Chuck Boyce ends U.S. Senate campaign

It’s now just Eugene Truono v. either Kerri Evelyn Harris or Tom Carper in the general election.  Boyce stated he is withdrawing due to health issues.  From the News Journal:

“It’s serious enough that the physical demands of campaigning would not be good for what I need to take care of,” the 49-year-old Glasgow-area resident said. “But it’s not terminal, and nothing is off the table for the future.”  The small-business owner said he decided to drop out of the race Wednesday afternoon after meeting with his doctor and undergoing a battery of tests. A formal announcement was released late Thursday afternoon.

We have to assume that the excuse of health concerns is genuine, given the fact that Boyce had raised about $210,000 through the end of 2017 and loaned his campaign another $105,000 to purchase a 44-foot-long RV that was meant to serve as a mobile command center.    You don’t do that unless you are serious about a campaign.  So I hope Boyce recovers from his health issues quickly and without any lasting effects.

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2 comments on “Chuck Boyce ends U.S. Senate campaign

  1. Thank you for the positive coverage of Mr. Boyce. Unfortunately, many of the far right Republicans in the state were not as kind or positive. Thank you for giving him the benefit of the doubt! More than people in his own party can say.

    • cassandram

      That’s a shame. Hope that dies down soon. He deserves some peace to focus on recovering.

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