The Open Thread for February 15, 2018

It happened yet again, as it does every week: Another mass shooting, this one at a Parkland, Florida, high school.  Multiple deaths were reported Wednesday as gunfire broke out at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, with a suspect in custody.  There are 17 dead.

The suspect, who has been detained, is a 19-year-old former student from the school who reportedly  was previously known to the school for threatening students and who, according to a student, “had guns at home and talked about using them.”

Remember America, Republicans totally support school shootings. They love them.  If they didn’t, they would do something, anything, to make it more difficult for the wrong people to get a gun, or make guns more safe.  But they haven’t.  They love that the mentally ill, terrorists and criminals can buy as many weapons as they want with little to no background checks or obstacles.

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus confirms to Vanity Fair the media’s portrayal of a White House in disarray and riven by conflict: “Take everything you’ve heard and multiply it by 50.”

Here’s how he describes the aftermath of President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey:

While Priebus and Bannon watched the fiasco explode as the pundits excoriated the Trump White House on every cable news show, Kushner did a slow burn. He was livid, furious that the communications team could not defend Comey’s firing. Bannon blew his stack. “There’s not a fucking thing you can do to sell this!,” he shouted at Kushner. “Nobody can sell this! P. T. Barnum couldn’t sell this! People aren’t stupid! This is a terrible, stupid decision that’s going to have massive implications. It may have shortened Trump’s presidency—and it’s because of you, Jared Kushner!

The screaming matches and white-knuckle showdowns continued. Eight days later, Priebus got an unexpected visit from the White House counsel—a story he has not told publicly before. “Don McGahn came in my office pretty hot, red, out of breath, and said, ‘We’ve got a problem.’ I responded, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Well, we just got a special counsel, and [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions just resigned.’ I said, ‘What!? What the hell are you talking about?’ ”

The piece is an adaptation from the forthcoming paperback edition of The Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the House intelligence committee had seen an “abundance” of evidence of collusion with Russia and obstruction by Donald Trump’s campaign and administration that is not yet public, the Guardian reports.

Said Schiff: “It is a tried and true maxim. As a former prosecutor, you follow the money. We have not been able to adequately follow the money. And I think the allegations on money laundering are credible enough that we ought to, in the exercise of due diligence, see if this was one of the other vectors of the Russian active measures campaign.”

He added: “We know that in other places they use money laundering as a way of entangling people, as a way of compromising people. To me that is far more potentially compromising than any salacious video would be.”

Vice President Mike Pence told Axios that U.S. intelligence has determined that Russian meddling in the 2016 election did not affect the outcome.

Said Pence: “Irrespective of efforts that were made in 2016 by foreign powers, it is the universal conclusion of our intelligence communities that none of those efforts had any impact on the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Jonathan Chait: “This is unequivocally false… If you think about this question, it’s completely obvious that they couldn’t rule in or out the possibility that Russia changed the election outcome. It’s not just impossible for an intelligence agency to determine this. It’s impossible for anybody to determine it.”

Gov. John Kasich’s (R) “brand is built around the idea of ‘two paths’ for the Republican Party: one for center-right pragmatists like him, the other for flamethrowers like Donald Trump,” BuzzFeed News reports.

“But as the Ohio governor considers a rematch with Trump in 2020, he is weighing two more-tactical paths. Does he challenge Trump, the sitting president, in primaries where Kasich won’t find much institutional GOP support? Or does he leave the party, go down a route littered with ballot-access hurdles and fundraising challenges, and run as an independent?”

“Sources close to Kasich’s political team have told BuzzFeed News in recent weeks that both options are in play.”

This sounds like a great plan to reelect Trump.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt “has broken months of silence about his frequent premium-class flights at taxpayer expense, saying he needs to fly first class because of unpleasant interactions with other travelers,” the AP reports.

Said Pruitt: “We live in a very toxic environment politically, particularly around issues of the environment. We’ve reached the point where there’s not much civility in the marketplace and it’s created, you know, it’s created some issues and the (security) detail, the level of protection is determined by the level of threat.

Sources close to Stormy Daniels tell The Blast that her legal team notified President Trump’s legal team, including attorney Michael Cohen, that they are in violation of the agreement they made back in 2016.  Daniels is apparently “ready to spill all the tea regarding her alleged affair with Donald Trump” because Cohen allegedly breached the contract he negotiated with the porn star.  A manager for the adult film actress confirmed to the Associated Press that Daniels believes Trump’s lawyer invalidated a non-disclosure agreement by publicly discussing the payment.

When Sen. Angus King (I-ME) asked CIA Director Mike Pompeo if President Trump had asked him specifically “to try and stop the Russian meddling in the midterm elections, Pompeo dodged, feigning an inability to understand the question,” Defense One reports. Said Pompeo: “I’m not sure how specific.”

Adm. Michael Rogers, the outgoing head of U.S. Cyber Command and the NSA, agreed: “I can’t say that I’ve been specifically directed.”

President Trump “still isn’t buying that Russia interfered in the 2016 election,” CNN reports. “Even as his intelligence chiefs unanimously told a Senate panel Tuesday that Russia meddled in 2016 and is planning to do so again in 2018, three sources familiar with the President’s thinking say he remains unconvinced that Russia interfered in the presidential election.”

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney revealed on Wednesday that a military parade requested by President Donald Trump could cost as much as $30 million — enough to fund food stamps for over 20,000 people each year.  Watch Barbara Lee destroy him.

George David Banks, a senior official on the National Economic Council, “resigned after being informed that he would not receive a permanent security clearance, as the White House faces increasing scrutiny over the number of high-ranking officials allowed to work on interim clearances,” Politico reports.

Banks “was informed by the White House counsel’s office Tuesday that his application for a permanent clearance would not be granted over his past marijuana use.”

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Democrats have a solid 49% to 41% lead on the generic congressional ballot, although that’s down a shade from December when it was 51% to 40%.

Beyond their overall lead, they’re also benefiting from an enthusiasm advantage: 65% of Hillary Clinton voters say they’re “very excited” to vote in the election this fall, compared to 58% of Donald Trump voters.

Gallup: “Congressional approval is now 15%, down slightly from an uptick to 20% last month after Congress passed tax reform in December. Positivity quickly faded this month as the government shut down twice in three weeks because of impasses over the federal budget.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “made a surprise appearance at the National Congress of American Indians Wednesday morning, forcefully responding to President Trump’s derisively calling her ‘Pocahontas’ and addressing her claims of Native American heritage more directly — and far more expansively — than she ever has before,” the Boston Globe reports.

“She did not apologize for her claims that her mother’s family had Cherokee blood… But she also planned to tell the gathered tribal leaders from around the country that she understood the distinction of being a member of a tribe, and that while it was part of her heritage, she was not a tribal member.

“The more frantically the White House tries to extricate itself from the Rob Porter scandal, the deeper it digs into a political hole,” CNN reports.

“Eight days in, it’s beginning to look like the storm set off by the surfacing of allegations by two ex-wives of the former presidential aide will never abate, absent a decisive intervention by President Trump in moment of accountability and self-criticism that seems alien to this White House.”

Multiple sources told CNN that Trump has not yet decided whether to replace chief of staff John Kelly “but that conversations about who could succeed him have heated up.”

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweets: “Several White House officials are now prefacing or concluding their sentences in conversations with reporters by making clear they can’t swear by the information they’ve just given.”

“In a year when the party is deploying all their other big guns and trying to appeal to precisely the kind of voters Clinton has consistently won over, an array of Democrats told Politico they’re keeping him on the bench. They don’t want to be seen anywhere near a man with a history of harassment allegations, as guilty as their party loyalty to him makes them feel about it.”

“After booting Sen. Al Franken precisely because they wanted to draw a clear contrast with Trump, Democrats across the party’s ideological and geographical spectrum acknowledged the political trouble that any appearance with Clinton would cause.”

President Trump “is refusing to budge from his immigration framework, and he and his allies on Capitol Hill are laying the groundwork to heap the blame on Democrats if the Senate fails to reach a deal this week,” Politico reports.

“In Trump’s view, according to administration officials and GOP senators, he’s already compromised beyond where he and his staff felt comfortable by offering 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. And if Democrats want to step up this week and sink the president’s proposal, that will be on them.”

Playbook: “At this point, it does not look like the Senate is going to approve any immigration bill. If it doesn’t the focus will turn to the House. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) told his whips last night that they will canvas support for Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) immigration bill — legislation that doesn’t stand a chance of passing the Senate. But the House will clear that, and Democrats will try to force Speaker Paul Ryan to put centrist legislation on the floor. If anything were to happen, the best bet at this point would be a one-for-one trade: DACA protections for beefed up border security. It’s completely feasible, though, that nothing happens at all, or until the summer after further court action.”

James Hohmann: “Anti-immigration hard-liners are staking out a firm position because most of them are not actually concerned about the plight of the dreamers. They have never thought these young people, whose undocumented parents brought them to the United States as children, should be here anyway. They agitated for Trump to end the program.”

“This means they’ll be fine if no bill passes, and they know that gives them way more leverage to demand wholesale changes to the entire legal immigration system.”

As Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Fox & Friends: “The president’s framework bill is not an opening bid for negotiations. It’s a best and final offer.”

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55 comments on “The Open Thread for February 15, 2018

  1. “Remember America, Republicans totally support school shootings. They love them.”

    What a total idiotic statement. NO THAT IS NOT TRUE! But, DD continues to spew your total hatred, towards anyone who is Republican.
    All the facts are not out yet, but they knew of his problems and should have been put on some type of watch list.

    • A watch list? Sounds like a gun registry, because we’d have to track who owns guns, right? Because we’d have to know if they have a gun once someone puts them on a watch list, right?

      And what condition would this watch list be for? Having mental issues. Oops! Republicans did away that requirement – they made it easier for people with mental illness to buy guys.

      Has Congress banned bump stocks yet? Nope. That was a no-brainer, but, alas, a bridge too far.

      “The NRA said new rules, rather than legislation, were the best way to regulate bump stocks, so when a bipartisan group of lawmakers in Congress presented federal legislation to ban bump stocks, the NRA voiced opposition, labeling it, among other things, an infringement on 2nd Amendment rights. The legislation, spearheaded by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, has stalled.”

      Who stalled this legislation? That would be Republicans. Who has voted against or stalled every single attempt for gun safety? Republicans. Who blocked the CDC from even studying gun violence? Who consistently fights for the right for abusers to own guns? Who’s A-Okay with the gun show loophole? I could go on, because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples.

      If you guys don’t want to own this (and you do own it) you need to change your tune. Doing nothing but offering thoughts and prayers tells me that the GOP is okay with the status quo. One guy puts a bomb in his shoe and everyone has to remove their shoes at the airport. 18 school shootings this year? Nothing. Oh, other than a call for more guns.

      Do you have any idea how many people exhibit the shooters behavior? That gun registry watch list of yours is going to be mighty long.

      • NO, it was said by the media, that he threatened others before at the school. He was expelled from multiple schools and at the school where this terrible shooting happened. It was reported that the counselors at the school, were well aware of his threats. They stated that there was an “outcast area” at the school, which is outrageous as it is AND he wasn’t even welcomed with that group. There is a lot of finger pointing!

        And back in 2013, there were and still are Democrats who are against gun control Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Mark Pryor (Ark.), all of whom voted against every Democratic piece of gun legislation save for a crackdown on trafficking, and for every piece of Republican gun legislation.

        AND, DD makes these stupid statements. I’m a registered republican, I don’t own a gun and a matter of fact I didn’t let my kids even play with toy guns growing up. He should say; The Republicans in our government, because they are making the decisions!

        But, DD continues to just spew his hatred for Republicans as a whole.

        • yes, Republicans are the real victims here.

          • I think it’s entirely logical to hate Republicans as a whole, as they are the ones ruining the country.

            You should say: “I, Anono, am a stupid fuck who spews his ignorant opinions all day instead of learning something.” I mean, as long as we’re telling other people what to say.

            Do you have a job? Why aren’t you doing it?

            • Independently Wealthy! And again, to you Alby, As usual, make personal attacks. If I could take a quote from Amy L Wax, from the University of Pennsylvania Law School; “Of course one has the right to hurl labels like “racist,” “sexist,” and “xenophobic” without good reason-but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Hurling such labels doesn’t enlighten, inform, edify, or educate. Indeed, it undermines these goals by discouraging or stifling dissent.”

              Yes, DD has a right to his opinion, as well as I do!

              • there are 17 dead children.. and that’s jut yesterday. Cant wait to see what happens next week in freedomland.

                Florida’s laws, enacted by uniform party control, and America’s gun culture… pushed by right wing groups allowed it to happen…. No, not allowed, caused.
                DD pointed out that the GOP are the ones currently standing in the way of reducing the number of guns and people’s access to them. They are. If you dont want to accept it, that is your failing.

                Now, you have made this about your hurt pissant feelings. Fuck you. You come here, to argue right wing talking points. Fuck you. You dont deserve to be treated with respect because you follow a party and ideology that has cursed America with this mass-shooting epidemic. Fuck you, fuck republicans.

                • How do you know what I allow, you don’t. I’ve written emails to my legislators, both Republican and Democrats in Delaware on gun legislation AND do you know what I got crickets from both!

                  Ben, do you kiss your kids with that trash mouth? Real high class!

                • Well said ben, hearty agreement.

              • You have no “right” to post it here, and since your opinions are based on ignorance, they are not valid. This isn’t a playground for bored, not-very-bright conservatives.

                I find you personally offensive, hence the personal attacks. Your dissent is worthless because you make no actual arguments — you just base everything on your predictably poorly-thought-out, textbook-conservative-media opinion. I ALREADY KNOW YOUR OPINION, BECAUSE ALL YOU CONSERVATIVES HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME “OPINIONS” THAT YOU GOT FROM EXACTLY THE SAME PLACES.

                Either up your game or shut the fuck up. You can’t hang at the big kids table unless you start acting like a big kid, and that means knowing what the fuck you’re talking about for a change.

              • So, you’re “Independently Wealthy!”

                Because you “Independently Wealthy!” completely control the print media and airwaves, what you have to say, we’ve already heard ad infinitum for decades.

                As a consequence, your comments are not well received at this modest venue, because the rest of us are sick of hearing what you “Independently Wealthy!” think .

          • NO, Ben. The 17 who died, their parents and loved ones are the victims here!
            Instead of spewing the hate, try to join together Republicans and Democrats to put our elected officials feet to the fire. Force all to end “bump stocks”. People have a right to hunt, target shoot. Semi-automatic guns should be banned, I don’t know what to do with the people who already own them. But, we need to start somewhere, TOGETHER! Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc!

            • imagine a Republican tisk-tisking someone’s language with the current republican president. You’re a joke. You picked the wrong side and each refusal to admit it showcases what a dupe you are. Or if you’re not a dupe, you’re trash.

              Gun bans wont do anything. They wont happen, the wont stop people from getting guns, the only thing that will come of a gun control debate is higher gun sales. it has happened every. single. time.
              The next mass shooters already have the weapons they will use.
              The next mass shooters already have the weapons they will use.
              The next mass shooters already have the weapons they will use. got it, ass?

              Bump stocks nearly sold out after Vegas because republicans were worried gun control might happen. The mechanisms created by the republican backed NRA prevent this problem from being fixed in any kind of short term. GTFO with your token, NRA approved ideas.

            • I will never find common cause with conservative trash. My goal is to see political philosophies like yours shunted forever to irrelevance. You can still say and think what you want, but it wont matter.

              You dont want to see kids die… good for you. You qualify for the bare minimum of humanity…. I betcah you’ll still vote GOP in November, you bootlicking scumbag.

  2. Does anyone have info on how much our state legislators take from the NRA? I’m prepared to do what I can to work against all of them.

  3. Do the Republicans own this latest school shooting? Yes, but so do some Dems, even worse most Dems remain silent other than the obligatory “thoughts & prayers” line. We were warned long ago, Sandy Hook came and went and even attracted a set of viscous deniers that attacked the parents of the slain. Good Christians one and all no doubt. If past behavior is a guide the NRA will lay low, their rabid base will send them money and the pro gun politicians will circle the wagons and talk about the 2nd amendment when the heat dies down. Said it before and will say it again: Until The Rich Or Their Children Are Slaughtered Nothing Will Change. Shoot and kill a few dozen at Mar A Lago and gun laws will proliferate over night.

    • cassandram

      They own it because they are complicit in pushing the “Every Man A Warlord” idea — that somehow more guns make people safer. This was a 19 year old kid who could walk into a Florida gun shop and buy this weapon. He couldn’t buy a drink or cigarettes (most likely), in some places can’t rent a car. But he could get prepped and ready to inflict mayhem on this school. We have alot of people spending alot of money to make sure that Americans are in as much danger from other Americans as possible and trying to convince us that there is something inevitable about that.

  4. Columbine was 18years ago, 18 years! It’s not just about guns, but they should be regulated much better! This person was pushed out, the school as stated by the media, could have informed law enforcement and they had a right to enforce the Baker Act on this sick individual.
    This person was not dumb, it was well calculated. If this guy didn’t have access to a gun, he could have used many other means to inflect his hatred! For God’s sake, he used an Uber to get to the school. And the Uber driver didn’t see he had an AR-15? The whole gun is 39″ long.
    People have to speak up, the school should have spoken up!
    Kids of today, due to social media and other influences are more isolated and do not know how to deal with reality in the real world.

    • Do you have any idea how many kids are just like him. And I’m calling BS on your “kids today” argument. The only thing that tells me is your age. But let’s play your game… kids outside the US are on social media, video games, etc. just as much. Kids outside the US struggle with depression, loneliness, isolation, etc.. And yet, we only have these extremely common gun incidents here. Why is that? What is the one flippin’ thing that’s different here?

      The Baker Act? How many kids are you planning on committing? This kid loved guns, wrote stuff on social media, threatened and picked fights. I knew about 20 kids just like that in high school. Everyone on 4Chan would be committed under your standards. Meanwhile, the GOP’s health care plan… wait for it… gutted access to mental health care and allowed insurance companies to not offer coverage for mental health. Look! Another reason why Republicans can take blame.

      • Why didn’t someone say something. NO, Pandora your just focused on guns, that is it. He could have used any number of means. As I have said this before, guns should be addressed. But, there are other deeper issues, as well!

        • I can’t believe I just watched that video. That guy just blamed the kids. Flat out blamed those children for what happened yesterday. Disgusting. Oh, he also blamed political correctness. He even said, call him if your teacher or principal calls you a bigot, racist homophobe. Yeah, I got this loud mouth’s number. Be sure to check out the rest of his videos! Sorry, there aren’t any surprises there! He is exactly who you think he is.

          He could have used any number of means? Okay, you’re a student in that school, would you prefer him to have a knife or AR-15?

          There are many issues with these shootings, but there’s only one common denominator.

          • cassandram

            Victim blaming is the wingnut move of the day. Ignoring the fact that these kids are certainly talking to the media. Ignoring the fact that this kid has been expelled from one or two schools because he was misbehaving. CNN is reporting that the FBI might have gotten a tip some months back. If people were planting pipe bombs in schools, we’d be addressing that issue. But the issue right now is that people are coming into schools and using guns to shoot children.

          • See? Anono is a repuke piece of crap. Their only purpose here is to give us insight into what we’re up against.

    • now you’re blaming the uber driver?
      It is that kid’s American right to be as armed as possible, thanks to the NRA. Everything he did wasw 100% legal until he started living out his Call of Duty fantasy.

      • No Ben I did not. I said Didn’t he see anything? I did not blame the Uber driver. “In Florida, you can legally open carry a loaded firearm while engaged in, or going to and from, Fishing, Hunting, and Camping.” The Uber driver dropped him off at a school, RED FLAG???

        • “I didnt blame the uber driver” …. blames the uber driver again.
          You’re spinning your wheels trying to make this about anything other than conservative failure…. or maybe conservative success. People cant vote against you if you’re dead.

  5. Oh, for Christ’s sake, the media today is full of stories about all the reporting that was done on him.

    As usual, your “opinion” would be more valuable if it had been printed on toilet paper.

    What the hell did you do for a living? I want to know what field someone as clueless as you could become independently wealthy in.

    • Focus Alby. Why didn’t the school do something and inform the authorities? They had the right under the Baker Act.
      Did the Uber driver not see the gun, I’m sure he is being questioned!
      Where was the SRO, act the school?
      Why wasn’t the school locked down?
      I know that you have to have an access code or card to get into a number of schools.
      Did they have a camera, at the door?

      There are a number of issues; Guns, mental health and the list goes on.

  6. Tell your Senator to bring Bill S.2095 to the floor and pass it.
    BILL- S.2095 —
    Assault Weapons Ban of 2017

    Sponsor: Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [D-CA] (Introduced 11/08/2017) Cosponsors: (24)
    Committees: Senate – Judiciary
    Latest Action: Senate – 11/08/2017 Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

    H.R.4269 – Assault Weapons Ban.
    “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”
    These bills have been introduced, read, and referred to Committee

    • you know this will never pass as long as GOP controls … or has a presence in… any branch of the govt. Especially not in Primary election season. You have the air about you of someone suddenly becoming VERY devoutly religious as the plane is about to hit the mountain. It’s bullshit and it wont do shit for your rotten republican soul.
      Even IF this is brought to a vote, gun sales will SKYROCKET just in case it passes.. which it wont.

  7. “Focus Alby. Why didn’t the school do something and inform the authorities? They had the right under the Baker Act.”

    Elliot Rodger’s parents reported him to the police and were getting therapy for him. The police visited him before the shooting. So, there’s a case that fits your criteria, and yet… what exactly do you expect people to do when no crime has been committed yet? If only there was a gun registry we could merge your “he’s acting strange” with “Is there a gun in the home?” See how that works?

    “Did the Uber driver not see the gun, I’m sure he is being questioned!”

    Perhaps, I don’t know, a gym or duffel bag?

    “Where was the SRO, act the school?”

    They can’t be everywhere, and even if they were there, the shooter has the element of surprise. Guess what! I could tell you that at some point someone was going to shoot you with a paint gun. You’d have your own “good guy with a paint gun” gun, and they’d still be able to take you out. Easily. Meanwhile, who knows how many innocent people you’d shoot with your paint gun.

    “Why wasn’t the school locked down? I know that you have to have an access code or card to get into a number of schools.””

    I have no idea if you have children and have been to a high school, but kids frequently prop a door open so they don’t have to walk around to the main door. And this school had just practiced for this sort of thing. Schools are locked down. IIRC, Adam Lanza shot through the lock in Sandy Hook.

    “Did they have a camera, at the door?”

    Every school I’ve been in has cameras.

    What exactly is your point with all of this, cause it sure sounds like victim blaming – like the school, Uber driver, SRO, the kids could have, and should have, prevented this. They aren’t the problem here.

  8. cassandram

    Changing the subject, but remember when the press knew that Monica Lewinsky kept her dress? I’m going to be very interested to see if the same frenzy will apply to the news that Stormy Daniels has a dress too.

  9. OMG, Pandora we could both go back and forth on these issues. You feel that guns should be banned, I get that!
    “If only there was a gun registry we could merge your “he’s acting strange” with “Is there a gun in the home?” See how that works?”
    Yes, the police did not search his apt., and they have a 5150 act in CA similar to the Baker Act.

    But, he used a knife to kill 3 people. I agree with everyone there is a gun problem.

    Prop the door open?? Really, then your not familiar with a security system. They are monitored, if the door is propped open, an alarm or some indication will be sent to the central panel, to notify, that the door is left open after a set amount of time.

    “Adam Lanza shot through the lock in Sandy Hook.” 27 were killed!
    Yes, and an intrusion alarm would have gone off, because a card or code was not used!

    And, if it wasn’t a gun, it could have been something else just as deadly.

    I get it you want a ban on guns and it’s the Republicans fault, in your eyes. And, why don’t you stop bad mouthing ALL Republicans and try working together.

    • Show me where I’ve called for banning guns.

    • Something else just as deadly? What, like an RPG? A grenade? What kind of idiot are you?

      And there you go again, making dipshit Republicans into victims of “bad mouthing”. You haven’t even glimpsed the verbal cruelty I’m capable of, so maybe ratchet back the crying and complaining.

      I cant wait to help your world crumble. I have yet to hear one real Republican person (you dont count. as far as I’m concerned, you are a computer generated NPC) say anything other than “It isnt the guns, it’s mental health”. Then, you people slash funds to mental health help and remove rules that stop the mentally i’ll from buying guns. Your party’s president JUST did that… yet here you are whining about how people talk about your party.

      yes, ALL republicans. If you want your beloved party to be seen better, make it better. It isnt our fault we see you all for what you are.

      • “You haven’t even glimpsed the verbal cruelty I’m capable of, so maybe ratchet back the crying and complaining.”
        Go right ahead, it’s very entertaining!

  10. I take that back, then Pandora. My humble apologies. What do you want then?
    I know I’ve said we need a ban on Semi-Automatic guns and bump stocks! I’ve even posted the bills to call our elected officials about. The video that I posted, was about Saying something. Yea, the students are hearing this stuff and should have said something! If you see something out of the norm, say something!

    • you just blamed them again, ass hole. They DID say something. The terrorist was expelled. That is all the school can do, seeing as he was a minor. You wanna blame his parents, fine. You want to blame Florida’s government for crippling a school’s ability to help people? fine. Dont you fucking dare blame victims for not doing enough to protect themselves.

      • It was a general statement; If you see something, say something! And his parent’s were dead!

  11. cassandram

    This shooter trained with a local white supremacist group.

    Bet they never reported this kid.

  12. As for the idea that it’s “not all Republicans,” the NRA gave $5.9 million to GOP candidates in the 2016 election cycle, $106,000 to Democrats.

    You elect them, Anono, then you’re responsible for them.

    Your responses are all over the place because you have a sloppy, ill-trained mind. Go the fuck away.

    • 1. I looked at numerous sites and could not find one Republican in Delaware, who took money from the NRA. I can’t vote in other states.
      2.No, again you do not know who I voted for. I’ve said this before. I did not vote for Trump!
      3. FACT, you enjoy to use profanity! You must be fun at a cocktail party.

  13. I was flipping through News channels and all these parents are calling out the NRA. I’ve never heard anything like it. These parents are blaming the NRA. As they should.

  14. Welp, looks like people did alert authorities about the shooter. The school expelled him. Students reported him. A YouTube user reported a guy who said he was going to be a school shooter (doesn’t seem to be him, but that could change). He legally purchased his gun a year ago. No. More. Victim. Blaming.

    Not sure what could have been done about him without knowing he purchased a gun.

    Also, he carried the gun in a soft bag (duffel bag?)

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