I’m Not Sure There’s A Way To Stop This

Blogging in the Age of Trump is nearly impossible. There’s just too much. It’s overwhelming.

That said, the underlying feeling I can’t shake is that there’s no reasonable end to the chaos. Trump and Republicans have done, and continue to do, irreparable damage to our institutions. The polling showing Republican voters distrust in the FBI is something I’d never thought I’d see from the “law and order” party. Lemmings have nothing on them. And for all their tough talk, I can’t believe how much they rely on a daddy figure.

That’s what’s driving my unease. How do we come back from calling non-applauding SOTU Dems traitors and accusing them of treason? How do we restore any faith in our institutions when everything is a conspiracy? How do we maintain order when the GOP has decided classified doesn’t matter anymore? How do we hold elections when any Dem win will be met with calls of voter fraud, fake polls, and an absolute belief that only Republicans win honest elections? Does anyone see a scenario where base Republicans accept a Dem win? I don’t. Hell, they struggled to condemn a child molester.

So yeah, I’m really uneasy. I don’t see how we put this genie back in the bottle. I don’t see how this ends well. This is an unbelievably dangerous situation.

Sorry for being so depressing, but that’s all I got.


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  1. Maybe stop blogging for a while? There’s no point in trying to make sense of all of this by writing about it. It won’t work and you’ll just make yourself more miserable.

  2. “Does anyone see a scenario where base Republicans accept a Dem win?”

    My sides hurt from this one. Can’t stop laughing.

    This from a party (more accurately, the loony fringe of a party) that still hasn’t accepted Trump’s victory.

    • ah yes, lest we forget, dear leaders -3million vote victory.

      Pandora, It’s easy… in 20-30 years, the majority of the GOP and their voters will be dead. Dead, forgotten, and with any luck, used as a fuel source.
      With any luck, kids like yours (from what you’ve mentioned of them) will be the ones in charge and boot-licking nut-sacks like XYZ will go back to the gutter where they came from. But in the “short term”… the days are going to get darker. I fully expect “crackdowns”.
      Expect Mueller to be fired, Expect Clinton to be indicted, expect wars with N Korea and probably terrorist attacks to be allowed to happen. Dont think John Kelley doesnt know that a nuke on the west coast not ONLY gives them a reason to suspend rights and wage all out war, but it also cuts in to Dem voting numbers and may even affect CA’s electoral college total.
      I wasnt sure before the “treason” comments, but now I kind of think there is no way to avoid some sort of civil… altercation. If the GOP loses bad in November and XYZ’s Daddy tried to fuck with the result… Stay safe, be able to protect yourself and your home.

      • Loony fringe has spoken.

        Relax, dude. Step away from the keyboard for a few minutes. Go for a walk, look around a little, breathe deeply. It’s probably going to be OK.

        Think about how little difference any politician really makes in your life.

        • I know it will be ok, bootlicker.
          Good people will outlive shits like you… hell, good people will outlive well-intentioned shits like me.

          Humanity moves slowly, yet unstoppably toward equality and justice. Hilariously, even though guys like your Leader see you as nothing more than a pawn to be used as fodder, shits like you will still have to answer for what you’ve supported.

          “Nice Germans” had to dig mass graves when the camps were liberated (I cant keep up if you cult45 fuckers still accept that the Holocaust happened, but we’re gonna deal in reality) Just imagine what Trump voters are gonna have to do. I. Cant. Wait.

        • “Think about how little difference any politician really makes in your life.”

          I guess a straight, white man wouldn’t feel the difference.

          • Oh look – a rich white-guilt liberal is lecturing me on my privilege.

            Spare me.

            • What happened to that intelligent commentary you tried the other day? I liked that better than your name-calling.

              • C’mon Alby. You and I both know the wackos on both sides have always been there and always will be. Luckily about 80% of the population doesn’t worry about politics more than about once every four years. That’s the real strength of the two party system. It keeps the nut jobs on the fringes where they belong, babbling about building walls, terrorists, global warming, and income inequality.

                • I don’t think it’s just “nut jobs” talking about global warming. It’s taken seriously everywhere but in the country that’s causing the greatest amount of the problem.

            • I’m always amazed how people tout their awesomeness while ignoring their advantages.

    • How have we not accepted Trump won? We haven’t said any such thing.

      But if we want to talk about acceptance… nice to know that you guys couldn’t care less about the debt and deficit now. Good to know it doesn’t matter that we’re due to borrow close to a trillion dollars.

  3. I’m no optimist, but I predict nothing will come of Trump and the Republicans assault on the FBI and Justice Department, the Republicans efforts so far consist of the pathetic Almighty Memo, even some Republicans are mocking it. Then there’s November coming when Trump loses the house and loses his rubber stamp from Paul Ryan. Always remember that both parties are pathetic at their core and adept at shooting themselves in the foot, the Republicans have done a fine job of snatching defeat from victory this past year and I expect no different to come.

  4. RE Vanella

    Channel that into anger. You’ll feel better. We have big fights ahead as you well know. Fuck this Trump show. It’s vile and scary. So what? Most is grotesque gossip designed to distract you. We’re going to engineer a bloodless coup the September. If we all get together. A better life is possible. There’s a better way. For the many not the few.

    Robert Nesta Marley would have been 73 years of age today.

    ‘If you are the big tree
    We are the small axe
    Sharpened to cut you down
    Ready to cut you down’

  5. nathan arizona

    Just do whatever will help defeat Trumpism.

    • time.
      Sure, there’s always your Milo or Richard Spencer (The only sect of trash Millennials are our white men), but by and large, Trump voters croak of old age, or black lung, or being to fucking fat and unhealthy every day (not fat shaming, just red-neck shaming). By the next election a lot of Trump voters will have died and a lot MORE people will have turned 18.

  6. I think we’re going to need a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission once we get Trump and the current band of Republicans out of office. It’s one thing to vote people out, but there’s 30% of the population that believe the conspiracy theories — that’s dangerous for the rest of us. Who’s our Desmond Tutu?

    • cassandram

      Unfortunately, as long as Fox News continues to spins out the lies of the day, Truth and Reconciliation may be tough.

  7. nathan arizona.

    “Truth and Reconciliation Commission?” Sounds Trump-like. And I hate him as much as you do.

  8. On a sad note have not seen a post from Anono lately, suspect the home took his computer away.

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