All Three DACA Bills Died In the Senate Today

From TPM:

The McCain Coons bill (path to citizenship for Dreamers, no wall) failed 52-47.

The stupid Toomey Sanctuary Cities (penalizing Sanctuary Cities) bill failed 54-47.

The “Common Sense Coalition” bill failed 54-47.

The Grassley bill that represented the Steven Miller idiocy failed 39-60.

Not hopeful and maddening, really.  Because for all of the effort to make this look good because Senators were supposed to be working for bi-partisanship, the GOP turned down every effort to get there.  Every effort.

And not a surprise, right?

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

6 comments on “All Three DACA Bills Died In the Senate Today

    • “Under the bill, those wishing to sue businesses in federal court over an ADA public-accommodations violation must first deliver a written notice to that business detailing the illegal barrier to access and then give that business 60 days to come up with a plan to address the complaints and an additional 60 days to take action.”

      • And if that place of business happens to be where your general practitioner has an office, and you have recently taken ill to the extent that you need a walker or wheelchair, then you cannot visit your doctor for…. how long? 120 days and then however long it takes to press the matter in court?

        Why can it not be mandatory for all places of business to make adaptations so that people of all abilities and disabilities can enter their premises, enjoy whatever services the business offers or sells, and use the restroom? I’m thinking especially of places like strip malls, corporate centers, office buildings, medical centers, places of worship, and other buildings where the members of the public routinely visit.

        Business owners have had 25 years to make these adaptations, why do they need another 120 days? These regulations should be enforced under penalty of fines by the jurisdiction before it is necessary to sue.

        • cassandram

          Right. How do you get through the process to open a business and not know whether or not you are ADA compliant? This law makes those hurt by non-compliance provide the notice of that non-compliance rather than going right to enforcement.

  1. Because there was a lawyer group going around in Delaware, suing business for “non-compliance”. ADA sign was not at the right height (sign settled in asphalt, by a couple of inches). Ramp not at the right degree, due to the recent upgrade of the parking lot. So, the business was sued, instead of given the opportunity and time to fix the problem. Costing them, not only the repairs, but also legal fees and time to plead their case.

    • cassandram

      Not sure I care about that. If you are supposed to be compliant, then just do it.

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