines, with a safe, secure, varifiabler and recountable voting sytem ? Rumor, and I emphasize the word rumor, say legisaltors on that “task force” haven’t been involved , or invited to sessions where RFP’s are being viewed and recomendations are being made.

    • cassandram

      Are legislators supposed to be on the bid review team? That would be pretty irregular, in my view.

  3. cassandram

    I’m with Rep, Baumbach here too. This Task Force was meant to issue a report. I am not certain why there is even a vote on approval to issue it.

    Task Forces need more structure and more purpose here. Using them as a way to justify or delay decision-making is a misuse of the time of the people who have worked to make the Task Force a serious entity. And nor should they be set up in a way that lets a special interest or two hijack the process.

  4. delacrat

    I think some input from the law enforcement community would be helpful.

    I recommend these guys.

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