Another Dem Win In A Deep-Red District

We could all use some good news. Via TPM:

Democrats have pulled off another surprising special election upset in a deep-red district, this time capturing a Missouri statehouse seat that President Trump easily carried in 2016.

Democrat Mike Revis defeated GOP nominee David Linton Tuesday night by a 4-point margin in a seat Trump had carried with 61 percent to 33 percent of the vote just over a year ago, and President Obama had lost by 12 points in 2012. That’s a major swing — and the latest time Democrats have vastly over-performed their previous numbers this year as they look toward a potential wave election next fall.


Democrats have now picked up 35 state legislative seats across the country in special elections to just four for the GOP in the Trump era — and this is the latest deep-red seat they’ve flipped. Like their recent victory in a Wisconsin state senate election, this shows how revved up the Democratic base is.

This is how we change things. All hands on deck. No sitting any of these elections out. Every vote is needed.


2 comments on “Another Dem Win In A Deep-Red District

  1. Hope he does not vote with Republicans, like that Doug Jones character who “flipped” a Jeff Sessions US Senate seat.

  2. Don’t all that much about this one but suspect he avoided abortion and guns, subjects near and dear to out hearts , but if that what it takes to win in deep red states so be it.

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